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Holiday house and pension Slavonice


Czech Republic



Holiday house Slavonice | Markéta Neradová

And here is this year's holiday! Are you looking for a suitable place to stay for this holiday? Or do you want to stay only for the weekend stay? The city of Slavonice and its surroundings are in any case the ideal place for both active rest and relaxing fun.

Accept my invitation to stay in the historic center of a unique Renaissance town. I will be glad when you spend a pleasant holiday with us, relax and draw new experiences. It does not matter whether there is a holiday or weekend stay in front of you. We will be glad to welcome our invitation to quality accommodation in Slavonice.

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A convenient location in the historic center of the city

A holiday home in the center of Slavonice will provide you with unique private accommodation of high standard. The holiday home stands in the immediate vicinity of the Renaissance Slavonic Square, yet in a calm place. The sound of tourism is almost not penetrating here. You will be staying right in the historical center of Slavonice. At the same time, you can enjoy peace in one of the unobtrusive historic streets.

Our holiday home has recently undergone extensive reconstruction. It is equipped to provide you with quality and modern facilities. Thanks to accommodation in a good location, you can comfortably indulge in strolls in the historical backdrop of the Renaissance town. Easy excursions to the surroundings - to the enchanting exteriors of the Czech Canada Natural Park.

The individual rooms of the holiday home have their own social equipment. Heated by electric heaters. There is also a shared kitchen as part of your accommodation. In cold days, you can spend a lot of time at the fireplace stove. On warm days, on the other hand, you will enjoy a pleasant sitting in the backyard right below the famous Slavonic tower. If you are interested, you can also use our outdoor grill. Basement space for storage of bikes and skis is a matter of course.


Accommodation in house

We offer accommodation in four rooms. The total capacity of the holiday house Slavonice is 16 beds. All rooms have a private bathroom / toilet, room facilities with storage space and a TV (without SAT). Parking is available at the property.

All guests can use a communal kitchen, which is located on the first floor of a holiday home. The kitchenette is equipped with a double-stove electric cooker, fridge, microwave, electric kettle, kitchenware, table and bench. Instant and ground coffee is available to you.


Accommodation in smaller rooms

On the first floor of a holiday house there are two one-room accommodation (each with a private bathroom). These rooms are ideal for families with small children, but also for couples or groups of three or four.

Room No. 1 - double bed, fold-out bed (two full-size beds), total 4 beds.

Room No. 2 - double bed, fold-out bed (ie one full bed or the other), total 4 beds.


Accommodation in larger rooms

On the second floor of the holiday home there are two two-room accommodation units, each with a private bathroom. Appropriate accommodation can be found here, for example, families with older children, who appreciate partial autonomy.

Double room No. 3 - Room with double bed, second room with a double bed (two full beds), 4 beds in total.

Double room No. 4 - Room with double bed, second room with double bed, total 4 beds.


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Address: Božena Němcová No. 557, 378 81, Slavonice


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Slavonice - Tourist attractions of the city

The town of Slavonice has many cultural and historical attractions prepared for tourists and active tourists. Stay with us and head for a rare, well-preserved Renaissance town. What's more than a common experience with family and friends ...

Observation tower

Dominant sightseeing stone tower from 16. century is actually a Slavonic belfry. It is part of the parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and you can easily reach it from the Upper Square and from the lower square of Peace. The tower is open all year round. When climbing the 172 stairs along the side staircase and entering the arcade viewing gallery, the view from above to the city and surroundings is unrepeatable. You have a Slavonice on your palm, and photos of these heights in your album are definitely not to be missed.

Museum Slavonice

The Slavonic Museum stands in the upper corner of Peace Square, next to the municipal office. From the outside, he looks quite uninterested, and the inscription "Museum" has already sunk off the façade. However, the Slavonic Museum is worth a visit. The first part of the exposition is dedicated to 12.-19. Centuries of history is already in its making and new adjustments will certainly come true. Particular attention is paid to exhibits and a new exhibition devoted to the story of Slavonice in the complex 20. century. »More in a separate article about Slavonice's latest history.

Slavonic Walls

Extensive city walls have been part of the city since its inception. They had a protective meaning, secondly they symbolized the privileged status of Slavonic. You can still admire the remains of stone fortifications during your visit (remnants of massive walls, two gates, bastions, or barbarians). »More about the history of the city can be found in a separate article on the oldest Slavonic history.

Renaissance facades

Renaissance façades of burgher houses impress the town of Slavonice with an exotic and rare style. The representative façade of many buildings is decorated with Renaissance paintings and figurative sgraffiti, the decoration of others is made by writing (illusively diamond) or ornamental sgraffiti. Other wall paintings have survived within some houses. It's definitely worth seeing. »More in a separate article on Renaissance façades in Slavonice

Lutheran prayer room

The biggest flowering of Slavonice is inherently connected with 16. centuries and a period of religious reformation. Since that time, the Protestant prayer hall, which the local believers have established for the common free reading of the Bible. It has been operating since 1568 until the beginning of the Thirty Years' War. Until now, however, a unique interior decoration with scenes from the Apocalypse has survived. You must definitely see this. »More information can be found in separate articles dedicated to the Reformation in Slavonic and Protestant prayer.

Slavonic underground

The romantic stories traditionally include not only sunlit Renaissance squares, deep forests and castle ruins, but of course also underground. The more mysterious, the better. While the underground of the romantic Landštejn Castle is nowadays virtually inaccessible to visitors, the underground of the town of Slavonice will make the difference. You would not even say in the sunny Slavonic square that there are gloomy medieval cellars under the tiles, but it is. The Slavonic underground system has been open for tourists for several years. »More in a separate article on Slavonic underground

Slavonický potok

The stream passing through Slavonic is also known under the German name Zlabingsbach. It springs about six kilometers west of Slavonic. But as he protects Slavonic, he crosses the border and flows into the Austrian town of Waldkirchen an der Thaya. Its flow is always watching the "Ghost Railway" - the former railroad from Slavonic to Lower Austria. If you wish to enjoy your stay in Slavonice, you can follow the route from the railway viaduct in Jana Žižka along the river, then connect to Na Potoku Street and enjoy a pleasant walk in the soothing alley. All in the immediate vicinity of the main Slavonic square.
Czech Canada and Lower Austria

Other tourist attractions can be found in the vicinity of Slavonice. However, as soon as you look, you will surely want to take a look at Canada, which starts at Slavonic or in Lower Forest in Lower Austria.


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