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Do you like to write about traveling, camping, camping, or do you have a lot of holiday experiences that you want to share on one of the most visited portals focusing on camping and tourism in the Czech Republic and Slovakia? So come write for us and earn. There are two possibilities: You are blogger a traveler and you like to write. Or get an Affilliate bloger, or copywriter, or freelancer and you are interested in writing thematic articles where you can upload backlinksazy. The more articles you write, the more you earn, it's simple .. So why post articles, posts, or your experiences elsewhere when you can do it at us and you will receive money for it regularly .. :)


Terms for writing articles




Offer collaboration for bloggers / travelers

  • the price for one article is 50.- or 100.- Kč
  • Payments always take place at the end of the month (after the 25th) to your account
  • minimum article length: 1 NS (standard page)
  • How many visitors can see your articles: Toplist - current traffic Kempy-chaty.cz


Priority topics for articles (100- Kč / article)

  • camping wild
  • tips for accommodation (not only camps) in the Czech Republic and the world
  • camping
  • traveling with a caravan (campervan) and everything around it
  • reviews of caravan equipment
  • reviews of camping and outdoor equipment
  • accommodation rating
  • cycling articles (tips for where to go on a bike)


Other topics for articles (50.- Kč / article)

  • mushrooming
  • castles, chateaus, monuments
  • sports activities
  • restaurant
  • for children
  • where to go to the mountains
  • walking
  • where to go (rivers, lakes, dams, paddlers)
  • skiing
  • other


Offer collaboration for copywriters / freelancers

  • we offer space for inserting your articles that match the theme of our website (See here: section Tourism)
  • max 3 backlinks are allowed in articles
  • articles on priority topics will be supported through our FB site, headlines Kempy-chaty.cz and in Newsletters (over 26 000 registered users)
  • How many visitors can see your articles: Toplist - current traffic Kempy-chaty.cz



Tips, bonuses and our support for bloggers and travelers

  • articles you publish, you can also support yourself by sharing on Facebook and other soc. networks, on forums, on your personal site or blog
  • we will support the most interesting articles, through our newsletters,
  • to articles (and sections where they appear) we do regular trailers right on the headlines of our site, or we share them on our FB Kempy-chaty.cz ;)
  • your articles will appear in more than 50 language versions



  • possibility free accommodation in camps and recreation areas (Czech Republic, Slovakia) in exchange for writing an article about the camp or about activities in the area.


Tips for providing accommodation

  • fully equipped cottages
  • Mobile house
  • apartments
  • areas for caravans and tents


Offer accommodation in camps



If you are interested in our offer, write to email marek.misutka@kempy-chaty.cz for more information. In the email, leave your name, or contact phone.


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1. If we find out after the review that the article has been published on another website, we immediately terminate our cooperation. Bloger automatically ceases to be entitled to rewards for previous articles that he published in a given month.

2. Each article shall be approved. We exercise the right not to publish an article if it is not in line with our priorities, such as a poor quality article, a short article (less than 1 NS), completely outside the topic of the website, etc.

3. If you divide the article into parts, the next article (the next part) is valued at 0- CZK