Ore Mountains - sunrise on Tisovský Hill

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Winter is relentlessly knocking on the door and you are definitely wondering where to go for winter, half-year or spring breaks. If you are going to one of the increasingly popular resorts in the Ore Mountains, we have a tip for you for an unforgettable trip. You just need to get a little bit of sleep, or stop skiing a little earlier, depending on whether you want to see sunrise or sunset.

Tisovský VrchTisovský vrch is one of the best viewing points in the Ore Mountains, but is not nearly as crowded as Klínovec, Fichtelber, g or Blatenský vrch. Probably also because there is no road leading to it and you have to climb it on your own. Depending on the height of the snow you prefer to pack up snowshoes, alpine skiing, cross-country skis, or at least sleeves and you can go. Of course, do not forget to go into the backpack with some goodies and warm tea, not coffee, because there is no refreshment on the hill. And most likely you'll be here alone. The company will do only stone lookout, called locals Pajndl, which had built in the years 1895-1897 Nejdecký Krušné Hory Association. Tisovský hill rises north of the village Tisová to the height of 977 above sea level and dominates the wide surroundings. And if you are not afraid of winter and snow, it is an interesting trip for the whole family even in winter. The starting point is a small parking lot at the once renowned Kukačka cruise restaurant. which, however, is currently rather dying. But you can at least leave the car and go up the yellow. Even here you can also take the train on the line K.Vary - Johanngeorgenstadt and get off at the stop Nejdek - Tisova. So if you spend a skiing holiday in Pernink or Nové Hamry, it is easy to get here. From the railway station you will be able to climb up the asphalt road between the last houses of the village. Just look at the barely visible left turn, which, especially when you are in the dark, can easily be overlooked. From the turning you climb through the forest, a small path up a steeper hill to the top of Tisovský hill, which suddenly appears silhouette of stone lookout. From the car park the journey takes approx. 30-40 minutes, depending on snow depth. The tower is open all year round, the times when you had to ask for a key at the Municipal Office in Nejdek are long gone. You can be the master of your observation beacon in the middle of the woods for free. You may find the number of stairs too high after climbing through the forest, but believe that you will not regret it. Especially if you have come to watch the dawn and you will be lucky at colorful clouds or inverse weather. On the gallery of Pajndl there is a solid metal railing so you don't have to worry about the safety of your children. The only thing you can worry a little is the icy wind, which often blows here. After all, you are in the Ore Mountains and the tower gallery is at 1000 above sea level.

During our last visit we were able to see a beautiful sunrise, which flooded the surrounding landscape with pink-violet light and will remain in our memory for a long time. And a little tip at the end - if you climb in the winter and there is a lot of snow, take with you a sleigh. The reward will be hell of a good fun at the downhill, which you can extend quietly to Nejdek. And a few tips for those of you who want to stay in one of the Ore Mountains resorts and take a trip to Tisovský vrch. Be sure to think about Nové Hamry. just a few kilometers away and one train stop. They do not offer kilometers of slopes, but a quiet family atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and plenty of accommodation services and renowned cuisine such as Malamut or in one of the mountain huts.



Alenkanott's picture
covered (unregistered) 29. June 2020 - 10: 03

Superrr! We are now going directly here to the "Honor and Grace Hotel" in the Ore Mountains, so we will definitely give this a try! Thanks a lot

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