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Cyclocamp Pod Landštejnem



Cyclocamp, campsite, autocamp under Landštejn offers several possibilities of cheap accommodation for cyclists but also for tourists and casual visitors of Czech Canada and South Bohemia. The most used are accommodation in double and quadruple cottages (quadruple with bunk beds) or cottages without beds (the cheapest version of the accommodation - for the use of personal equipment for sleeping). Cycle Camping also allows you to choose sleeping in your own sleeping bags or the possibility of renting blankets and clean linen. In the camp you can also stay in the apartments ..

Tents, camping

Do you have your own tent? Then you live near us for free :-) There are many different areas in the campsite where you can build your tent ... whether bigger or smaller ...


Chatek is one of the cheapest accommodation solutions if you do not want to pull your own tent. You are sleeping under a solid roof in two or four-bed cottages, and it is only up to you whether you have your own bed linen or we will lend it to you.

Caravans, caravans

If you drive to Czech Canada with your own caravan or caravan, we have a lot of paved areas for you, where you can park and, in addition, connect to electricity.


The hostel sounds terrible, is not it? But it is a renovated room for 2-4 persons in a common building where there is a common sanitary facility. You have nothing to worry about :-)

Apartments in camp

The most luxurious apartments in the Cyklocamp under Landštejn are modern apartments with a kitchenette and sanitary facilities for 2 persons. There is also one "command" apartment for 4 persons.

Bicycle facilities

Your bike is ready for your bike safe deposit box, if necessary, you will find service assistance here. If you do not have your own bike, you can borrow it from us. Strava and drinks are served at BikeBar. We also think of your children - you will find a children's corner at BikeBar, an outdoor playground with a swing and a sandpit. For adults we offer two playgrounds for volleyball, football and other ball sports. At the fireplace you have the possibility of grilling on a lava stone or sitting with a guitar ... The surrounding area of ​​the Cyclocamp offers even more fun - the camp crosses the line of the border fortifications, so you can explore the real and genuine pre-war small bunkers, the so-called peaks.

Camping grounds

- Free space for children's games.
- Outdoor playground with swing and sandpit.
- Children's corner at BikeBAR.
- Two fire places for shared seating, barbecue on lava stone, sitting with a guitar ...
- There are two playgrounds in the Cyklocamp area, suitable for beach volleyball, volleyball, football and other ball sports.
- Newly refurbished gym.
- Lovers of military history will find both a pre-war line in the campus and the surrounding area.
- Inline track near the camp.
- The swimming pool is located 200m from the camp.
- Rope center near the camp.
- Wide range of cycling trails nearby.

For schools, sports teams and other groups

Cyclocamp under Landštejn offers not only accommodation but also a general background for sports teams, corporate teambuilding, schools and all other interest groups.

We offer several options for cheap accommodation

- The most used are accommodation in double and quadruple cottages (four beds with bunk beds).
- Another option is to sleep in a "dormitory", ie a common building, in individual rooms for 2 or 4 persons (+ possibility of extra bed).
- The most comfortable accommodation in newly renovated suites, including its own social and kitchen facilities.

The cycling camp also allows you to choose to sleep in your own sleeping bags or to rent blankets and clean linen. If you prefer accommodation in your own tent, caravan or caravan, Cyclocamp offers enough space for these options. You can build a tent on the edge of a forest in a quiet part of the camp, a paved area for caravans and caravans.

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