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Valachy Cottage - Velké Karlovice




Czech Republic



Valachy Cottage - accommodation for families with children

We offer accommodation in a newly built Wallachian log cabin on the outskirts of Velké Karlovice. The cottage is built in a beautiful location overlooking the forest, at the same time it is within walking distance to the village center and about 200m from the bike path Velke Karlovice - Vsetin. Accommodation is especially suitable for families with children. The cottage provides accommodation for 1 - 10 people in 3 bedrooms. For skiers, we have prepared stands for skis and dryers for skis, gloves or boots. We tried to adapt the house mainly to children, they will find a furnace here like from a fairy tale. You can lie on the oven and warm your back beautifully after a demanding hike or winter fun. We are planning a sauna in the future.

In the summer, the indoor building temperature is pleasant due to the building materials used and there is the possibility of outdoor seating with barbecue. Nearby (cca 300m) is a public swimming pool of Velké Karlovice and a beautiful cycling trail (cca 200 m) Velké Karlovice - Vsetín.


Cottage equipment

The cottage provides accommodation for 1 - 10 persons in 3 bedrooms. The layout of the cottage is 4 + kk, fully equipped kitchen with dining area (induction hob, electric oven, microwave, refrigerator with freezer, electric kettle, dishes, washing machine, small kitchen appliances). Cooking with oven and oven is also available. The food baked in the oven adds a unique flavor to the flavor of the wood. Of course there is WI-FI and Internet wiring to each room.

Living room with oven, TV, sofa, for children we have prepared table games, a children's corner, a baby feeding chair, a potty, a children's bed, a crib and for outdoor entertainment a swing, a sandpit, a slide and a trampoline. On the ground floor floor heating is suitable for playing children who do not play on a cold floor.


For skiers we have ski stands and skiers, gloves or boots.

The house is built in harmony with nature and local traditions. The basis is raw wood and sheep wool is used as insulation. Sheep wool acts as a space filter and a natural air purifier, able to remove some harmful substances in the interior. Maintains an optimal level of moisture, does not irritate the skin or airways and is completely health-conscious. The living room has a beautiful furnace that can be used by both children and adults.

  • Bedrooms and rooms: 2x single room - 4x single bed (possibility of combination on 2x double bed), 1x bedroom - double bed (baby cot).
  • Sanitary facilities: 1x bathroom, 2x shower, 3x separate WC (1x baby board), relaxation room (in the future with dry sauna).
  • Heating: gas heating with underfloor heating system, possibility to flood in the furnace (fully functional for cooking or baking in the oven, on the floor in the rooms of the heater.
  • Transport, parking: 5x parking at the property
  • Meals: shop and restaurant to 500m.



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Where in neighborhood

Great Karlovice

Village Velké Karlovice is situated in the picturesque landscape of Wallachia, at the foot of Javorníky and in the valleys created by Vsetínská Bečva and its tributaries. The municipality shares the border with the Slovak Republic. Velké Karlovice is sought after by nature lovers, it falls into the protected landscape area of ​​Beskydy and is home to many endangered species of animals and plants. Here you will find a typical Wallachian countryside with timbered cottages and wooden houses set in slopes. Meadows and pastures that alternate in the mountains with deep forests. The scenery of the countryside provides a paradise for skiers, cyclists and hikers.

It is a region of folk narrators, craftsmen, artists, carvers, embroideries, dances, songs, whistle makers, belts, woolen fabrics, shingles, split dove and many others.

The most remarkable monuments are the wooden church of the 1754 Baroque style, dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Snow. The church stands in the center of the village and is built of wood without a single metal element.

Great Karlovice are destinations with very good transport accessibility. Visitors can use their own car or regular bus and train service.

In the winter season, the main objective of most of the tourists is ski lifts, cross-country skiing tracks and skialpinism. Velké Karlovice is known as a paradise for skiers.



In summer, Velké Karlovice offers many opportunities for active holidays. Tourists can take advantage of hiking and biking trails, which make them attractive tourist destinations. The list of routes can be found here.


Behind the water

There is also an outdoor swimming pool in the village, which is about 500 meters away from us. It is located between the football ground and the primary school, behind which there are tennis courts. The swimming pool was completely renovated in 2009. This reconstruction was one of the projects of the European Union (EU).


Other bathing options:

the natural rock gravel reservoir Karolinka (the local name "Balaton") 6 km, the aquapark in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, the new wellness center and the golf course at Hotel Horal (9 km).

Horní Bečva dam, Vigantice swimming pool, Roznov pod Radhostem swimming pool, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm swimming pool, Valašská Senice swimming pool, Zubří swimming pool, Zděchov swimming pool.


