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Cottage Františka Horni Becva, Beskydy

Chalupa Františka offers accommodation in the Beskydy Mountains in the middle, 1 km from the center of the village Horní Bečva in the beautiful natural scenery of the Valašsko - Beskydy region at the foot of the mountain massif Vsetínské vrchy. Františka cottage will attract families with children, mushroom pickers, holiday activists, entertainment and culture. In the vicinity there is a reservoir, a number of hiking trails, cycle paths, Rožnovská Bečva backbone cycle track, cross-country ski runs and well-known ski resorts (Bílá, Pustevny, Soláň, Horní Bečva). There are also many interesting excursions and sights nearby (Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Pustevny, ...).

Francis Cottage is ideal for accommodation Beskydy off-season. Autumn and spring Beskydy attract visitors to the charming nature, clean air, mushrooms, blueberries and unforgettable atmosphere. Its position right next to hiking and cycling trails ideal for wonderful trips. Deluxe cottage equipment will provide you with a pleasant feeling of home.

The cottage underwent a complete reconstruction of the interior in 2014 and another bathroom was added. We also installed a children's house with a slide and built a new parking lot On Chalupa Františka we would be glad to welcome you and your pets!

Cottage Františka BeskydyChalupa Františka - swimming pool, swimming


Cottage Františka Horní Bečva offers:

  • 2x double room
  • 1x bed room
  • 1x living room
  • 1x attic room with two extra beds
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • 2x bathroom with spangles and toilets
  • 3x TV + Sat in Czech
  • grill
  • ski room, bicycle
  • outdoor seating
  • Outdoor heated swimming pool
  • skittles
  • roofed pergola
  • a children's house with a slide

Cottage Františka is rented as a whole!



Price list

Francis Cottage Upper Becva - accommodation prices

  • Regardless of the number of persons staying, the price is always the cottage for the night. The price is including elekřiny, heating, water, gas and bedding.
  • The price is added resort fee under Sec. 1 / 95 Municipal Office in Upper Bečva 12 CZK per person from 18 to 70 years of age and night.

Pricelist of accommodation valid from 1. January 2015

Accommodation prices at Chalupa Františka
Main season 3. January to 14. March, 1. July to 31. August 
4 and more nights does not matter the number of people1 600 CZK/ Night
2 and 3 nights do not matter the number of people2 000 CZK/ Night
Out of the high season - 1. September to 25. December, 15. March to 30. June 
2 and more nights - into 4 people1 100 CZK/ Night
every other person over 4 persons to 10 persons, over 10 person other person free150 CZK/ Night
Only one night high season and momo season, regardless of the number of people 
1 night only2 400 CZK/ Night
Christmas, New Year's Eve - 26. December to 2. January 
4 and more nights are not possible, regardless of the number of people2 600 CZK/ Night
1 or more nights50 CZK/ Night



Mobile: +420 603 963 156

Address: Francis Vráželová, Deep 222,756 57 Upper Becva



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Francis Cottage Upper Bečva - tips for winter

Downhill skiing

Nearby there are smaller and larger winter resorts. Directly in the village of Horní Bečva is 7 ski resorts with quality conditions for beginners and advanced skiers. The new chair lift in the ski area Rališka is new.

With other centers around recommend to ski resort Pustevny (10 km) with a number of ski slopes, ski rental and extensive services. The pustevny can be reached by bus.
We also recommend ski resort Vitkovice - White (10 km) with a newly built four-seater chairlift.

Ski Resort Makov (SK) (16 km)

the 1550 and 1600 slopes offer long and modern facilities. Ideal for families with children.
Really good skiing resort offers Velka Raca (SK) (54 km) with two čtyřsedačkovýma and one six-car, the 14 km of slopes and extensive services.

If you do not want to go far in the area is a lot smaller area in the Upper Bečva, or in the surrounding villages. Eg. Centre Solan, Hutisko Solanec, Bumbálka, etc.

Cross-country skiing

We recommend one of the most hřebenovek Beskyd: crossing Vsetínské Hills: Bumbálka - Třeštík - Solan. Take the bus to chat Bumbálka (Makov direction) and then after ridge direction Súkenická, tower - Třeštík tourist lodge - Benešky. The Benešek continue to Solan, tourist cottage and back again to Benešky and down into the deep, or bus back to top Bečva. The Beneškách can also sidestep deep down into the valley and the road will bring you to the front door.

Walking and cycling

Horní Bečva is an ideal place for hiking and cycling. There are a number of marked tourist and cycklotras in the area. Cottage Františka is located a short distance from the main ridge of the Vsetín Hills. One of the most beautiful ridges in the Beskydy Mountains - Bumble Bee - Soukenická, lookout tower - Třeštík, tour chalet - Benešky - Soláň, tour chalet - Tanečnica - Vsacký Cáb, tour cabin - Dusná is ideal for both hiking and cycling. Admission to the ridge is possible directly from the cottage (2 km to the ridge), or from Bumbálka, or Solana (you can take the bus).

Beautiful trails and longing for walking and cycling offers village located near the famous mountain seat Pustevny (1018 m) and dominant for Wallachia and Beskydy and top Radhošť (1129 m) with unparalleled views of the surrounding area. From Pustevny can be easily reached via the educational stesce Martiňák to the Upper Bečva. Such as walking can meet to Rožnov Radhoštěm and then bus back to top Bečva.

Water recreation - Horní Bečva dam

offers opportunities for swimming, water sports and fishing in a beautiful Beskydy countryside. There are plenty of open and indoor swimming pools (Rožnov pod Radhoštěm) and auquapark in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm (10 km). The Štěrkoviště Nový Hrozenkov Balaton offers clean water, pleasant bathing and fishing. A buffet is available on site. In the 37 km away from Frýdek-Místek there is an Aquapark with many slides and toboggans and beautiful views of the Beskydy Mountains and Lysá Hora.
Culture and places of interest

PLA Beskydy

The Protected Landscape Area Beskydy, our largest protected area, was proclaimed in 1973 on the 1160 km2 area on parts of the former districts of Vsetín, Nový Jičín and Frýdek-Místek. The importance of the territory underlines the announcement of 50 specially protected areas. The PLA Beskydy is located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

PLA Beskydy was declared because of exceptional natural values, which are primarily original primeval forests of the Carpathian rare animal and plant species, species-rich meadow communities, unique surface and underground pseudo events and also extraordinary aesthetic value and variety of unique type of landscape formed historical coexistence Man with the territory.

The mission is the protection of landscape values, natural resources and their typical characteristics, which are mainly shaping the landscape, including surface water courses and bodies, vegetation cover and its wild fauna, layout and use of forest and agricultural land, and in relation to the deployment also settlements and urban structure and architecture of the buildings.

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