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Accommodations v Mara Camping - Liptovský Trnovec - Our camp Offers several Accommodation options - na your own they will come lovers camping, but by and supporters Caravaning. Except Of that we offer accommodation at twenty cabins or si you rent most people. z of ours tents. Kemp you can find it directly u dam Liptovská Mara v district City Liptovský Nicholas.

Accommodation - Mara Camping


Wooden cottage Tatranec a Romance

K available two new ones six and four local cottages s equipment kitchens (water, fridge, basic dishes a equipment), s bathroom a WC.


De Luxe House

This kind accommodations je for the more demanding holidaymakers, <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">here</a> you will feel like doma and immediately si ho love. V house je 7 beds, vybevena kitchenette with your own terrace a toilet with shower.


LUXURY HOUSE - wooden stylish cottage

K available 4 cottages this type. V house je 7 beds, equipped kitchenette with your own terrace a toilet with shower.

Cottage settlement

K available 20 chatek. Every it consists z rooms are 6 beds a possibility of 2 extra beds s equipment, kitchens (refrigerator, basic dishes a equipment) a social facilities (shower, WC, washbasin).


Caravanning, tents & caravan park

  • BESS Caravans je designated 100 marked parcel o area least 60 m2 s connection options na electricity.
  • Na camping (camping) je determined modified grassy area about the area 34000 m2 s connection options na electricity a shared kitchen.=

Camp Mara

  • Social devices like showers a toilets
  • washer, dryer
  • For accommodated guests entry to beach FREE!
  • Souvenir shop - to you they did not forget i na your loved ones
  • Internet - na reception je k available Počítač connected to the Internet with press
  • Wi-Fi - v within of the whole area for accommodated guests free Internet connection
  • Camera a security system 24/7
  • Possibility of breakfast for guests staying in the Námorník Restaurant

Fun at Camp

Evenings v Mara Camping site si visitors can to make it more pleasant grilling, roasting at the focal point, weekends evening concerts a v party tent in the buffet U sailor, o who you are we will inform na our Blog. novelty a guaranteed entertainment je Bumper ball! Those, which stretches k water, We recommend offer MaraFun a do attention we give cruise liner Ship Mary which u us see u us v port.


Group Events and Camp Events

Our camp has all of them assumptions to arrangement unforgettable birthday celebrations, corporate presentation, weddings whether groups and teams building. Hotel, congress halls? Dear restaurant? Pools We you will not find it, but by offer you pleasant environment v nature, unique catering sewn tailored, party stan, different sports even funny activities, accommodation and especially emphasis na individual approach to the customer. Pools vše you guaranteed infinite quantity experiences a taste return to us again.


Price list

Tel. Contact:  +421 905 828 444

Address: Mara CAMPING / ATC Liptovsky Trnovec, 032 22 Liptovsky Trnovec



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Attractions - Mara Camping


For all babies sport enthusiasts je k available profi field to the beach volleyball, table tennis, a sporting goods (bicycles, badminton, football a volleyball ball). On the beach na You waiting water rental sporting goodsthat you guaranteed is full with entertainment a adrenaline (aqueous scooters, motorized boat, kayaks, pedal boats a many others ...). More na MaraFun. In addition - Beachfront swimming pool with rescue service je for guests for free!

Entertainment for families with children

For the smallest visitors je Ready playground a New aquazorbing zone with two swimming pools where kids mohou to excite in water ball or cylinders whether steer pedal a motor boat.


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