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Competition for vouchers for tents and caravans in a camp with a swimming pool

After a long time, we are again applying for a competition for camping places. I don't think it is necessary to mention that it is almost impossible to get to any campsite in the Czech Republic or Slovakia with a free Voucher. Nevertheless, we managed to conclude cooperation with the Karolina campsite, which provided three Vouchers for camping places for tents or caravans for three nights.

The cyclist rides a bicycle from Prague to Brno

Can you imagine riding a bike from Prague to Brno? I completed this route and you can join me now! CykloVandr from Prague to Brno is a great experience, during which I came across a lot of beautiful and interesting places. The route leads through a town famous for silver mining - Kutná Hora, we will look at Zelená hora or a castle full of squirrels!


Rating of the retro electric bike Greaser - Ekolo for trips to the city

I bought an e-bike more than a year ago. But I didn't want them to point a finger at me, and he was driving. It didn't happen to me with this Ekol because it's special. Everyone looks back at him, or when I stand somewhere, someone often stops and asks questions, both men and women. Lest not, I would do the same. The first year I was glad that such an Ebike no one has far and wide.

TOP 20: Best campsites - user reviews

Despite the adversity of Covid and other circumstances, people were looking forward to the holidays, both in 2021 and in 2022, and another wave of evaluation of camps and recreation centers across the Czech Republic and Slovakia occurred. Nevertheless, we must mention that many campsites had a wild season, some were crowded and others recorded the least crowded camp in recent years.

I bought a new Ergon SMC MTB saddle - evaluation and comparison

I have been actively riding a mountain bike since 2019. From the very beginning, I quickly discovered that cycling asphalts would not be my hunting ground. It drew me to the woods and to various more technical sections or hills. I just wanted to see nice places. Unfortunately, getting to such locations costs something. In this case, a lot of energy and decent cycling equipment.

This year's tips for camps for children - summer vacation as it should be

Where to go to the camp with children this year? This is the dilemma most of us are dealing with every year. Go to a favorite and verified camp or try something new? A few tips for proven camping sites will help in making a decision. You can inspire camps from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So pick if they don't have everything already occupied.

How to make a bed in Campervan - something for do-it-yourselfers

The smallest member of our family of four also received his bed today. I have a VW Caddy as a company car and I do not intend to make any major changes to it. I was inspired by the internet and the whole production took me two hours and it cost me 33.- €. Getting in and out of the car is a matter of a few minutes. This bed is so far the fastest and cheapest bed I have made in the car as such.

There's no camp in the camp

The camping portal, which has been focused on camps and camping, has been running for seven years, and even after seven years we have been struggling with the same problem. Visitors to our site, buddies and acquaintances, as well as many social networking users, are still crossing camps. Over time, we could not fail to notice why this is happening. Everyone's camp is something different.

List of campsites - more expensive accommodation in 2022

Surely you all noticed last year that electricity, gas and other services will become more expensive, which will probably have a direct impact on the prices of Czech campsites. Despite the sharp rise in prices, especially for electricity, the camps do not increase in any dizzying way. Sporadically, this is an increase in prices between 5% and 10%. Some campsites don't even increase at all.

How was the camp in Leipzig - KNAUS Camping Leipzig

If you move near Leipzig in Saxony this year, you may find it useful to review this fairly large German campsite. The Leipzig Auensee campsite is about seven kilometers from the center of the Saxon cultural capital. The added value is that next to the camp is a large natural lake, which is called Auensee.


The whole area is surrounded by trees


Camping holiday in Carinthia on the sunny side of the Alps

Carinthia is set in a beautiful landscape with mountains and lakes. You are guaranteed to appreciate the wide range of sports activities and relaxation options. Hot lake paddleboarding, cycling, mountain biking and hiking are just a few of the many activities in Carinthia. When you go camping in Carinthia, you will be captivated by the beauty of the local nature and the mild climate on the southern side of the Alps.