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Chaloupka Holčáková - family accommodation in the Beskydy Mountains

Chaloupka is located in one of the cleanest air in the country. This area is located in the foothill valleys Beskydy.


Accommodation in house

The cottage is for max. 6 people (possibility 7-8 by arrangement) with kitchen, bathroom with shower and bath, toilet. Kettle, Radio, TV, grill, swing and other equipment. A baby cot is also available. Comfortable heating with fireplace. Smoking is not allowed in the building. Possibility of massages on site by arrangement. Possibility of weekend stays, price negotiable. An individual price offer for long stays is possible.

In summer, visitors to our region can choose between hiking, cycling or trips to the legendary Mount Radhost, where the beautiful view of the region of Wallachia. You can swim in the river Bečvě, as well as the pool. Approximately 4 km from the accommodation facility there is also a small dam.

In winter there are excellent conditions for skiing - both downhill and cross-country. There 10 km from the accommodation facility is about 25 slopes of varying difficulty, and tens of kilometers of well-prepared cross-country trails.

In 7 km away is the town of Rožnov, where visitors can not only shopping and entertainment, but which can also visit the well-known Air Museum.



Price list

To weekend stays, price negotiable


Mobile: +420 736 181 100

Address: 756 62, Hutisko - Solanec, Poskla No. 289


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The Protected Landscape Area Beskydy, our largest protected area, was proclaimed in 1973 on the 1160 km2 area on parts of the former districts of Vsetín, Nový Jičín and Frýdek-Místek. The importance of the territory underlines the announcement of 50 specially protected areas. The PLA Beskydy is located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

PLA Beskydy was declared because of exceptional natural values, which are primarily original primeval forests of the Carpathian rare animal and plant species, species-rich meadow communities, unique surface and underground pseudo events and also extraordinary aesthetic value and variety of unique type of landscape formed historical coexistence Man with the territory.

The mission is the protection of landscape values, natural resources and their typical characteristics, which are mainly shaping the landscape, including surface water courses and bodies, vegetation cover and its wild fauna, layout and use of forest and agricultural land, and in relation to the deployment also settlements and urban structure and architecture of the buildings.


The most beautiful place Beskyd - Pustevny

Pustevny Mountain Residence (1018 m), named after the hermits who lived here and the last of whom died in 1874, is a prominent tourist center. The hermitages are dominated by wooden buildings built in the folk style by the important Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič.
In winter Pustevny becoming popular ski resort with 11 9 ski lifts and slopes.

East around a single in the Beskids mountain lakes can be achieved Devil's Mill (1207 m) with unique rock formations. Ridge to the west, past the statue of the pagan god Radegast of 1931 can comfortably reach the top Radhošť (1129 m), from where the unique views of the surrounding area.


Lačnov upper and lower rock

Lower Lačnov rock (also called Trčková), consists of a huge log cabin frost developed on the foreheads and slepencových sandstone layers at length about 70 m transversely oriented cracks frost cabin wall divided into several blocks, the tallest reaching a height of up to 14 m vertical walls are covered with large number of honeycombs, voids Tafona type spherical cavities having a diameter of up to 70 cm and depth 65 cm. About 800 meters further along the trail is similar, but smaller area of ​​Upper Lačnov rocks. their surroundings in summer blooming foxglove large number of eye-catching red. It is a non-native, introduced species.
The rocks in 1923-28 also used to go Josef Waltz, co-actors assassination n R. Heyndricha, who at the time served for a farmer in Lačnov and attended the local school. Lačnov rocks are from the forties of the last century, inextricably linked to the development trampského movement in Wallachia. Their isolation from the outside world (hiking trail leads here only a few years) that meets the Ramblers, whose opinion sentiments and conduct was contrary to the view of the former regime, whether it was a fascist or communist occupiers. It is little known that much of the prewar Ramblers fought in the Civil War in Spain, 2. World War I in foreign armies or guerrilla sections.




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