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Portal Camping-chaty.cz is currently the most visited tourist portal in Bohemia and Slovakia with a focus on camping, camping and all around it. Within the narrower thematic area, we are able to support various campaigns in the area of ​​caravaning, camping, cycling, fishing and much more in terms of camps, recreation, trips,


PRICE (we are not VAT payers)
PR article (CZ-SK version)2.900.- CZK
10x PR article / year (CZ-SK version)15.000.- CZK
PR article (CZ-SK) written by us (1 NS)3.500.- CZK
PR article (CZ-SK) written by us + video (1 NS)4.500.- CZK
Sending 1x Newsletter (low season)2.900 .- CZK
Sending 1x Newsletter (Season)4.900 .- CZK
PR article (other language versions)3.500.- CZK
Banner Campaign - 5000 UI Clicks12.500.- CZK
Banner campaign -10000 UI clicks24.000.- CZK
Banner Campaign - 15000 UI Clicks35.000.- CZK
Banner Campaign - 20000 UI Clicks40.000.- CZK
CPC campaign (cost-per-click)2,90.- CZK / click

Product Testing + Article + title trailerarticle2.900.- CZK
Product Test + article + video + title trailerarticle + video4.900.- CZK


If you are interested in the above mentioned advertising campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: info@kempy-chaty.cz

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