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Autokemp Na terasách near the dam Lipno

Autocamp Na terasách in Černá v Pošumaví, on the shores of Lake Lipno, provides tourists with accommodation and other related services, and in the restaurant in the camp also the possibility of boarding, usually in the period from early June to mid-September. Swimming in the lake is possible near the camp on two beaches, the first of which is equipped with a water slide, toilet and snack shop. The location of the camp is obvious in the attached aerial image. Near the camp there is a boat rental and other equipment for water sports, it is possible to buy a fishing permit on the spot.


There are good hiking and biking opportunities in the area. By public transport (train, bus) or own means of transport, cultural monuments and various natural beauties of Šumava are easily accessible for cyclists. For the use of free time directly in the camp, it is possible to rent various sports equipment at the reception, basic children's recreational facilities are also freely available. With the consent of the administrator, it is possible to start a campfire in a reserved place.


Accommodation in cottages

Accommodation in cottages can be ordered in advance directly from these pages or by phone or in writing - see "orders" and after our confirmation of the cottage reservation also binding to ensure the payment of the required deposit. We recommend ordering cottages in good time, especially for the main summer period (July, August), when our capacity for interest is usually insufficient. For this main summer period, when confirming orders, we prefer those that allow operation in the usual weekly accommodation shifts, starting on Saturday in the afternoon and ending the stay the next Saturday morning. Outside the mentioned main summer period, ie in the months of June and September, the coverage of most pre-sent orders can be expected. In these months, accommodation of groups of guests, such as participants in tourist, sports and other events or events, can also be provided in the campsite's cottages on the basis of a timely order.
Based on special contracts, camps are booked and arranged for guests sent to CA or CK.

caravan campsite on terasachsurrounding cabins in the camp on Terraces


Accommodation in own facilities

Accommodation in guests' own facilities (caravans, caravans, tents) is allowed on free campgrounds, including the possibility of connection to electricity. Usually, including the high season, campgrounds are sufficient for all normally arriving people.

Location own accommodation (caravans) for the season is a new kind of service that we offer to companies or other organized groups for their employees or members for the entire opening of camp. The minimum continuous length of placement is 30 days. The service includes the provision of space for the equipment the customer service at a lower daily rates than normal for the individual clients with their own accommodation facilities, permanent connection of electricity, possibly also the possibility of lending and exchange of bedding the campsite guests who will enjoy accommodation. The service is required in advance (min. 14 days) order, ensuring the operator confirms a request in advance in the form of advance payment. Use of mounted devices depends on the client. Individual guests seconded customer who enters the device is reported in the campsite reception and at the onset pay for the duration of their stay current rates for residents, local taxes, placing his own car and any additional services requested by them.


Use of campsite facilities

The use of the campsite's social facilities is made possible by the permanent operation of common sanitary facilities with a good level, warm water and sufficient capacity. The showers are controlled by 10 CZK single-use coins. In exchange, guests can get coins at the reception of the camp. The 10 four-bed cottage is equipped with a toilet and a washbasin with hot water, the apartment also has a shower.

The actual preparation of food in the camp is available at the apartment. Available to all guests an outdoor kitchen with a stove and a sink for washing dishes in warm water.


Camping Services

  • We will give you information about activities around the camp
  • The payment of the stay is possible with a credit card
  • We offer access to the internet
  • Sale of wood to fire
  • Sales of maps and surroundings
  • Changing money in the shower
  • Small purchases - bottled beer, cigarettes, sugar, flour, sweets, pates, cans, alcohol - all at good prices ☺
  • Charging the phone
  • Storage of valuables in the vault
  • Luggage wheels


Price list

(Prices of accommodation services are given in CZK per day of stay = one overnight stay.)

Accommodation in own facilities

Off-season 29.5.-25.6. and 31.8.-13.9.

High Season 26.6. to 30.8.

Child 4 - 15 years6075
Person over 15 years80100
Personal car80100
Caravan set150200
Motor home150200
Big Tent (above 2 Person)115135
Small tent (for 2 persons)80100
Fee for a dog / cat7575
Consumption of electricity *)8080
Caravan in the season (min. 30 days)4657

Accommodations in cabins
(Prices per cottage per night) at the cottage00
4-bed with ice. 8201050
4 bed with ice + soc.z.9801275
5-bed with ice.9501250
Apartment (4 + 2př.)16702150
Note: For stays shorter than 3 nights, bills will be charged for 20% higher, 14 nights and 10% discounts. dog / cat7575
In-house heating *)8080

Fees village

Stay in the tent *)2121
Stay in ost.zař. *)2121

Additional services

Table Tennis 2 h.00
Soft tennis 2 h.00
Badminton 2 h.00
Iron 2 h.2020
Using washer *)6060
Showers (coins) 1010
Volleyball, football

Warning: All prices for accommodation services include VAT. In the event of a change in the law and an increase in the VAT rate, the operator reserves the right to reflect this increase in prices. Prices in items marked with *) may also be changed before the start of the season for similar reasons.



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Mobile: + 420 386 356 566, + 420 380 744 125

Address: Autokemp Na terasách South Bohemian Autoclub, 382 23, Černá v Pošumaví 



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