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Pension Klondike - Valtinov

Czech Republic



Pension Klondike - holiday South Bohemia

Pension Klondike Located in the village ValtínovLying on the route Dačice - Henry Hradec v South Bohemia, In an area called Czech Canada.

Village Valtínov has about 130 population is 601 meters above sea level and probably originated in the Lords of Landštejna before 1358. Historically, the village of Moravian villages, the borders of Bohemia and Moravia passed between the villages of Bridges and Valtínov. The great age Valtinov evidenced by the findings from excavations, which were discovered corridors, canals, old buildings and coins. And all in a relatively large depth.

Attractions Valtinov definitely one of the neo-gothic Catholic church of the Virgin Mary built in the years 1905-1906, evangelical church built in 1904-1905 and the former peat bog. Above the village towards Kunzak is protected by extensive stands of juniper habitat.

Area Czech Canada is suitable for biking, hiking, swimming and exploring new places and monuments. Convenient location offers cross-border trips to Austria.


Pension Klondike offers:

  • Accommodation in comfortable rooms with an extra bed, or. in apartment
  • in season, breakfast included in the price
  • restaurant with seating on the terrace, lunch, dinner, corporate and family events and celebrations
  • swim in their own pool
  • parking on the site of the pension


Information about the pension Klondike - Valtínov

Pension Klondike located in the village Valtínov in southern Bohemia, in the area called Czech Canada, On the route Dačice - Henry Hradec. The guesthouse is located in the extreme part of the village, about 50 from the road and offers parking on site. Of course there is storage for bicycles. In the summer the clients to a restaurant with seating on the terrace. Pension has its own swimming pool (8x4m), tennis court and football pitch and volleyball.

Catering the season in a restaurant (lunch and dinner), breakfast in July and August in the price (for pension, not apartment). Out of season always by appointment.

Bathing can be in the pool at the house, in nearby ponds (Zvůle, valet, ...) or at the swimming pool in Dačice (15km) and J. Hradec (20km).



Accommodation in house

Room No. 1 - One room with beds and 2 1 bed, second room with 2 beds, rooms are passable.

Room No. 2 - One room with beds and 3 1 bed.

Room No. 3 - One room with beds and 3 1 bed.

Rooms No. 4, 5 - Appropriate for example for two familiar families. One room with 2 beds and the possibility of an extra bed 1, second room with 2 beds and the possibility of an extra bed for 1, shared bathroom with shower.

Room No. 6 - One room with beds and 3 1 bed.

Room No. 7 - One room with 4 beds, one room with 2 beds.

The total capacity of the pension is 23 beds and 6 extra beds. All rooms have an entrance hall, are equipped with TV and bathroom with shower. The pension is divided into two wings - rooms No. 1, 2, 3 are in one wing, rooms No. 4, 5, 6, 7 are in the other wing. Each wing has a separate entrance.

Apartment - Has two parts. Part A - One room with 2 beds, one room with 3 beds, bathroom with shower and toilet. Part B - One room with 3 beds, one room with 3 beds, bathroom with shower and toilet. These two apartments have a shared kitchen with a fridge, kettle, tea-el. plates and utensils.

Overall occupancy is 11 beds.


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Address: Valtínov 25, 378 53, Strmilov


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