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Welcome to the presentation Caravan Camping Upper Plana

The camp is situated directly on the shore of the lake Lipno, On a peninsula at the bottom of the picturesque town of Upper Plana. In 2001 camp was completely renovated, including accessible toilets.

Our camp is the perfect place to spend your holiday or just for a trip to nature, swimming, yachting or fungi. For guests, there is a wireless WiFi internet connection available in the camp. guests can use the computer at the reception. The camp site has a sandy beach, clay tennis courts, a children's playground, boat and pedal boats, minigolf, beach volleyball and plenty of space for fishing and water sports.

The camp can be camp with a small fire directly at the tent or caravan. Camp near the railway and bus station, in the city's open-air cinema, disco, museum writer Adalbert Stifter, in the summer and hosts traditional Markétská pilgrimage. All this and much more can be found right here.

Accommodation in our campsite

Caravan Camping Horní Planá offers accommodation in caravan stands and tents, as well as accommodation in cabins for 4 persons. The campsite is especially designed for a peaceful and relaxing holiday in the beautiful countryside of the Bohemian Forest. Relaxation and relaxation can be found in families with children as well as individuals. The nightlife is kept in the camp (23 - 7 hours) and the visitor protection is ensured by a night watchman.

Accommodation in cottages

In the camp area for guests in total 29 člyřlůžkových chat.

Chat facility (for 4 persons) - shared bathroom, two bunk beds (2 double beds), refrigerator, table, chairs.

Caravan spaces and places for tents

60 seats on paved surfaces in the pits, partially under the trees. 100 seats on the lawn of the 19 seats directly on the lakeshore.

In the area the camp is sandy beach, tennis courts, playground, In the vicinity of the Rental boats and pedal boats, minigolf, beach volleyball and plenty of space for fishing and water sports. The camp is a small camp can fire directly at the tent or caravan.

For guests in the whole camp to wireless WiFi connection to the Internet for free, or. Guests can use the computer at the reception.

Logo of camp Olšina Lipno

contact, adesa campgrounds Horní Planá

Price list

Mobile: + 420 725 815 809, + 420 608 029 982 (German)

Address: Caravan Camping Horni Plana, 382 26, Horni Plana


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Where near Caravan Camping Upper Plana

Vltava, beautiful river meandering through the Bohemian Forest. Across the river are scattered camps and dozens of restaurants and snack. A unique experience is then watch Czech Kumlova from the surface of the river. Starting station exit of the river is either at the top of the flow Soumarský bridge or a bit lower, just below the Lipno in Brod. Canoes, rafts and all equipment is for rent.

Boat on the lake Lipno - Noise, dark forests, grazing horses on the ridges of hills, bonfire on the shore of the lake. Discover for yourself the natural beauty of the Bohemian Forest Lipno Lake and the boat. Cruise ships depart from the dock Frymburk. During small or large cruise you will also hear a lot of interesting information about the lake and its peculiarities. In July and August you can order evening cruises with music and dancing.

Frymburk - In the summer months to this tourist center offers Aquaworld - swimming pool with sauna. The city is in service bike shop and sports equipment - bicycles, surfboards, bikes, boats and other equipment for water sports. In the winter months there is a ski resort Kramolin. Parking is right next to the funicular, day - night skiing, 5 slopes, 5 ski lifts, cross-country tracks. For children there is Lipno Bobsleigh Track and Foxpark - where certainly will not get bored.

Hiking and biking - Lipno offers in spring, summer and fall for hikers and nature beautiful network of marked hiking trails in the protected landscape area Šumava. Collecting mushrooms and natural monuments tour one of the most popular activities. Cycling Lipno offers very favorable conditions. Number of marked bike will take you to the best sights and attractions nearby.

Schwarzenberg Canal - Šumava largest technical monument. It begins near the monument Rosenauer tanks now unfortunately a ruptured dam. Flows into the river Große Mühl in Austria and connects to the Vltava and Danube rivers. Channel was originally designed for floating wood logs from inaccessible parts of the Šumava to Vienna. He was later modified and allowed to sail 24 m long logs. The length of the canal is 44 km. It was fed by water from 27 streams, reservoirs and 3 Plešné lake.

Rosenberg is located in the picturesque valley of the river, 10 km from the Austrian border and 25 km from Cesky Krumlov. Untouched nature, beautiful passage of the Vltava River and the historical background of the village are big attractions for tourists from around the world. Also located near nature reserve Lower Jílovice bukojedlového with remnants of natural forest.

City of Greater Brod definitely worth a visit. You should not miss the Higher Brod monastery, the monastery library, which has over 70.000 volumes via postal museum and of course the natural monument Devil's Wall and Luch.

Historic steam train - Run regularly in the months of July and August, from stop in Black Pošumaví and continues through the Upper Plana, Nova Pec, Black Cross in the New Valley. The train runs from Friday 5.7., Every Saturday and Sunday through Saturday 1.9. Departure from Stožec in 11.20 pm, departure from the Black Pošumaví in 15.40 pm Tickets can be purchased from the train crew.

Jezero - Is situated on the hillside Plechý (1.378 m) at an altitude of about m 1.089 17 km south of Volar. It is of glacial origin. On the cliff above the lake stands the yellow tourist route memorial writer Adalbert Stifter. The northern edge of the lake lies a stone sea of ​​boulders of coarse-grained granite.

Czech Krumlov - Except Castle offers other gems such as culture revolving auditorium, wax museum and the city Egon Schilleho. City of Czech Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Czech Krumlov is 30 km from our guesthouse.

Golden Crown - One of the most beautiful monasteries in Bohemia put in the river valley to build Ottokar II. At present, the Golden Crown national cultural monument. There, among other things, a paradise garden edged cloister, monastery church, refectory and chapter hall. The monastery is an exhibition of "Literature in South Bohemia". Throughout the year you can visit the research center - Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books.

Czech Budejovice - Large regional city with a unique and a square black tower that overlooks not only in the vicinity of the city, but it is seen deep lock and much-discussed Plant. This city offers enough cultural, sports and arts facilities. There are eg. Cinema, swimming pool, Bohemian Theatre and many interesting places.

A romantic castle Deep the haunted battlements and turrets various stands above the Vltava river near the Czech Budejovice. Near the castle is the zoo that will be appreciated mainly children.

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