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is located in the center of ecologically clean South Bohemian region, in a beautiful wooded environment on the shores of the second largest pond in the Czech Republic, 3km from Hluboká nad Vltavou and 8km from the center of Ceske Budejovice, surrounded by nature, cultural monuments, countless cycling routes and other interesting tourist destinations. Camping restaurant Bezdrev offers accommodation with complete services and equipment at a high level, which we are constantly improving for you. In the camp and its vicinity, thanks to its location, you will probably find everything that everyone could wish for on holiday. No matter the weather or the season, it is a guarantee of distraction and rest.

 Choose our campsite for good quality at a reasonable price, in picturesque southern Bohemia on the shores of the 2nd largest pond in the Czech Republic.




Camping restaurant Bezdrev has been rated * * * * (the best possible rating in the Czech Republic) for services and accommodation since 2007. During this time, the camp was much improved. Examples are newly equipped cottages, Italian pedal boats, a playground for children, or wi-fi connection. Come enjoy and sit in our Fishing restaurants right on the beach, with a varied selection of fish specialties and minutes. We invite you to a pleasant sitting by the water stylish kiosk. We have recently prepared an entertaining Aquapark with lots of inflatable water attractions for your sports activities. Camping restaurant Bezdrev is completely newly equipped, see the photo!




Accommodation in cottages


Cottages Type A

Cottage with 4 beds, wooden bunk beds with extended lower bed for a bed and a half (for up to 6 people in combination with children), lined with wood, with complete new equipment, wooden table with chairs, wardrobe with shelves and wardrobe. Bedding is in the cottage, bed linen can be rented at reception. Own bathroom - separate toilet with sink and shower. In the cottage there is a possibility to use above-standard equipment: kitchen with sink (without dishes) and two-burner stove, refrigerator with freezer, electric heating, boiler. These electrical appliances work on a coin-operated machine according to their own electricity consumption. Summer covered porch with windows and outdoor seating - plastic table with chairs and parasol.

chalet A interior - beds, table cottage A - camp Bezdrev

Cottages B

Cottage with four beds, wood paneled with new equipment, cabinets with shelves and a wardrobe, a table and chairs for outdoor use, porch. The shared bathroom facilities around 100m from chat.

chalet B interier - camp Bezdrev Camping life, action and relaxation

Cottages type C

Cottage with four beds, with new equipment, wardrobe with shelves. Common sanitary facility up to about 100m from the cottages.

Dependency - Room D

Hostel with 4 x four-bed and 4 x six-bed rooms, total capacity of about 40 beds. Suitable for school trips and whole groups. Directly from the rooms is a beautiful view of the pond.

depandance interier - camp Bezdrev depandance interier - camp Bezdrev depandance - camp Bezdrev

Accommodation for caravans and tents



For more privacy, we have prepared separate plots for caravans with the possibility of connecting to electricity and water, which are located close to the restaurant and the beach, sanitary facilities with hot water, kitchen with washer and dryer.

For those who prefer shade, other caravan pitches with the possibility of connecting to electricity are located along the forest, a short walk from the bathroom and kitchen.

And those who prefer to be in the sun, we have caravan pitches ready
connected to the electricity along the shore of the pond in the back of the camp, near the water and more private.

Caravans - with water and electricity connections_2 Caravans - with water and electricity connections caravans - camping Bezdrev


Stanovací area 40.000 m2, places by the water, in the forest or on the grass, in the shade and in the sun.

Tents - parcels with electricity connection Tents - parcels with electricity connection Tents in the forest - overlooking the pond

Campsite facilities Bezdrev


Bathroom and kitchen Toilets camp is after complete reconstruction.

Refreshing water is available to all visitors throughout the day, hot shower for an additional fee. There are a total of three buildings with sanitary facilities in the whole area of ​​the camp: in the building of the main reception, in the building of the restaurant and for the janitors there are social facilities "on the hill" to ensure the same services and access for everyone. The buildings have a daily toilet with hot shower from 7 am to 23 pm, and then it is possible to use the night toilet from 23 pm to 7 am.

Kitchenettes are available in the main reception building and in the restaurant building. There is a new kitchenette with stainless steel sinks and hot water for washing dishes, hotplates, automatic washers and dryers.

stainless dining area - camp Bezdrev washing machines and dryers - camp Bezdrev female washroom - camp Bezdrev

Waterpark on woodfree

We have recently prepared an entertaining Aquapark with lots of water attractions for you this season. Aquapark is FREE for all guests who visit our camp, both for daily guests and for our guests.

The set includes inflatable attractions such as the 5m high ice floe for daring climbers, the floating planet Saturn, which you have to spin properly, two giant trampolines, connected by a rotating cylinder. From the trampolines, you can jump straight to the slide or land on the catapult and thus throw a friend sitting at the end of the catapult into the air. For smaller ones, there are two swings and an easy-to-climb rock with a descent into the water.


Sports and Entertainment

Camping Bezdrev offers perfect sports activities. There is outdoor table tennis, tennis, football, volleyball and badminton courts. Possibility to rent sports equipment at the shipyard. The Bezdrev pond is then an ideal place for surfing and yachting. For the little ones there is a sandpit, climbing frames and a wooden castle with a slide and swings.


Car bike and boat

Throughout the day, visitors are also rent boats and paddle. Especially children will appreciate the new four-seat Italian pedalos with slides. The boats will be appreciated especially by romantics, for rides for two.






