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Pension Ratmírák Jindřichův Hradec was officially opened in 2011. Accommodation on the banks of the Ratmírovský pond will provide you with a beautiful view. The picturesque village of Malý Ratmírov will bring you relaxation, relaxation and tranquility, which is lacking in busy towns. Enjoy the undisturbed privacy in the beautiful surroundings of Southern Bohemia and the Czech Canada Natural Park.

Pension Ratmírák Jindřichův Hradec is an ideal starting point for trips to South Bohemia. Accommodation in the nature park is a paradise for tourists and cyclists. Directly to the village of Malý Ratmírov passes tourist marking. The city center of Jindřichův Hradec will especially love lovers of historical monuments.

Holiday for families with children

Accommodation in pension Ratmírák is also suitable for families with children. Children can enjoy themselves in the outdoor children's corner where there is a sandpit with a slide. Older children will welcome a private pool, table football or billiards table. It is also possible to rent a boat. Jindřichův Hradec and pension Ratmírák is a good choice for your family holiday.

Apartments in the guesthouse

Most of the Ratmírák's apartments are equipped with a terrace but all have beautiful views of the Ratmírovský pond. The guesthouse is located in a quiet area of ​​Malý Ratmírov in southern Bohemia. The apartments are stylishly and modernly furnished.

The apartments are suitable for clients with higher demands on accommodation. The stylish Wine Bar at Raka is part of the pension. Families with children will appreciate a private pool and children's play area.

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Jana Svačinová's picture
Jana Svačinová 22. March 2015 - 14: 38
Your number of stars: 3. Number of votes: 1053
This accommodation in South Bohemia, it was a great offer for a beautiful vacation, PENZION RATMÍRÁK looks very tempting. We will definitely come back here
Average: 5 (1 Vote)
Picture of mackerel
mackerel 22. May 2014 - 23: 17
Your number of stars: 4. Number of votes: 1037
It's great! Thank you very much for everything!
Average: 3 (1 Vote)
Admin's picture
admin 23. May 2014 - 16: 19
Your number of stars: 2. Number of votes: 993
Nemate for what Mr. Makrelo :-)
Average: 2 (1 Vote)

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