General conditions for Affiliate Club

I. Introductory provisions

1. The operator operates a presentation of accommodation facilities and discounts on accommodation or services on its website (hereinafter referred to as the "portal"). At the portal, Membership Members (hereinafter referred to as the "Member") are allowed to gain access to the Partner Club (hereinafter referred to as "PK"), which will allow members to benefit from discounts from selected Partners who entered the Partner Club The partner of PK can become the owner of the accommodation facility by addressing or sending an entry request electronically from the site

2. Accommodation supplier or service provider is a person different from the Operator, which is always the offer of accommodation in advance precisely identified (hereinafter referred to as "Provider"). These Terms and Conditions define and clarify the rights and obligations of the Operator, Member and Partner (provider discounts).

II. Membership

1. The Provider allows the Provider (the "Partner") to gain access to PK The Partner agrees to provide a discount on accommodation or services. By joining the Partner Club, the Club Club Card members (hereinafter referred to as the "Club Card") are obliged to draw a discount under the conditions set. The contract for the Partner PC of is sent electronically

2. The member orders the entry to PK electronically on the Operator's web portal or it will be addressed by phone or email. Therefore, in order for the entry order to be valid, the Client is required to fill in all the prescribed data and particulars stated in the form. The operator will handle sensitive data under the Personal Data Protection Act 101 / 2000 Sb., On the basis of the personal data protection registration (see paragraph VII VP). The order becomes a binding time for the Client by sending this order. One-time payment is charged to the member for entering the PK Card validity is negotiated for one year. The member does not automatically debug the card. A member card after the payment of a one-off payment is subsequently sent a Club Card entitling to use all the benefits that are agreed between the Operator and the Partner and these benefits are published on the pages

3. Camping Club card-lodges is delivered by mail to the address specified in the order and contains all the necessary information that it could not be abused.

III. Terms of Use Partner Cards Camping

1. Conditions (such as where to apply a discount) under which a Club Card can be used are listed directly on the portal and the Partner is committed to their compliance.

2. Club Card is not transferable and is valid only for the person not been issued.

3. In the Membership of PK, the member is entitled to benefit from the entire year The Operator and the Partner are not responsible for the loss, theft or damage or destruction of the Club Card.


IV. Price Club card and payment methods

1. Price offered Membership cards can be arranged for an amount that is listed on the portal When ordering will authorize payment by the customer.

2. Methods of payment

Transfer to the account - the customer agrees to pay a fixed price transfer no later than the next business day following receipt of information emails


V. Liability of the Provider and the Provider

1. Information about the original prices (before discount) and discounts listed on the portal are placed on the basis of information received from a partner. The operator therefore not responsible for their accuracy.

2. Partner no operator is responsible to provide proper and timely service, since Partnerl is the one who provides a service or product. The client therefore asserts his rights, in particular from liability for defects, with the Partner. Liability relations thus created between the Member and Partner. The operator is only a facilitator.

3. Operator assumes no liability for providing discounts at Partner as operator of discounts through their website only informs.

4. The operator is not also responsible for any damages incurred in connection with the use of services or goods.

VI. Withdrawal from the contract

1. The member has the right to withdraw from the contract also within 14 calendar days 14 day period begins to run from the date of payment without giving a reason and without any penalty.

2. Withdrawal from the contract for any reason mentioned above must be made in writing. A written form of communication is also regarded by email.

3. Due to the fact that the club card payment is made on behalf of the Operator, the customer is obliged to inform its withdrawal Operator that the entire payment was transferred to the Operator Member.

VII. Privacy Policy

1. The Operator reserves the right to ask the Client for the disclosure of certain personal data (name and email address) for further processing (eg marketing campaigns, organization of loyalty program activities).

2. In this case, the operator with the following information in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, in particular Act No. 101 / 2000 Coll., On the protection of personal data and amending certain laws, as amended.

3. Client providing such personal data agrees that the information supplied to the extent that client in a particular case or filled, which had been obtained on the basis of client contracts or login to the portal, were processed operators and providers in order to ensure the necessary communication for the performance of the contract and for the purposes of internal and analyzes. When receiving the goods or services of a person other than the Client may be their personal information is used only for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. But to any further processing of their personal data is necessary its explicit consent.

4. The processing of such personal data operator may appoint a third party as a processor. Client (registered customer) may at any time by writing to the available points of contact listed on the portal request deletion of their personal data or correction.

5. The client agrees that he operator sending commercial communications by e-mail, which said Club card when ordering. These business communication will concern the activities of the Operator.

VIII. Final provisions

1. These terms and conditions apply as stated in the Operator's website the day of sending electronic orders, unless otherwise between the parties agreed otherwise in writing. If the customer sends the order after the date on which the change of circumstances, it is true that it agrees with the change. Client orders accepted these Terms and Conditions.

2. Relationships that do not regulate these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, in particular the relevant provisions of Act No. 40 / 1964 Coll., The Civil Code, as amended, and Act No. 634 / 1992 Coll., Consumer Protection, as amended amended.

3. These Terms and Conditions are valid and effective from 24.11.2012.

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