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Accommodation in a guesthouse in Kraví Hora

Our new guesthouse is located 650 steps from the cellar and is fully equipped including Tv, WI-FI, summer equipped kitchenette, outdoor covered terrace with grills. A football pitch and 2 tennis courts are available at an additional cost. Distance to the 2.5km swimming pool. The Lednice-Valtice Area is about 18 km.

Directly above the cellar is accommodation for 15 persons, the rooms are fully equipped with new furniture and carpets, as well as toilet facilities. There is also a closed summer terrace right behind the cellar. For long stays, we also have a refrigerator with a cooker and TV. The wheels can be stored directly in the cellar. Of course there is also the possibility of preparing breakfast according to the agreement (breakfast buffet 80, - / os).

Boretice are intersected by bicycle paths. For longer stays, we are able to adjust our accommodation rates.

AB Wine Cellar

Come to our wine cellar and believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by everything we offer you. We will arrange accommodation in your location, according to your financial possibilities and we will be pampered in the cellar until the morning. You will experience what you have not experienced, drink what you did not drink and eat what you did not eat. Ideal for celebrations, birthdays, business meetings, weddings, Moravian slaughterhouses, graduates, etc.

We offer a wide quote tailored to your possibilities and finances. Our program can consist not only of several hours of tasting, but also of joy until the morning. Stays here are from small groups (4 persons) up to the total capacity of 120 persons.

Our cellar has a total capacity of 120 places, so we can not guarantee anyone that you will be in the cellar yourself. Spaces are different, so little privacy is still there. In case you want to be alone in the cellar, So we can offer our second cellar and that "Only for you".

Our specialty is to prepare the right Moravian slaughterhouse right in front of the cellar. We will always adapt to you and your financial possibilities. We will adapt to your entertainment without any time limit, even in the morning.

Our winery

The tradition of our Pazderka winery dates back to the 18 century, when our great-grandfather Tomáš Pazderka, who was originally from Čejka, had already dug a vineyard, his son Cyril married to Bořetice and began to seduce on 9h soil, fortunately for the next generation, he also inherited the 2 000 shrubs. The wine he has grown and made has always been able to drink with his friends.

After our grandfather, his oldest son, Cyril, took over the vineyard, and then again his oldest son, Stanislav, who at the present time, again with his son Stanislav, is working on 19 and the vineyards where he "is sweating blood" from morning to evening, "We Sweat the Blood" with guests from evening till morning.

Our vineyards are located at the foot of the Kraví hora, a little in the neighborhoods and Trkmanska lines. We currently cultivate varieties of Svatovavřinecké, Modré Portugal, Rulandské Modré, Frankovka, André, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zweigelttrebe, Veltlínské Zelené, Muller Thurgau, Sauvignon, Tramín Červený, Rulandské Bílé, Rulandské Šedé, Chardonay, Vlasský Ryzlink a Rýnský Ryzlink. For most wines, we use fermentation control technology, some wines are fried and frozen, or wines are matured into Barrique barrels.

Our wines are delivered to selected Prague restaurants, Karlovy Vary hotels, wine shops, for example in Brno. We can boast that in March of the year 2005 enjoyed our Blue Portugal, rc. 2004 - a selection of grapes, Russian President Putin with Mrs. Liva Klausova and other 200 VIP guests from all over the Republic at Prague Castle. For the Rulandské Modré, r. 2004 - the late collection we received a gold medal in the competition for the best wines delivered to Brussels, the seat of the EU and our excellent nuts loves himself master with gold in the throat - Charles.

Wine Shopsitting in the wine cellarab wine cellar Bořetice

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- price - 250, - / person

- breakfast - 60 .- / pers.


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Zuzka KK's picture
Zuzka KK (unregistered) 13. August 2020 - 11: 21
Your number of stars: 1. Number of votes: 42
I booked 2 double rooms, which was to have its own bathroom. Upon arrival we were accommodated in a "studio", where there were 2 cots with shared bathroom. Lying receptionist and the owner in the eyes that everything is stated on the voucher (was not!) And on the website. Absolute reluctance of the owner to find any viable solution, very unpleasant and arrogant behavior. The reception did not communicate at all, did not pick up the phones, did not answer the text message. A vegetarian dinner was arranged (two days before arrival) - not ready - forgotten. Absolutely no cleanliness in the rooms - dirty, stained carpet, dirty sheets, non-functional bedding-could not be turned on, dust on the cabinet, giant mold in the shower and sink, broken tiles in the bathroom on the floor, broken - moving toilet, TV equipped, only 3 programs functional, in one room the main light does not work and the lamp on the bedside table is broken. "Great" was the light in the hallway, which automatically triggered when moving, and which woke the staff of both rooms because the door was glazed. The stench of outdoor waste. There should have been a barbecue outside - disgust. Torn rag covers, grills full of garbage. Accommodation on the football field, probably originally changing rooms, converted into rooms with paper walls. Parking for 70 CZK / day on the field, where if you arrived during the training, which were every day, you did not have a parking space. The only positive memory is the wine tasting in the cellar, led by Mr. Pazderka Sr., who at least knew how to make people laugh and take care of them. I DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND!
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Free Republic of Kravihora

One of the largest rarities in our area is the Free Kravihor Republic. We have our institute, passports, stamps, coins, etc. Every year, we hold talks at the cimbalom, the wine bar, the celebration of the Kravihorský ples wine. It is also known for its manifestation of the abolition of the Vienna wheel in Prátr, which is why the winds turn back to Moravia and that is why the vineyards (the parody of Temelín) are more often dead.

Constitution of the Free State of the Federal Republic of Cow

The Free Province of Kravi hora was created by the wishes of winegrowers as a free, independent institution based on respect for human rights on the principles of civil society, as part of the family of European and world democracies, committed to jointly developing natural, cultural, material and spiritual wealth. We will follow all the proven principles of the rule of law. Through freely elected representatives who have been elected by direct election, we accept this constitution of the Free State of the Federal Republic of Cow Mountain.

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