Price list

Mobile: +420 775 113 036

Address: Deep nad Vltavou, 373 41, Czech Budejovice



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Camping Bezdrev in South Bohemia


Close you can also find many professional sports:

indoor tennis hall of Martin Damm (4km), golf course 18 wells (3km), minigolf (4km), rope center (4km), bowling (4km), horses - Riding School (1km).

golf - Hluboká nad Vltavou summer swimming pool - Hluboká nad Vltavou stud farm - Vondrov

Zoo Hluboká

256 species in more than 2 000 specimens, animals of Europe and temperate Asia.

Hunting Ohrada

Baroque chateau with an extensive collection of hunting trophies, stuffed animals and weapons.

Castle Hluboká

lock from the Romantic period with lots of battlements and turrets, rich carved interior

Square Czech Budejovice

Otakar II square with Baroque town hall, Samson fountain and watch the Black Tower.

Holašovice Unesco monument

best preserved village with rustic baroque monuments in South Bohemia.

Castle Czech Krumlov

second largest monumental complex of the castle with Renaissance and Baroque interiors.

Trebon Castle

extensive castle grounds around two courtyards with attractive routes and unique system of casemates

Castle Jindřichův Hradec

original lordly castle, built on a rock over the flow of the stream and river Hamer Nežárkou.

castle Cervena Lhota

fairytale castle on a rocky island with a red facade reflected in the pond surface.

Castle Landštejn

border castle with a Romanesque core, augmented by a late Gothic and Renaissance fortification with a courtyard.

Rosenberg castle

romantic converted castle with knights lavishly equipped interior, celebrating family this family.

Castle Zvíkov

originally early Gothic royal castle towering above the Eagle Lake.

Zoo Hluboká nad Vltavou hunting castle Ohrada Castle Hluboká
ZOO Ohrada Hluboká ZOO Ohrada Deep Vlt above.


ZOO Ohrada Hluboká is located on the south bank of the Czech Republic Munický pond near Hluboka. From the regional city of the Czech Budejovice is a zoo located about 1 ..


Hluboká Hluboká


Chateau Hluboká among the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. Spun many a tale here, because the interiors and the surrounding gardens are beautifully maintained. There are also exhibitions ..


Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboka Aleš South Bohemian Gallery v..


Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboka is part of the art-museum of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Its three buildings located in the Czech Budejovice, in the deep ..

Swimming pool Czech Budejovice Swimming pool Czech Bud ..


Czech Budejovice swimming pool is a swimming area. Located in Czech Budejovice in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Swimming pool Czech Budejovice is divided into v..

Black Tower Czech Budejovice Black Tower Czech Budejovice ..


Black Tower dominates the Czech Budejovice of the Czech Budejovice. Located in the city center on the south of the Czech Republic. It was built as a watchtower guard and simultaneously also as z.

Samson fountain Samson fountain


Samson Fountain is a baroque fountain. It stands on the square Ottokar II. in Czech Budejovice. One of the largest fountains in the Czech Republic and at the same time is an important monument ..

Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Czech Budejovice Aleš South Bohemian Gallery v..


Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Czech Budejovice is part of the art-museum of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Its three buildings located in the Czech Budejovice, in the deep ..

Czech Budejovice Czech Budejovice


Czech Budejovice is mnoc nice city. Their square and a square black tower is amazing is it beautiful výhled.Uprostřed large square fountain. Great choice of restaurants ub ai ..

Holašovice Holašovice


Holašovice is one of the most famous Czech villages. It is part of the municipality Jankov, which lies near the Czech Budejovice in the Czech Republic. Holašovice are unique ensemble of buildings, to ..

Hradec Hradec


The village lies Hradec 13 kilometers southwest of the regional city of Czech Budejovice, Czech Republic. Present obceHradce is located on the edge of micro and protected ob ..

Lock Kratochvíle Lock Kratochvíle


Kratochvíle Castle is located on the south of the Czech Republic approximately 28 km north-west of the regional city of Czech Budejovice. Originally there was a farmstead Leptáč. At the end 16. one hundred ..

Chapel of Our Lady of names Chapel of Our Lady of names


Chapel of Our Lady of the names are among the most important religious building in the southern part of the Czech Republic. Pilgrimage chapel stands in Lomci, 5 kilometers from Netolic in the district. Local ..

Lair Lair


Brloh village is located practically at the beginning of the Bohemian Forest, at the foot of Blanský forest in the PLA with a clean, beautiful scenery, and is ready to offer you a new experience when visiting is ..

Girls stone Girls stone


Girls stone is a romantic castle ruins. Located near the town of Krems at Třísov village in southern Bohemia. It stands on a high cliff above the confluence of the creek Křemežský the Vltava river ..

Pond Rosenberg Pond Rosenberg


Rosenberg pond lies at an altitude 427 m, in the Jindřichův Hradec, approx. 6 km north of Trebon. It is the largest lake in the Czech Republic, but also in Central Eu ..

Monument to John Žižka Monument of Jan Zizka of Troca ..


Monument to John Žižka is reminiscent birth place of the famous Hussite leader Jan Zizka of Czech origin. Located in the Czech Republic in the South Bohemian Region, about 3 km from Borov ..

The Chateau The Chateau


The Chateau is a Renaissance building in the southwest of the historic town of Trebon. The city lies on the northern edge of the pond world in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Chateau ..

Schwarzenberg Tomb Schwarzenberg Tomb


Schwarzenberg tomb is located in the village Domanín, near Trebon, Czech Republic. This is the tomb of the Schwarzenberg family. The tomb was built by Eleonora Schwarzenberg. Sc ..

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