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Cottages Lipno in South Bohemia

We offer you a comfortable cottage with a perfect bathroom and central heating on gas, but also chalets for less demanding clients. The center is open from May to October, some years since Easter. All cabins are available with bedding linens, kitchenettes are equipped with basic utensils and a fridge, heating is provided timber (samosběrem, or supply an administrator for a fee). In the area around the reception is complimentary WI-FI free gas heating is not included in the price of accommodation included! Final cleaning chat is already included in the total price! The resort is located 250 m from the lake and is surrounded on two sides by forest. It is a paradise of children and fishermen. There is also good, heated restaurant. It is also equipped with American pool, darts and big-screen TVs to watch sports broadcasts. In the village is the possibility of a rich sports. You can hire mountain bikes, boats and various games (table tennis, skittles, petanque, Maxi-Chess, maxidáma, basketball, etc.). At the reception you can buy fishing permits and souvenirs. There is also a sauna and the possibility of using the washing machine. The resort is its location off-site ideal for a variety of training or school trips. During the visits of more than 20.osob least 3 days, provides CA commission. This does not apply for accommodation at the time of 29.06. to 24.08.!

General information about accommodation JAF Lipno

Heating gas is not included in the price of accommodation included! Final cleaning will be provided by This does not apply to chat Prad, where guests cleaned themselves (price cleaning has already been reflected in the price), if interested, but cleaning can pay (CZK 300.00 and stay). For horse lovers there is a large enclosure with lock.

lake lipnomushroomingChalet Jaffishing

Bungalows and cottages

cottage Ladachaty šumavachata flora
+ 2 1 bed+ 2 1 bed2 + 2 bed
chaty terezachaty floriachalet gizela
2x2 + 1 bed
3 + + 2 1 bed
2x2 + 2 bed2 + 2 bed
chaty šimobcottage cottageschateau pradelny
+ 2 1 bed2x2 + 1 bed+ 2 1 bed
2 + 2 bed

Cottages and cottage settlement JAF Lipno in South Bohemia is looking forward to your visit

Price list

Prices chat service centers JAF Lipno

Price is for a chat and a one day stay without polopense and regardless of the number of people in the cottage, but only up to the amount of its capacity! Each additional person pays a premium over capacity 62.50 CZK / day. Tents in chat is not allowed!

From 29 / 06 to 03 / 09 2013 can all cottages booked exclusively for 7 days and their multiples. Caution! For overnight stays, the mark-up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 30%, other days 20%. In a two-day stay is charged 20% surcharge Fri, Sat, and Sunday, in the rest days 10% (applies only when volume on the spot). Stays can be pre-ordered ahead only for three days or more, each day only on the spot!

Adding the price list: Guests who spend the holiday resort JAF-LIPNO 2 weeks or more, pay only 13 days (this does not apply at the time of 06 / 07 to 25 / 08 2013!). If you spent in the resort 21 days, pay only for 19 days (two days for free).

The price does not include the accommodation (spa) fees - 12.00 CZK / person / day and fees from bed 3.00 CZK / person / day for the township office. Accommodation fees for children under 18. years old and seniors over the age of 70 (fee from bed yes!). The prices for accommodation is already included cleaning except chat chat PRAD in the center, where guests cleaned themselves (they can cleaning but also to pay - price 300.00 CZK / cottage).

Get in the center JAF-LIPNO are among 15. and 18. hour. Accommodation before 15. hours due to maintenance work on the cabins is not possible! Late arrivals must report in advance! Manager selects a deposit to cover possible damage of 600. - CZK for chat and stay. If the cottage is returned without obvious defects, the deposit will be refunded in full.

Polo-Pens can be ordered only forward the same number of days as the number of days of accommodation. Price 1 day: adults 212.80 CZK, children under 12.let 156.80 CZK. You can also order breakfast only 89.60 CZK / day, children 67.20 / day or dinner only 123.20 CZK / day, children 89.60 / day), but their number must always match the number of accommodation days.

Accommodation cats, dogs, etc. - price 62.50 1 CZK per day of stay regardless of the season. Childless seniors or individuals self-contained accommodation this fee does not apply!

The price includes electricity consumption. energy (or gas for cooking and water heating), bedding. All kitchens are equipped with fridge, basic kitchen utensils and cutlery. When heating gas in paying guest cottages 20.00 50 CZK per minute service through coin slot machine. The possibility of subscribing to the 7 hours. Manager sells chopped firewood per 66.50 CZK / wheel (Kolec, wheel, wheelbarrow).

Given the small number of ships, guests are recommended to their pre-order along with an order of stay. Boat rentals: pre-order: see pricelist, hire on the spot: ALU 266.00, plastic 19.50, JOLA NAVY 399.00 CZK / day. Rental boat motor incl. battery 1 798.00 day is CZK. Mountain bike rental: when pre-ordering for the whole week: 66.50 / day rental on the spot: 133.00 / day. There is also a private mooring for yachts. Rent 332.50 CZK / day.


