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Pension and Restaurant Zlatovláska


Czech Republic



Pension and restaurant Zlatovláska - luxury guesthouse near the castle Červená Lhota, South Bohemia

The Zlatovláska guesthouse and restaurant can be found in the popular tourist region of Jindřichův Hradec and Třeboňsko, less than a kilometer from Červená Lhota Castle. We have prepared comfortable accommodation for hotel-type tourists looking for a rest in the fabulous region of South Bohemia. The guest house is ideal for family holidays, weddings and other celebrations. The capacity of 50 beds will provide comfort to numerous groups. Pension and restaurant are wheelchair accessible, therefore suitable for senior stays at a bargain price. We also offer space for corporate training, meetings or teambuilding. Come and relax for a long weekend or a few days in Červená Lhota and its beautiful romantic surroundings. We have prepared accommodation packages for a long weekend or the whole week.

We can also arrange a tour of the chateau, a boat trip on the chateau pond, accommodation in our guesthouse and we will also offer South Bohemian specialties in our restaurant.
We will provide the fishermen with fishing at the castle in the district of Dírenský potok.



  • The capacity of our guesthouse is ready for 50 guests.
  • We offer accommodation in double rooms with extra beds and apartments.
  • Whole ground floor space, where are double rooms including restaurant and kitchen are wheelchair accessible.
  • We 14 double rooms with an extra bed (rooms are large and full of light)
  • 2 four-bed apartments with extra bed
  • We offer rental of sports equipment (bicycles, 4 electric bikes, scooters and recreational sports equipment (balls, badminton))


Room amenities

  • TV
  • kettle
  • refrigerator
  • free wifi

Accommodation for families with children

Pension Zlatovláska is an ideal place for a holiday with children. We do everything we can to make our children enjoy. We have prepared for them a creative painting on the motifs of the fairy tale Goldilocks, which will motivate them throughout their stay and receive for them small gifts. There is also a playground with sitting, sandpit, trampoline.

The guest house is ready for equipment such as beds, dining chairs, pots, bouncers, toys ...


What is the accommodation?

We offer accommodation in double rooms with extra beds and family suites for up to 5 persons. Of course it is bed and breakfast, you can use i half board whether full board in our family restaurant.

What we will be happy to provide for you

Pension Zlatovláska offers an ideal base for company events as teambuilding whether training, all sorts meet your business customers and partners. Our guesthouse also make use of school trips or children's trips.

Thanks to the capacity of 50 beds is suitable for larger events. In our restaurant you can use breakfast, half board or full board. Tailor-made menu according to the event.


Why choose us?

  •      The guest house is just 1 km from Červená Lhota Castle in the Czech Canada tourist area. From us you go straight through the castle park to the castle, along the surface of the castle pond you can ride boats.
  •     We can arrange for you to rent boats and rafts for descending the Nežárka and Lužnice rivers (starting from Veselí nad Lužnicí, ie 18 km from us).
  •     Pension and restaurant are wheelchair accessible, therefore suitable for seniors.
  •     Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Canada or Třeboňsko are ideal for cycling. We are a partner of the Cyclists Foundation. We can arrange bike and pedelec rental for numerous groups.
  •     Pearls of South Bohemia - castles and chateaux are within easy reach, all within 30 km (Trebon, Jindrichuv Hradec, Hluboka nad Vltavou, Tabor, Landstejn).
  •     Nearby we have a newly opened brewery Kamenice nad Lipou, where we can arrange tours.
  •     We will also prepare animation programs on the theme of fairy tale Goldilocks.

Stays for handicapped

Thanks to barrier-free accommodation and a larger capacity of the pension we can provide stays for disabled citizens, for organizations taking care of the disabled.

We offer accommodation and catering in the form of full board to measure. We will gladly prepare our premises according to needs and requirements.


Tailor-made corporate events in the guesthouse

We are ready to meet your requirements and wishes for organizing a corporate event for your business partners.
Refreshments, accommodation, meeting rooms ... everything you find here.



Corporate teambuilding is one of the popular tools for improving communication among employees. It allows you to get to know each other better, build a team spirit, and improve the performance of the entire company.
Come to us to "build" a team that pulls together.


What we offer for your company

  • comfortable accommodation with breakfast
  • All day boarding in the area of ​​the pension
  • WiFi internet connection
  • parking
  • premises for training or corporate meetings
  • teambuilding activities for your company

Schools in nature Southern Bohemia, Jindřichův Hradec, Třeboňsko

Our guesthouse is ideal for:

  • school trips
  • school trip
  • dating course
  • adventure or sports course

In addition to catering and accommodation services, we offer other accompanying services and activities for school trips.

