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Wooden U Mateja

Slovak Republic



Wooden cabin by Mateja

It is completely renovated drevenica from the beginning of the last century.

Private swimming pool during the summer season, pin-pong table, table football, darts, children šmýkalka with swings.

The courtyard su 2kryté stylish seating areas with fireplaces / Each part has its /.

ACCOMMODATION 2 is divided into separate apartments / accommodation has parts / with its entrance:
1.apartmán / cast: On the ground floor is a lounge with fireplace and sitting room, kitchenette and dining seating. The kitchen is fully equipped with electrical appliances. The common room has LCD TV with DVD and CD player. On the ground floor there is 1x2 room with extra bed and a WC with shower. On the top floor are rooms with an extra bed and 1x3 1x5. Each room has its own toilet with shower. The rooms are TV and DVD player. Total capacity 12osôb.
2.apartmán / part: On the ground floor is a large common room with a fireplace and sitting room, kitchenette and dining seating. The kitchen is fully equipped with electrical appliances. In the lounge is located LCD TV and CD player. On the ground floor houses a WC with shower. On the top floor are rooms / x4 and 1x5 with extra bed, WC with shower, the other with kut sociable seating with TV and DVD player. Total capacity 10osôb.

Guests can use the outdoor bathing barrel / water heat up during the winter until the 38-40stupnov Fahrenheit / 4m trampoline, lyžiareň so Dryer ski boot ....

Distance from the ski Sportcentrem Oscadnica with snow, skiing and večernýn those beneficial cost about 5% / discount on ski passes /.

The ski bus to the ski resort Oščadnica - Velka Raca about 70m from Drevenice / discount on ski passes /

  • The total capacity of the whole Drevenice 22osôb.
  • Both parts will have rented separately.

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Address: Oščadnica 212 - Velka Raca

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Kysucké Beskydy. Extensive mountain range stretching along the Slovak - Polish border. In the western part of the main ridge north-south orientation, in the eastern part of the range and approximately east-west orientation. Kysucké Beskydy in the past were seen as Slovak Beskids, together with neighboring Orava Beskydami. This geomorphological classification Today, however, not a Kysucké Beskydy are independent, which is divided into two hemmed - Raca and Javorský Beskydy.

Kysucké Beskydy, natural conditions

A large part of Kysucké Beskid is included in the Protected area KysucaWhich was declared in the area 1984 654 km2. PLA Kysuce but also includes other neighboring mountain ranges, which are Javorníky with Turzovka highlands and Kysucká highlands.

Kysucké Beskydy are part of the Outer Flysch zone Western Carpathians. Flysch sedimentation originated weathered Tertiary sea bottom (dust, sand, clays), which were subsequently highlighted during folding at the end of the Tertiary. For Kysucké Beskids are characterized by broad ridges with steep slopes and little rugged and relatively deep and narrow valleys. The highest parts of the mountains are bare and grassy, ​​sometimes appear contiguous stands of blueberries or juniper.


Kysucké Beskydy and tourism

The most important tourist centers of the region is Čadca Kysucké a new city. The largest and most important ski resort is Velka RacaWhose slopes are located on the slopes of the highest peaks Kysucké Beskydy - The Great Race (1 236 m). In the past, resulted in the foothills of the Beskydy Kysucké major move to Orava, but after completion of the dam Nová Bystrica, the trip was canceled and many years of Moravia and adjacent parts of Slovakia on Orava drove a circuitous route.

Some emergency road led from Vychylovka to Oravské forest, but it is in relatively poor condition. Fortunately, the the new and more convenient road, Which after years of separation combined Kysuca with Orava. Nová Bystrica was completed in 1989, its volume is nearly 33 million cubic meters. Finally, the situation was remedied "as dumb in the backyard" when building a dam and flood the roads and not build a new ...

Autumn in Kysucké Beskydy

Landscape Kysucké Beskydy mountain on the horizon Babia



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