By bike

The Velké Karlovice Cycle Route - Vsetín (easy route) is 200 meters away from us. The surface of the cycle trail is covered with asphalt after almost full length and is therefore suitable for cyclists as well as for skaters. The length of the section that runs through the village is ten kilometers away.

Newly, a cross-border cycling route linking Velké Karlovice and Súľov-Hradná in the length of 43 km was marked on the Czech and Slovak sides.

For the more demanding cyclists who prefer biking trails, there are countless forest trails (mountain bikes required), ridge crossings, biketrails - Kyčerka (1km), Zděchov (20km), Vsetín (35km).

From the beginning of May to the end of September, bicycle transfers are provided on the routes from Vsetín or Rožnov. Cyclobuses travel mainly on weekends and public holidays in both directions.


To ski

Ski Resort Synot - Kyčerka (from the cottage 1 km) is a resort that offers 9 lifts with the total length of 2 480 meters. Suitable for the themeyou.

Four ski resorts are located in the Leskova valley and fall under Razula Ski Resort. This area contains one "red" Razula ski slope. The ski slope is one kilometer long and is certified by the International Ski Federation FIS, designated as the ideal racing slopeska.

The longest ski slope in Velké Karlovice has Machůzky Ski Resort, the ski slope has 1050 metgt;


List of other ski slopes:

  • U Bambuchů - 1,2 km
  • Karolinka - 3 km
  • ski areas Soláň - 4,8 km
  • Barracks - 12 km
  • Kohutka - 14 km
  • Čertov - 17 km
  • Pustevny - 18 km
  • White - 19 km


The local attraction is the local museum, which is located in two historical buildings of the former merchant house from the beginning of 19. century. The museum offers a view of ancient times and gives a picture of the life of people in this vibrant landscape. The museum is open to the public all year round, in summer operation daily from 9 to 17 hour, in winter operation according to the opening hours of the adjacent information center

At the museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm the visitor gets an idea of ​​the life of our ancestors, trying to be a living organism with a variety of celebrations and well-maintained traditions in the backdrop of wooden monuments.

The Miloňová observation tower was built in 2012. The tower is open all year round. It's 24 meters high. There are several routes from the Leskovy valley and from the Milano valley to the lookout tower. Under the lookout tower can be reached on foot with a pram and also on a bicycle. Next are Sockenicka and Stratenec lookout tower.


Cross-country skiing

Ideal conditions are offered by the village for cross-country skiers. The routes are suitable for all cross-country skiers from beginners to professionals. The village is interwoven with machine-labeled routes of varying lengths. Velké Karlovice is one of the largest municipalities in the Czech Republic with a large number of valleys. The length of the village from "sign to sign" is almost ten kilometers. Just like the cycle path, the cross-country skiing trail also runs in the winter. The municipal office of the municipality modifies and marks cross-country trails in the valley with twelve circles and a total length of 50 kilometers. On these routes, another fifty kilometers of ridge routes follow up with the association of Horní Vsacko. All of these machine-adjusted routes are often used for various races. The most important race is Winter Carlsbad's 50th, which is part of the Ski Tour.

Not far from our cottage you can use a modified cross-country skiing circuit with a length of approx. 15km, starting at about 300m after a roundabout, the modified trail leads up to Horal Hotel or a 1,5 km trail circuit, which can be found directly in the Soláň saddle. Solan is also situated in the middle of one of the most beautiful cross-country ski runs in the Beskydy Mountains. This line is machined over its entire length of 32 km. This route is followed by other beautiful ridge paths in the Bumbálka area, namely the Javorníky ridge and the most famous route leading through Martiňák and Pustevny to Radhošť.




In Velké Karlovice you will find plenty of terrains suitable for skialpinist tours. Some suitable routes are marked on the map with an orange dashed mark.


Year-round events

The village has a very rich cultural program. Among the largest and most traditional events we can include:

- Carribean pilgrimage accompanied by a meeting of carvers.

- The Karlovy Vary Gastro Festival, which has ranked among the largest gastronomic events of its kind in the Czech Republic over the last years. You will find a farmer's market, tasting regional specialties (Wallachian frogs, acidic, venison, lamb and specialty specialties, fish specialties ...). Beer lovers will also come to their place. There is also entertainment for children, a craft fair or a variety of music evenings and a music room. The festival also offers gala dinners for discerning gourmets, where each year hosts Michelin star cooks. It will take place on 5-6. 10.2018.

- Valachy tour is a unique series of attractive races in various disciplines for athletes of all ages and conditions (Night Wand, Valachy Duatlon, Bike Valach, Valachy Man, Running Gelding).

- Carlsbad 50 is a cross country race on 50 or 25 kilometers.

- Mini Carlsbad is a cross country skiing event for 300 m, 500 m, 1 km, 2 km, 3 km classic.





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