We provide for you:

  • Sightseeing of the castle Cervena Lhota, which is less than 1 km from our pension.
  • We have a newly opened brewery Kamenice nad Lipou nearby, where we will arrange tours.
  • We can do it for you arrange the rental of boats and rafts for descending the Nežárka and Lužnice rivers.
  • We will arrange for you rental of bicycles and pedelecs (even for large groups).
  • We will also prepare animation programs on the theme of fairy tale Goldilocks.
  • In the vicinity of the pension you can organize various games - only a few meters from the pension is the castle park

Other requirements are addressed individually, we are happy to help you we will help with the implementation of the program.


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Family holiday with children in the Czech Republic

Where to spend your holidays with children in the Czech Republic ...

... do you call yourself every year? We have a tip for you relaxing family vacation. Come to South Bohemia to pension Zlatovláska, which you will find only 1 km from Cervena Lhota Castle near Jindrichuv Hradec and Trebon. Around the guest house offers lots of tips for trips with kids, you can go for different activities and attractions every day.

Trips into the forest, picking blueberries and raspberries, swimming with children and exploring natural and historical attractions - all you can experience in the vicinity of our guesthouse.


Tips for trips with the children in the area

You can go to Třeboň, where you can wait for Water Spirits or other fairy-tale specters. We recommend an exhibition with the workshop "Třeboň in Marzipan", where children can model marzipan characters. A trip by train on Trebon or a cruise on the pond Svět is also an attraction for adults.

Or go just a short walk from the guest house to Jindřichův Hradec, where children are waiting Mushroom Park and Elves Paradise or rope and outdoor center Landštejn. You can also go historical steam train from Jindřichův Hradec.


And where can you take a bath?

You can head to the natural sandpits of Třeboňsko and Veselsko:

  • sandpit near Vlkov (near Veselí n. Lužnicí)
  • sandpit Tušť and Cep near Suchdol nad Lužnicí, both sandpits have a steep gradient
  • Sandpit in Majdalena


In case of bad weather you can also visit indoor swimming pools in the area:

  • Swimming pool and outdoor Aquapark in Jindrichuv Hradec
  • Swimming pool complex in Aurora spa - by the pond Svět in the direction from Třeboň to Č.Budějovice
  • Swimming pool České Budějovice
  • Indoor swimming pool in Cesky Krumlov, in Fialkova street. (solarium, fitness, swimming school)


In the Jindřichův Hradec region you can enjoy natural swimming in ponds:

  • Dolní Skrýchov - Březský pond. 2 km from Jindřichův Hradec towards Pelhřimov.
  • Jindřišská Sand pit - 3 km from Jindřichův Hradec towards Kunžak.
  • Horní Pěna - Pěnenský pond. 4 km from Jindřichův Hradec towards Nová Bystřice.
  • Jarošovská pískovna. 7 km from Jindřichův Hradec towards Pelhřimov.
  • Malý Ratmírov - Ratmírovský pond. 8 km from Jindřichův Hradec towards Dačice.
  • Albeř - pond Osika. 15 km from Jindřichův Hradec towards Nová Bystřice.
  • Mosty - pond Zvůle. 18 km from Jindřichův Hradec towards Dačice.


Entertainment for children - events, culture, activities

Several children's events are organized around the guest house each year.

  • Historical festivities of Jakub Krčín
  • Hunting and Čochtan Třeboň
  • Fishing Celebrations
  • Fairytale Chlum near Třeboň
  • Summer in corn in Roseč
    • All day fun and lots of games for kids and adults
    • The first corn maze in the picturesque landscape between Jindřichův Hradec and Třeboň
    • July - September, every day from 9.00 to 19.00
  • Zoopark Na Hrádečku in Horní Pena
  • Fairytale summer Cervena Lhota
  • Fairy-tale Empire in Kamenice nad Lipou

Where to go - tips for trips around Pension Zlatovláska

Near our pension Zlatovláska there are many beautiful places that you can visit. Many places can be reached by bike. Pension Zlatovláska is suitable for cycling holidays because it lies near Greenways Prague - Wien. Take your bike or lend it to you.


