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Tip for an autumn holiday at camps on Lake Garda

Campsites Lago Di Garda

If you are looking for interesting camps in Europe, we recommend visiting Lake Garda in Italy, where you will find pure nature, lots of bike paths, good food and lots of other activities for families with children as well as for lovers of peace and relaxation more

Cycling and walking - a trip to the Bohemian Paradise

Working rocks

Are you also heartbreakers and do you love trips through our bows and groves? You have a "recht" who is looking for a burned back from the Adriatic, or an unpleasant memory of sea jellyfish. We fell in love with cycling holidays in the Czech Republic (without children, perhaps forgive us). What more can you wish for, you will only pack the essentials more

Spiderman by bike - Swing through forest trails

Spiderman on a bike

Hello cyclists and bajkerky. I have another tip for you, which is also suitable for children from about 8-10 years. I took the route with a private group of cyclists, which consisted of both racers and recreational cyclists. The average speed we had around 15 km / h and we also started more

Jokes: Vacation faily - camping and accommodation

No camping

Next series of jokes will contain interesting photos on camps and camping + photos with comments. I also prepared for you a great video about entertaining failures of tourists on holiday here in Europe and from all over the world more

Caravans and travel - installation of solar panel

I am not an electrician and I am doing things more or less intuitive and try a mistake method, so if you find gross mistakes I will be grateful for the warning. Don't stone me now. :-) Yesterday I started to mount a solar panel on the roof of the car. After the Mitsubishi experience, where we almost burned down because of thin cables more

August news: Discounts for cycling, camping equipment & campsites

In the August special we will give you some tips on where to spend weekends or the whole summer holidays, where to go on a trip, or where to organize an event for your party or company. We will provide more active tourists with some news from the world of cycling, camping, caravaning and camping. In addition, more

Camping in the wild - what to take with you in the crap

Wild camping

It is not possible to write a complete list of everything a person should have with them during a several-day stay in the countryside - it always depends on the type of terrain, weather and many other specific conditions that determine the current list of equipment needed. Therefore, here is a listing of all necessary things more

By bike: cycle trip around the dam Hracholusky

Cycling trip Hracholusky

Another hot weekend ahead of us and we wonder where to go by bike. There was a proposal for a route around the dam Hracholusky, where we can also take a bath. That sounded good, so I agree. I will pack my bike gear and especially the food. Specifically: banana, protein stick from Lidl and one Brumík. I more

Review of Kosatka camp - Hracholusky dam

Camping Kosatka logo

On the Internet you will find a lot of reviews on different websites. But all reviews have one thing in common. The guests evaluate the accommodation from their point of view, which is often not entirely objective. As one hundred people say, one hundred tastes. In addition, as it often happens, you can often find 20-30 reviews on dedicated websites more

TOP 7 cheap campsites in South Bohemia for this season

Camping Jenišov - Lipno

Summer in full swing and changing weather. So where to go, where to fold our tired heads? In South Bohemia there are probably the most show camps. However, the weather style, once the sun, then showers indicate the need to choose a camp with better facilities. And one where you can hide from the rain more

How to (not) wet your bike - tip for a weekend ride

By bike - Krkavec - Pilsen

Another tip for a shorter route suitable for families with children. Originally I wanted to go on a route that I had with my daughter at the Cyklo fanatik - Pilsen, "Pohodář" route, but unfortunately I was caught by the rain again. Interesting again at the break in Horní Bříza. Nothing else, so I more

Camping in Liptov - with camper, fable and on foot

Liptov - tips for trips

Liptov is beautiful and there is a huge variety of activities. I live here from birth and try to give some tips for those who are coming here. Hiking is what attracts most people here, so I'll start it. There are many nice hiking trails around Ružomberok. I will mention those that I mostly more

Three Kings on a trip - direction to Radyně Castle

Cycling - Pilsen - Rokycany

A weekend ahead of us and lots of excess energy at hand, so what about it? We planned a ride with Lukáš from the cycling group. Last week, I picked me, now he is. I'm curious what awaits me and misses. In addition to that, at the last minute we also added another friend Jirka. The plan was more

Tip for a trip and barbecue: by bike to the Senec pond

By bike - Senecký pond

A weekend ahead of us, we're thinking about what we're going to do. My plan was to go somewhere by bike, my daughter wanted to go to the water and the woman wanted to grill. When I got the power to negotiate (I just lost), we agreed on a compromise. It's going to Senečák. You can swim there, the fireplace is also available and we will go more

Video: How the Ford Transit Caravan Renovates

Camper LAJKA

6 months have passed since the beginning of the rebuilding, and we are going through various logs that this old caravan is throwing under our feet. You will not learn about how it all turns out in this masterpiece. Or at least learn about the logs. That it would be the end of our renovation? ... :). Full Video >> more


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