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Do you want to take a break from everyday stress in nature? Spend a few days, a weekend or a week in a relaxed environment and experience the beauty of nature at the Orlická dam.

The place we invite you is located in the middle of Povltaví. This is one of the the most sought after a the most popular recreation areas in the Czech Republic, right by the banks of the Orlické přehrady.

So do not hesitate and come and convince yourself!

The area itself is interesting for its location in the middle of a coniferous forest. The recreation center offers a holiday in an area with beautiful nature surrounded by forests, right on the banks of the Orlická dam. In addition to swimming and fishing, the large area of ​​the dam also allows water sports such as yachting and windsurfing. In the vicinity there are a large number of hiking and biking trails and various natural and cultural attractions. You can stay in very nice renovated 20 cottages and 5 caravans, providing sufficient comfort and privacy at an excellent price.

Cottages - accommodation, equipment

2 1 bunk beds + sofa

  • The basic equipment includes cottages 4 4 blankets and pillows
  • bedding or own. fee can borrow
  • kitchen including full equipment - cottages are not equipped with kettle
  • refrigerator, remoska pan
  • el. cooker
  • wardrobe (Split, classic wardrobe + shelf)
  • dinette
  • heaters Etavira
  • outdoor terrace with wooden seating

Interier cabin Radavapub in the camp


Caravans - accommodation, equipment

3-4 beds (according to the specific caravan layout)

  • The basic equipment of the caravan includes blankets and pillows
  • bedding or own. fee can borrow
  • kitchenette including complete equipment - caravans are not equipped with kettles
  • refrigerator, remoska pan
  • el. cooker
  • wardrobe (Split, classic wardrobe + shelf)
  • dinette
  • heaters Etavira
  • outdoor terrace with wooden seating

The campsite RadavaOrlík dam

wifi logo at Radava


  There is an internet connection throughout the premises FREE.



Sanitary facilities

  • Toilets and washrooms with showers are shared, but still clean and smelling new
  • Chat on porches and campers are wooden furniture
  • There a large grill and smokehouse
  • There is a large indoor gazebo with internet connection and a view of a large children's playground and a small sports field where you can play mini volleyball, badmonton or lazy tennis. There is also a ping-pong table for holidaymakers.


  • Secured in a holiday facility


The large playground, which is the main landmark and part of the entire Radava complex, will captivate children of all ages with the diversity of play elements. The most popular element is definitely the trampoline, where children and their parents can have fun and spend a beautiful day surrounded by nature.

Children's playground in Radava


There are only a few places where one feels really relaxed and well  RADAVA  they undoubtedly belong to them.


  • Recreation Center located at Eagle lake, the beach is 30 metres.


  • car - parking in the area
  • bus - bus Chrást ork. Sand, then walk around 2 km

Regular shipping

In July and August after Orlik dam runs every steamer, which may rekreanté get to the castle Orlik and Zvikov and also in various camps on the shores of Eagle Lake.

Sports activities


  • At the border of the camp complex built tennis courts.
  • Price is 100, -Kč/hour.
  • Car 50 missiles, -Kč/hra
  • Prices on site tennis courts.


  • Nadmoř. height 361 m
  • Type of locality: Sweet / dam
  • Max. Depth 52 m
  • Common visibility 5 m


If you are also a fan of this sport, you will not be deprived of anything at the Orlická dam either. Access to the water is without complications from the campsite via the beach. Underwater there is a rich life, at the surface there are whole schools of fish, from 10 m deeper there is a flooded forest and roots, abundant occurrence of clams.

! WARNING! Swim at depths less than 2m, the place is a large vessel traffic.
! WARNING! Necessary vynořovací buoys.







Price list

Mobile: + 420 602 236 565, + 420 777 936 759
Address: Orlík, Kovářov, Chrást, 399 01



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Trips to nearby resorts Radava




Orlí Castlek

Renaissance castle, originally an early Gothic castle from 1288, surrounded by an English park.

After the fire in 1802, it was restored to Schwarzenberg.

On the two floors of the castle are historical interiors with family collections.


Castle Zvíkov

The Royal Castle is among the cultural monuments, but originally a prehistoric fortified settlement from 2.pol. 1.Millions BC

Thanks to its position on the high rock, it had a unique defensive position, such as the 1618 rising.

A permanent exhibition of Czech statehood was opened.


Zdakovsky bridge

Žďákovský Bridge

A steel arched bridge with the length 540m and the top of the bridge vault 110m above the bottom of the valley.

Built in 1957-1965. It is the largest single-bay bridge in the world.

Popular jumps bungee jumps.


Fishing in Radava

Location Radava as part of the fishing ground ú.n. Orlik is very popular among fishermen, it is a neprolovenou water, sometimes there are also fish over 100 kg. The Orlik dam is forbidden to use decoys for hunting and buoys indicate Feed místa.Hlubinná spinning is allowed from the fishing boat, powered by human silou.Lov fish from the boat and filling traps are allowed. The resort is housed possibility to rent boats, available for freezer storage of catches.



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