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Tips for Christmas presents for caravans

Gifts for caravans

The caravanist "Tejfi" wrote: You also don't know what to do with Christmas yet - I also wondered what to buy under the tree a week ago. And I have to share with you how well I got it :) As passionate caravans, this year my husband and I also wanted to treat our little ones to something more

Christmas competition for camping places - Vranovská beach

Camping Vranovská beach - logo

And we have a long-promised Christmas competition here, where you can win Vouchers for camping places in the Vranovská pláž campsite (Vranovská přehrada). This camp is one of the most visited and at the same time the best rated campsites not only in South Moravia, but also in the Czech Republic in general, so we don't have to specialize it more

Evaluation of a hand-held mini washing machine in a caravan

Mini caravan washing machine

I'm sure you've experienced it before. Hot summer, caravan or tent stands where it should and you go with a full lair of dirty laundry to the common camping laundry. There is a washing machine in it, in large camps even several, but in the high season hopelessly occupied. And if by chance more

Interviews: Caravan Girl about her trips around Europe

Camping Wildly - Caravan Girl

After a long time, here we have another part on the topic of "interviews with campers". Today we connected with a blogger who calls herself Caravan Girl. This traveler camps mainly in the wild and has been visiting various European destinations for several years. In addition, he has his own work in more

Comparison of lifting roofs for residential vans

Reviews - Raised roofs - motor homes

Noro and his reviews on sunroofs with tips for do-it-yourselfers - caravans and travelers ´: I've been dreaming of a sunroof since I started driving around the world. Some may say unnecessarily expensive fun, you better buy a Ducato type van and you don't have to deal with a lifting roof. I will try more

Cyclists and bikers: funny moments from the world of cycling

Cycling helmet for every situation

Arielka wrote in her blog: And here we have another set on the theme of fun photos and snapshots from the world of biking and cycling. It has really worked this month and there is a lot of it. I think this is the most successful set for this year. Well, judge for yourself .. Read more >> more

Caravan in Europe - maps and routes to download

Caravan around Europe - maps

Traveler Noro wrote: As you all know, my family and I are lovers of camping in the wild and with our campervan we have traveled perhaps half of Europe. You can download all the routes we took in KMZ format at the links below. I will gradually add them more

Cycling: Cycling in Slovakia

Cycling in Slovakia - Devil's Gate

Slovak cyclist danka wrote: The motivation of this trip was to combine recreational cycling with a visit to beautiful mountain places. While wandering through Turcom, we discovered a pleasant village with an atmosphere of folk history, culture and architecture. In the distinctive village called Blatnica, we were interested in Blatnica Castle, but also more

OCTOBER SPECIAL - Competitions, reviews of European camps, travel books

Tips for autumn -

In the October 2020 special you can look forward to lots of tips and reviews from the world of camping and European campsites. We start with a competition for vouchers for outdoor equipment, then we will continue with a game for Ebooks for caravans and last but not least, you will be able to get Vouchers for accommodation with your own caravan, or more

Competition for Vouchers - camping and Outdoor equipment

Top-armyshop voucher competition

We have an autumn here and we are starting with the competition and it is competing in cooperation with the popular Outdoor store This company has been operating on the market for 10 years. In 2016, they also launched the Eshop, which is popular with both outdoor fans and fishermen, lovers of tourism and, last but not least, campers more

Summer caravan trip to Croatia - Istria

Campsites Croatia - Istria

But what the hell didn't he want? Our friends with whom we toured in Slovakia that year went to Croatia. They sent a few provocative photos, so on Wednesday afternoon we packed up in three hours and went after them ... Read more >> more

By caravan without camping to San Marino

Camping in the wild - San Marino

If you ever go to Italy, I recommend you to visit in addition to it the small city of San Marino, which is located about 80 km inland from the east coast and south of Ravenna. I was there for the first time 22 years ago and I wanted to go back there again and show this unforgettable more

Rating of the campsite on Lake Balaton - Vádvirág

Camping Balaton - Hungary

What comes to mind when you say Hungary and Lake Balaton? Peppers, melons, warm water and a relaxing holiday? Yes, even after our last stay in a camp on the shores of the "Hungarian Sea". It is necessary to add that before this holiday we passed through Hungary only when traveling to Greece and so more

Camping reviews and videos - Vranovská beach

Video - Campsite reviews Vranovska beach

Hofy says: Today I decided to shoot a review - a video about the Vranovská pláž campsite, which is located in southern Moravia right by the Vranov dam, in the Znojmo district. An excellent family camp, where your children and you will have great fun. Many water attractions, excellent restaurants, summer cinema and more

Bike trip for children - Fairytale farm Břasy

On the bike - fairytale farm Břasy

Today it reports only 30 degrees, so we say to the girls that the weather is ideal for a bike ride to a nearby area. We originally chose "Berounka Trails" as our goal, but then we decided that we couldn't overdo it with activities in such heat. We chose a fairy-tale ... as an alternative more

Holidays in the Balkans - the situation at the borders

Caravan to the Balkans

We have been traveling around the Balkans for almost a month. Our journey began as soon as the borders opened and because the situation changes every day and maybe someone is going to set off, I will describe what it looks like at the borders we have crossed so far. I note that we set off only thanks to information from people from different more

Travelogue: Dwelling on the beaches of the Balkans

Dwelling on the Balkan beaches

I was preparing for our trip for a year and because of Covid I thought it would not happen again. Since I took advantage of the maternity option for my father, I ran out of time. The world has gone mad and I see what is happening as an attempt to control by spreading fear. Anyway, they will come at us with fear unnecessarily, so despite more

Review: Camp Ceramics at the Hracholusky dam

By bike to the camp Keramika - Hracholusky

The daughter went to camp and my wife and I are wondering what we will do on the weekend. As a good biker, I suggest a bike ride. In the meantime, I find out that in the Keramika camp in Hracholusky, one cottage was accidentally vacated, so we don't hesitate for a long time ... Scheduled departure on Friday more



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