Pension Martin's Mill

Czech Republic



Světničky the gallery for the mill chase

Fowler, Husopaska and Baštýř

Three double rooms with private bathroom, TV and hall. The Birdwoman is a room that reminds of the time when the young boys nurtured by catching and selling the songbirds. Huspaska is a room that reminds of the time when meadows were full of girls driving goose grazing. The bailiff is the last twin room of the wardrobe, it is located directly on the dam of the pond and is dedicated to fishing.


One triple room with private bathroom, TV and hallway. The nearby town of Trhove Sviny, takes its name from the old days when they were held in the cattle and horse markets, so one room in the mill commemorates this ancient craft.


One bed room with private bathroom, TV and hallway. Beekeeping has been and is one of the most aromatic crafts in this room might seem to be the same sweet dreams.

Hall of Honor Mill

Spacious and comfortable rooms that are designed for lovers of history, bring an unusual experience of unusual accommodation.


Room with wrought iron furniture and four-poster bed. Romantic room where the night is here the same as the room itself, that is sweet.

Mill šalanda

When ordering this room, you can enjoy feeling like bedroom had a miller miller. Most were people rich, and hence also their bedroom looks. It is equipped with a carved antique furniture. It is said of her that she sometimes full moon miller with a candlestick visits to examine it, but the visitors never hurts.


Fořovny were and are decorated with the sign of the hunt. So it is a hunting room that will win you over with its atmosphere.


Above the grinding room, are available beer and herbal spas. You can bathe in the larch baths and relax in the hot tub.

The beer bath to barbers brings cold beer to the pan and if the herb bath, sip herbal tea and glass of wine of your choice.

Handwritten drink menu you get after arrival.

You have the opportunity to taste the Rožmberk bath with a larch bath for two people or a Mlyn bath with two bathtubs for one person. Each room has its unforgettable atmosphere.

The massage room is also a masseur where you can order a massage or manicure with a pedicure.

Lazebna is open for our guests, as well as the general public, you can only order time term.

Mill šenk

The restaurant in the mill serves seating in the old miller-style style. From inside, you can see a mill wheel, as well as a spring that has its story and springs from the granite rock on which Martinský mill is built.

Every Friday, a local vodka or witch serves you in the restaurant.

The mill's tavern is available for weddings, other family celebrations and corporate events. Capacity of the mill is about 60 people.

We accept orders on roasted piglets mill meadow and can be with us one day in advance to order duck, goose, rabbit and roasted squab.

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DRAHOSLAVA FRÝDLOVÁ (unregistered) 9. October 2018 - 22: 27
Number of votes: 122
This is the second time we have visited Martinský mill with her husband. It is an oasis of fairy tales. We've had a good time. The husband is a fisherman and he really caught the local pond. He hunted some nice pieces. Lord Eva and Mr. Peter treated us as our own. I have to praise the kitchen of Evece as always. Just luxury. Her goat's goat was unbeatable. I still have to mention their ALMARA BAR. He really got me. It can be seen that the care of the guests is above all. We were definitely not here for the last time and we are looking forward to another visit. Just keep on being a nice miller. Frydl
Average: 3 (1 Vote)

Přidat recenzi


The mill is suitable for a number of excursions, as it has many sights and natural beauties around it.


Around the mill, is a beautiful, mostly pine forest, interwoven with many forest roads. In our forest grow raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, blueberries and mushrooms. If you do not walk through the forest, can be visited on foot such as a fortress Zumberk or the surrounding villages and the city Trhove bitch.

The grinding plant will be happy to prepare the way for a basket with food and drink of your choice, which can be ordered even during breakfast ..


The region offers a number of forest, field and bicycle routes with varying difficulty. New Castles, Terchino Valley, Abundant Water, and Red Blata are just a short list of trips on a bike. In the mill you can order a cyclobalic for your trip according to your choice.

Excursions by car

New Castles

Distance from the mill about 14 km - offers visitors the original castle and beautifully restored monastery.

Terčino Valley

The distance from the mill is about 10 km - a beautiful romantic park where many historical buildings are preserved, including the sun baths with the medieval fortress Cuknštejn. An artificial waterfall is set up in the park. Terezie Buquoy is the founder of the park and was frequently visited by European nobility.

Buškův hamr

Distance from the mill about 6 km - technical monument with functional hamernou, where the visitor can learn a lot of interesting life smiths.

Church of the Good Water

Distance from the mill about 16 km - a beautiful church in Novohradske mountains, which for many years under the protection of UNESCO, definitely worth a visit.

Red blata

Distance from the mill about 14 km - a rare peat bog with muddy plants, which are exceptionally beautiful during the flowering period. A very nice walk with a nature trail, about 3 km long.

Czech Budejovice

Distance from the mill about 25 km - royal city can offer with the price per hectare square tower, which can be seen from a height Budějovice 72 meters. In the middle of the square is very famous fountain Samson and if you wait on the town hall clock when strikes all, you can hear the chimes budějovickou. The city has an interesting history and definitely offers its visitors the possibility of food purchases.


Distance from the mill about 35 km - the beautiful Schwarzenberg castle, which captivates every visitor. It is built in the Tudor Gothic style and offers several guided tours.

Czech Krumlov

Distance from the mill about 30 km - another historic landmark on the south. Streets of the old town are beautiful, offers a variety of pubs and souvenir shops. Lock it has an interesting guided tours and summer is also open to the castle garden with a revolving auditorium.

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