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Do you like traveling, camping, camping, or do you have a lot of vacation experiences to share? So come write for us and make money. Each article shows ads that you can collect even in one, but every time. The more articles you write, the more you make it, it's simple. So why to post articles, posts, or your experiences elsewhere, when you can do it with us and you will still get money on it regularly :)

Terms for writing articles


How can you earn articles (long-term)

  • your share of the paid ads on the articles may be to 100% of the total amount (paid ads)
  • the biggest advantage is that each article earns it repeatedly, so here we are talking about a flat fee every month
  • in addition, if you have an agreement, you can also include a link to another site in each article;)

Tips, bonuses and support

  • articles you publish, you can also support yourself by sharing on Facebook and other soc. networks, on forums, on your personal site or blog
  • we will support the most interesting articles, through our newsletters,
  • to articles (and sections where they appear) we do regular trailers right on the headlines of our site, or we share them on our FB Kempy-chaty.cz ;)
  • Tip for a blogger: Like blogger you can have a task assigned to a different (thematic) company that pays you for writing an article. By adding a link to the article (except campsites, cottages, guest houses), you will be able to meet the buyer's condition while taking a share of the ads that appear directly at the article. This is called two flies with one blow;).
  • your articles will appear in more than 50 language versions
  • ATTENTION !!! the possibility to insert your own Affilate link directly into the articles (Max 1 article reference)


  • possibility free accommodation in camps and recreation areas (Czech Republic, Slovakia) in exchange for writing an article about the camp or about activities in the area.

Tips for providing accommodation

  • fully equipped cottages
  • Mobile house
  • apartments
  • areas for caravans and tents

Accommodation in campsites

If your unbeatable offer impresses you, then write to email marek.misutka@kempy-chaty.cz for more information. In the email, leave your name, or contact phone.

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Advertising blocks that appear on your articles are "Google AdSense" and the system as such can detect invalid clicks. Therefore, do not ask your friends to click on the ads. AdSense knows that, and that's what we know. If we see an increased number of invalid clicks on your articles, the collaboration will be immediately terminated and the current commissions will be forfeited in favor of Kempy-chaty.cz. Thank you for your understanding