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Our cottage "U Štěpánky" is a great opportunity for year-round accommodation in the Beskydy Mountains and the recognition of this beautiful corner of nature during all seasons. The comfortable and cozy furnishings of the cottages, providing all the comfort that one is accustomed to at home, is also suitable for older clients or mothers with children. There are also two children's travel beds, baby blankets, baby baths and cottages. Around there is plenty of space for different games. Little dog is not an obstacle.

Well-equipped stylish cozy cottage "U Štěpánky" in the picturesque valley Lušová (village Nový Hrozenkov) is located in a secluded area near the forest and a stream in the beautiful Beskydy countryside, 20 km from Vsetín. The whole area is the border between Javorníky and Beskydy.


around the cottagetrampoline on the cottage


Capacity and accommodation

Accommodation for 10 persons. They live bedroom with 2 beds (double bed) and sitting, new 81 cm + satellite TV with satellite broadcast, the cottage is equipped with fireplace stoves for wood, 5 double bedroom, kitchen with tiled stove and seating area, fridge, coffee maker, microwave, 2 x bathroom with shower, 2 x WC, roofed terrace, fireplace with sitting. Wood heating (2 x fireplace stove, 1 x fireplace, 1x tiled stove) or electricity.


Additional information

  • Parking by the accommodation facility
  • Big pet no.
  • Trampoline with diameter 3 m
  • No smoking in the whole building
  • Own bedclothes

kitchen on chaytethe lodge on the cottage


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Price list

Price list of cottages / chalets U Štěpánky

Cottage rent a whole house, regardless of the number of persons (10 beds)

1 night ...... 3.900, - CZK / per night 1heating season 1 4.700 night, - CZK
2 night ..... 2.550, - CZK / per night 1heating season 2.950, - CZK / night 1
3 nights ... 2.300, -Kč / 1 night heating season 2.700, - CZK / night 1
4 2.200 nights or more, - CZK / per night 1heating season 2.600, - CZK / night 1 






  • In case more people would be interested, an extra bed is possible for an extra charge in the off-season CZK 100 per day.
  • Guests bring their own bed linen, or for an additional fee of CZK 80 per bed, and it is possible to provide bed linen by the owner.
  • We prefer in the summer week stays from Saturday to Saturday (arrival of guests after 15,00 hour, departure of guests to 10,00 hour). Shorter terms are also possible by agreement.
  • To confirm the reservation of the stay, the client pays 10% of the price within 50 days of confirmation of the reservation and the remaining 50% upon arrival at the accommodation facility.
  • Upon arrival, the 2.000 refundable deposit, - CZK, will be deposited in case of damage or insufficient cleaning of the building upon departure.


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Biking, nature walks, picking berries and mushrooms, swimming in the lake "Kacak" or "Balaton" (5 km) in the village of New Hrozenkov in the river Bečva, the nearest ski lift in km 3 Halenkov, another skiing Kohůtce, Kyčerce, Solan, Barracks, Razula, Great Karlovice (to 13 km). It is also possible to visit the hotel Horal, remote 15 termáními km with swimming pools, sauna, whirlpool. Running and hiking trails along the ridges Javorníky and Beskydy.

Trips around

Rožnov pod - museum, Radhošť, ZOO Lešná Zlín, Holy Caves, car museum in Kopřivnice, thermal spas in Teplice at Borders, thermal baths Bešeňová Rajecké Teplice and the Slovak Republic, etc.


PLA Beskydy

The Protected Landscape Area Beskydy, our largest protected area, was proclaimed in 1973 on the 1160 km2 area on parts of the former districts of Vsetín, Nový Jičín and Frýdek-Místek. The importance of the territory underlines the announcement of 50 specially protected areas. The PLA Beskydy is located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

PLA Beskydy was declared because of exceptional natural values, which are primarily original primeval forests of the Carpathian rare animal and plant species, species-rich meadow communities, unique surface and underground pseudo events and also extraordinary aesthetic value and variety of unique type of landscape formed historical coexistence Man with the territory.

The mission is the protection of landscape values, natural resources and their typical characteristics, which are mainly shaping the landscape, including surface water courses and bodies, vegetation cover and its wild fauna, layout and use of forest and agricultural land, and in relation to the deployment also settlements and urban structure and architecture of the buildings.


Lačnov upper and lower rock

Lower Lačnov rock (also called Trčková), consists of a huge log cabin frost developed on the foreheads and slepencových sandstone layers at length about 70 m transversely oriented cracks frost cabin wall divided into several blocks, the tallest reaching a height of up to 14 m vertical walls are covered with large number of honeycombs, voids Tafona type spherical cavities having a diameter of up to 70 cm and depth 65 cm. About 800 meters further along the trail is similar, but smaller area of ​​Upper Lačnov rocks. their surroundings in summer blooming foxglove large number of eye-catching red. It is a non-native, introduced species.
The rocks in 1923-28 also used to go Josef Waltz, co-actors assassination n R. Heyndricha, who at the time served for a farmer in Lačnov and attended the local school. Lačnov rocks are from the forties of the last century, inextricably linked to the development trampského movement in Wallachia. Their isolation from the outside world (hiking trail leads here only a few years) that meets the Ramblers, whose opinion sentiments and conduct was contrary to the view of the former regime, whether it was a fascist or communist occupiers. It is little known that much of the prewar Ramblers fought in the Civil War in Spain, 2. World War I in foreign armies or guerrilla sections.
Pulčínské rock-NPR

NPR Pulčínské territory consists of rocks on top Hradisko (773 m), including its steep slopes and the other hidden in a forest of rock formations. Reservation is located in the southwestern part of the mountain range in Javorníky Pulčínské highlands near groundbreaking Valley Senice, which are separated from Javorníky Vizovické Hills. Located at an altitude 510-773 m, about 0,5 km north of the village Pulčín. Cadastral area Pulčín (Franco Lhota): District, PLA Beskydy. Declared 19. January 1989. Total area: 72,73 ha.

Skin Protection: The mission of the reserve is to protect outstanding rock formations - the largest sandstone rock city in the Moravian part of the Carpathian Mountains, which consists of small and large rock walls, blocks, stone sea, debris and other pseudo-events. In the forest is preserved natural species composition.

Geology, soil conditions: Isolated outcrops of Tertiary (Palaeogene) coarsely grained sandstones and conglomerates drobnozrných upper layers soláňských Magura flysch, vypreparovaných Quaternary denudation (water and wind erosion). Sandstones lying there in a very rough benches zrnotoků to turbidity of the power of many meters. At the national nature reserve is located several large rock formation, on the southern edge Zámčisko, five churches in the West and rock city in the central part of the rooms on the top Hradisko.


The swimming pool tents

Na Stanoch swimming pool, sometimes also called Balaton, is a natural reservoir with an area of ​​9,5 ha. On the shore there is an acrobatic ski bridge and a buffet for visitors to the swimming pool.

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