Castles of South Bohemia

  •      Cervena Lhota Castle (only 1 km)
  •     medieval castle and chateau Jindřichův Hradec (16 km)
  •     Renaissance chateau in Kamenice nad Lipou (19 km)
  •     Castle Hluboká (42 km)
  •     Landštejn Castle (39 km)
  •     Choustník castle ruins (19 km)
  •     Chateau in Dacice (52 km)
  •     castle in historical town Sobeslav (16 km)
  •     Tábor (25 km) and Kozí Hrádek Castle near Tábor (25 km)
  •     Trebon (37 km)
  •     Cesky Krumlov (68 km)



  •     rope and air museum in Děštná (4 km)
  •     narrow-gauge railways - Jindrichuv Hradec (16 km)
  •     newly opened brewery Kamenice nad Lipou (19 km)
  •     Town of Jindrichuv Hradec (16 km)
  •     town and chateau Telč (52 km)
  •     Crèche Crèche (16 km)
  •     Slavonice urban conservation area (51 km)
  •     ski lift for downhill skiing Horní Radouň (13 km)


With children you can also visit

  •     Mushroom Park - Elves' Paradise in Roseč
  •     Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan in Tábor
  •     Lego Museum in Tábor
  •     Fairy-tale Empire in Kamenice nad Lipou

In the summer months, regular concerts take place in the Village Music Club in Chotěmice.

We will provide the fishermen with fishing at the castle in the district of Dírenský potok.

Cycling trips around the house

Nature trail around the pond Rožmberk

The trail leads through the surrounding villages of Třeboň and above all along the dam of the Rožmberk Pond. The trail is 22 km long, you will find 12 stops. The route is suitable for walking and cycling.

Nature Trail Around the World

The trail is designed primarily for hikers, cyclists must pay attention to passing. The trail is 12 km long and you will find 16 stops with information signs. It is designed mainly for pedestrians, but also cyclists.

Bike trail around Trebon

You can go on the trail directly from our guesthouse, because the route passes very close to our guesthouse. The trail leads through the nature of Třeboň, through forests and along ponds. class, along forest paths and dikes. The trail is 39 km long and you will find 22 stops with information signs.


You can find the following numbered cycling routes in the printed cycling maps:

  • Cycling route No. 122 Trebon - Chlum u Trebone - Ceske Budejovice
  • Cycling route No. 1034 Třeboň - Nové Hrady / Nakolice
  • Cycling route No. 1096 Třeboň - České Budějovice
  • Cycle route No. 1011 Třeboň - Klikov - Lutová
  • Cycling route No. 322 Třeboň - Chlum u Třeboně - Staňkov and back
  • Cycling route No. 341 Třeboň - Chlum u Třeboně České Velenice and back
  • Cycling route No. 1035 Třeboň - Lutová - Stříbřec - Stará Hlína - Rožmberk - Třeboň

You can visit directly in Jindřichův Hradec

  • The narrow-gauge railway in Jindřichův Hradec - journey by steam train
  • Krýzovy manger
  • Aqua light show St. Florián in Jindřichův Hradec (St. Florian's Business and Medical Center, Růžová 41) - lighting effects, video projections and patterns formed by drops of falling water with tones of impressive music. All year, Monday - Sunday 09: 00 - 19: 00, free entry.
  • Mushroom Park and Elves Paradise in Roseč - 12 km from Jindřichův Hradec
    • Open daily on holidays: 10.00 - 17.00 hours
    • Outside holidays always on weekends from 27. 4. to 29. 9. : 10.00 - 17.00 hours
  • Exposition of air battle above Jindřichův Hradec
  • ZLandštejn castle in the nature of Czech Canada
  • Rope and outdoor center Landštejn - 21 high rope obstacles, but also low obstacles suitable for children over five years.
  • Rýdův kopec lookout tower is located behind the village Děbolín, about 6 km from Jindřichův Hradec. It is freely accessible every day from 8: 00 to 20: 00 hours from April to October.
  • Watchtower U Jakuba is located less than 24 kilometers east of Jindřichův Hradec near the village of Valtínov towards Dačice.
  • Pond Vajgar
  • Observatory of František Nušl, has been based in Jindřichův Hradec since 1961. You can find it under the House of Children and Youth. There are regular programs for school youth and the public, watching the sun and the night sky.
  • Evening wanderings through the mythical Hradec - Every year, less traditional fiction and costume costumes for the history of the town of Jindřichův Hradec are prepared for you in the evening. These are fiction and costume entertaining and educational tours of local history, inspired by legends and interesting people or events. They take place on select evenings from early July to early September, in the city center in the evening. Every year it brings new scenes and new stories. Evening wanderings are not intended for smaller children.
  • Night tours at the castle - This year's night tours at the chateau in Jindřichův Hradec will introduce the fate of one of the most important owners of the local estate - Count Vilém Slavata. The first batch of tours will take place on the occasion of 1 Days. and 2. 6.


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