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Farm of Cyprus Mill


Czech Republic



Ecological Farm Cyprus Mill - accommodation in the Highlands

The Cyprus Mill Farm is located on the very border of the Vysočina Region. As the name suggests, it is a former mill that is surrounded by several farm buildings. Right below the mill is the stream Želetavka. Offering a seasonal outdoor pool, barbecue facilities and a children's playground, the Cyprus Mill is situated in a remote location, 1,5 km from the village of Knínice in Vysočina. All rooms and apartments have a private bathroom, an electric kettle and a flat-screen TV. Guests can also make use of the shared seating area. Suitable for families with children and for all who want to get to the heart of nature. The whole area has wifi connection and a large backdrop for children's games. We grow, breed and offer lambs, calves, young cattle, honey, grain, spices and herbs that can come to us during the period of June - September. We grow chamomile, mint, lute, carrot and more. The capacity of the cottage is 24 beds.



If you are looking for a place where you will be greeted in the morning by a group of birds singing, in the afternoon the thrill of horses' hooves will stir up and in the evening the roar of the stream under the windows will lull you. As far as the eye can see from the windows, it will see Mother Nature in all her strength. And green still calms down ... we sometimes have to slow down in life so that we can pick up the pace of time again (and today it's pretty hellish ...)


Apartments is located in a separate building that is part of the farm. On the ground floor there is a common room, room for seminars and other meetings. On the first floor there are individual apartments and also another common room with a large children's corner.

There is a wifi signal throughout the farm. As we keep horses on the farm, it is possible to arrange a horse ride or a ride. 


We're going to have a good time with our kids and parents relaxing

  • Not only do you not have to worry about the child running out somewhere on the street (we are alone in the woods), but right on the farm we have a large background for children. Large trampoline, slide, swings, sandpit and in summer a swimming pool for smaller children and because we are in the mill, you can also bathe in our pond, which is next to the farm or just take a ride or swing on a boat in the pond.
  • Your children will see a lot of animals living on a farm and if you want to experience agriculture on our own, we can individually agree what you want to attend.


On the farm we also have workshop space for the production of ceramics and wooden things. We also offer the opportunity to create your own products (dial, carve, paint, "knead").



  • Yellow room - The yellow room is a separate quadruple room with its own toilet and bathroom. There is a shared kitchen with all equipment with a green room. The room is suitable for trips of friendly families.
  • Green room - The green room is a separate quadruple room with private toilet and bathroom. There is a common kitchen with all the amenities in a yellow room. The room is suitable for excursions of friendly families.
  • Wooden room - Quadruple room with private bathroom, shower and kitchen and refrigerator.
  • Pepinky apartment - Pepinky apartment is a twin room with its own kitchenette and private bathroom and toilet.
  • Starry apartment - The star apartment is a twin room with its own kitchenette and a private bathroom and toilet.
  • Angelic apartment - Angel Apartment is a quadruple room with its own kitchenette and private bathroom and toilet.
  • Monthly apartment - The monthly apartment is a quadruple room with its own kitchenette and a private bathroom and toilet.

Farm of Cyprus Mill

Pharma Cyprus Mill is situated on the border of Vysočina. As the name suggests, it is a former mill that is surrounded by several farm buildings. Right below the mill is the stream Želetavka.


Shortly in history

Our ancestors bought a mill at the beginning of the last century from the Lodes family. The brick belonged to the mill at that time, and also 6 ha of agricultural land and also some forests. Great-grand-father he was a skillful farmer and managed to double the area at that time. Then, the Dark Age entered, and the comrades took up not only all the land, but also the buildings of the economy.

The 1989 year was a change that did not leave my father in peace, so we took the land back, unfortunately it had to go through the court and we have been running since then.

I think we are not bad at all, and to this day we have succeeded in expanding 50 ha of agricultural land.

Since 2004 we have been an organic farm. At first, we only dealt with plant production, but since 2008 we have begun to breed animals.



What we grow

Part of the area is grassed and serves for year-round living outdoors. On arable land we grow cereals (oats, wheat, rye), curative herbs (Marigold, fennel, lobster, Maurice, thyme, mint, medallion, sage, hazelnut and chamomile).


What we behave

Since 2008 we started with sheep breeding - the Suffolk breed. In autumn 2009 we brought heifers - hybrids with a share of the meat breed Aberdeen Angus and Siemental.

Since autumn 2009, our home has Celine Celine Celine. Then we got a friend to her grandmother Gabru and my grandfather Deny and Monick. Now only Celina and Monica are with us.

Since spring 2008 we have bee breeding and we are gradually expanding it.

There is still a flock of hens and a cat climbing on the farm.


Who's watching us

The gardener of the whole farm is the Shepherdling Shepherd Dog Bredwho is really a guardian in his place.


Who helps us

Since the autumn of 2009, I brought the Border Collie Bear to the farm - Bára, who cares about the sheep and loves to sweep Celina. Barunka is no longer between us. To make it so much worse, we have instead of this lovely dog ​​princess made a new one and that's again the bitch Border Collie - Crazy Pepinka.

Our other companion is dachshund Eduard, who has to oversee everything.



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Places to go

Given that our farm is unique not only in that it is Solitude by the forest, but also located on the border of picturesque southern Bohemia,
the hilly and harsher Vysočina and the warm, wine-tasting southern Moravia.



  • Telč (17 km)
  • Roštejn Castle (26 km)
  • New Empire (7 km - Novorossy Monastery)
  • Jihlava (35 km)


South Bohemia:

  • Dačice (15km)
  • Slavonice (32km)
  • Henry Hradec (50 km)
  • Valtínov lookout tower (25 km)
  • Landštejn (37 km)




  • Moravské Budějovice (18 km)
  • Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou (25 km)
  • Třebíč (28 km)
  • Znojmo (50 km)
  • Jemnice (12 km)
  • Bítov Castle (28 km)
  • Chateau Vranov nad Dyjí (25 km)
  • Vranov Dam (25 km)


If you want to go to the nearby restaurant:


  • Knin (1,5 km)
  • New Empire (7 km)
  • Bohuslavice (9 km)


Buy can be found in Krasonice, every day in Nové Říše, Jemnice, Telč, Moravské Budějovice.

Do Austria it is 27 km and there are bike paths and at the same time there are many interesting places to visit (Spa - Laa an der Thaya, ZOO, castles and chateaux).




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