ALUMINIUM boat for 4 people
When25 / 04-07 / 0608 / 06-21 / 0622 / 06-28 / 0629 / 06-12 / 0713 / 07-19 / 07
Price in CZK / week399.00399.00399.00532.00532.00
When20 / 07-09 / 0810 / 08-16 / 0817 / 08-23 / 0824 / 08-30 / 0831 / 08-20 / 10
Price in CZK / week655.00532.00532.00399.00399.00

NAVY ship JOLA for 4 people
When25 / 04-07 / 0608 / 06-21 / 0622 / 06-28 / 0629 / 06-12 / 0713 / 07-19 / 07
Price in CZK / week598.50598.50598.50731.50731.50
When20 / 07-09 / 0810 / 08-16 / 0817 / 08-23 / 0824 / 08-30 / 0831 / 08-20 / 10
Price in CZK / week864.50731.50731.50598.50598.50

Boat cover for 4 people
When25 / 04-07 / 0608 / 06-21 / 0622 / 06-28 / 0629 / 06-12 / 0713 / 07-19 / 07
Price in CZK / week332.50332.50332.50465.50465.50
When20 / 07-09 / 0810 / 08-16 / 0817 / 08-23 / 0824 / 08-30 / 0831 / 08-20 / 10
Price in CZK / week598.50465.50465.50332.50332.50

Mobile: +420 602 433 899

Address: District of Czech Krumlov, Lipno


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Restaurant - a paradise for gourmets

gourmet restaurant

Restaurant JAF-Lipno a capacity 80 sites is located directly in the JAF-Lipno chalet. There are approximately 60 dishes from pork, chicken, turkey, beef and fish / ready meals and mink / + starters, vegetable salads, side dishes, ice cream cups and desserts. We also offer a number of kids and children's meals.

To drink, we offer a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks, coffee and teas. On hot days, you will appreciate a refreshing ice lollies.

For entertainment and during bad weather, we find the American pool, darts, football.

JAF-Lipno Restaurant is open from May to late September.

Interested parties can also order polopensi, either when booking a cottage at travel agent or tour Privat directly upon arrival at the restaurant JAF-Lipno the staff. We cordially invite you to a pleasant stay using our services.



Petronelap's picture
petronelap 5. August 2016 - 16: 59
Number of votes: 1412
We were here this year and I can say that never again. The settlement is neglected, high grass, a cottage other than the one in the picture (the knowledge is worse). After allegedly cleaning the dirt, the web like thunder. Top - after removing the bag from the rubbish baskets molds and peaches from peaches. If it was cheap accommodation, it would be easy to understand, unfortunately this is not the case. Next year we have to choose better. I dare say that the worst accommodation we ever had. Otherwise, this region is beautiful.
Average: 1 (1 Vote)
Martina108's picture
Martina108 9. September 2015 - 7: 01
Number of votes: 1402
In the cottage settlement Jaf Lipno I was with my family this summer. Accommodation very nice. Cottage equipped, clean. Laying quiet - at the woods. Swimming nearby and good access to the water. The only minus are restaurant services with a limited number of meals. At the restaurant right in the campsite, the same problem also with the restaurant on the beach. Otherwise we were very satisfied and I recommend.
Average: 4 (1 Vote)
Norbert Vano's picture
Norbert Vano (unregistered) 15. August 2013 - 14: 51
Number of votes: 1505
Good day, I'm fucking a cabin for two people and two kids. Termin 20-24 / 8. Sincerely, Norbert Vano 774248030
No votes yet
František Ondráček's picture
František Ondráček (unregistered) 17. July 2013 - 19: 00
Number of votes: 1528
Good den.Prosím we should be interested in the cottage for a week from 27,8 28,8 or in or 3,9 4,9 2013 2 We are adults and child 1 13 years. can you please send the price to stay the week. We also have a small Maltese dog, maybe we'll have a baby, but in case they do not. Tel. 723 676 542.Moc thank you and have a nice rest of the day Ondrácek
No votes yet
Admin's picture
admin 17. July 2013 - 19: 35
Number of votes: 1536
Hello sir Ondráčka, owner of presentations for instant settlement JAF Lipno is not yet connected to the commentary. So please send your reservation to reservation form, which is intended to. It oznašený called RESERVATION / EMAIL. So, your reservation will be delivered directly to JAF lake. Thank you for your understanding. Team
No votes yet
Bartošová Lenka's picture
Bartošová Lenka (unregistered) 15. July 2013 - 9: 58
Number of votes: 1527
Hello we are looking for accommodation for only two days in chatce.Od Wednesday 17.7.2013 - 19.7.2013.Jsme two adults and two děti.Máme still dog the annual Golden retrívra.Neylo would be at you you please stay? If this is not possible, could you please you recommend something? Thank you for odpověď.Přeji you a nice den.Spozdravem Bartošová
No votes yet

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