January Special - Camping sites, tips for travelers, videos




In the next round of the January special, we have prepared tips for interesting articles by travelers, such as: an interesting trip to Morocco, a video gallery of Czech and Slovak camps, or a competition for camping sites in a campsite in the Pilsen region. For those of you who are still looking for winter accommodation, we have a hot Last Minute offer for pensions, cottages, cottages and recreation centers in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe. & LAST MINUTEVOUCHERYINTERESTING ARTICLES

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Voucher Campaign - camp sites

Where to go:

Italy - Camping on Lake Garda

Spain - camping Andalusia

Bohemia - Camping La Provence

Write articles on Travel, Camping, Outdoor and earn

Camping Lighthouse Slapy - Discount 30%

Voucher - discount 30% - Camping Karolina
Camping Májak Slapy - cottagesBy car to camp Pávov - 50% discount

Camping Plzeňsko - Camp sites

HANIBAL - sale (Camping & Outdoor)

Hanibal sale
more about here

Popular tourist areas with accommodation

Czech Republic: Šumava - Plzen - Mountains - Macha Lake - Beskydy - South Bohemia

Foreign: Campsites Slovakia - Camping Croatia - Campsites Italy - Istria in Croatia

Camps, camps, accommodation in Europe

  Tips for accommodation in campsites, camps and bungalows - 28 countries in Europe here



- Reviews campsite equipment

- Tips for excursions around the Czech Republic

- Video gallery of Czech and Slovak camps

- Traveling with a caravan

- Travel books and videos

- Cycling trips, or cycling

Observable birds

Cycling - camp Mezní louka


Funny holiday photos


Camping to the wild - Morocco


Cheap campsites from all over the Czech Republic. camping, camping, camping

Backpacks at a great priceWinter jackets not only on the mountainsHow about a light penis

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