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The building is designed for an optimal number of 6 persons, including children. All bedrooms are double, there is also a cot. In the main summer and winter season stays are weekly, or in multiples of weeks, starting and ending on Saturdays. Out of season the stays are weekend or different lengths according to your wishes. By the way, it is most beautiful in our country in May, June and September. One of the unforgettable experiences can be your participation in fireclay fires at night from 23. to 24. June, which burns on the surrounding hills. The cottage is in a way an agricultural homestead, as it used to be. However, there has been a substantial modernization transformation.

The front "wooden part" serves for living. The living quarters were reconstructed from the former "worse", which used to serve as a warehouse of "everything possible". The rear stone part was used for animal housing. The only difference is that it used to be cows; now there is a flock of sheep that graze on pastures in the near or distant pasture in the winter months.

In the past, agriculture in Wallachia was one of the main sources of livelihood. This is no longer the rule, but the small agricultural activity keeps the landscape in its original condition and that makes Wallachia picturesque. But all this takes a lot of work. If you are our guests, you can see mowing grasses, traditional and modern ways of grass drying, plowing, sowing, traditional fruit drying ... Often with original machines or tools. All this requires good physical condition.


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