Romanian mountains from the dog's point of view - Crossing the Rodna mountain range

Part 1: The journey begins - I set my ears impatiently, something's happening. For the fourth time, the lady flew through the kitchen to add a strange-looking backpack. He was almost as big as her and heavy, probably because she used a few indiscriminate words when trying to get him to the door. The boy was probably like that. I even heard a few of those expressions about my name, so I decided to watch only her, at least she raises her legs every time she has to skip me.

My name is Bessi. I'm a Border Collie and I'm just going for a wonderful trip devil. So at least I think, given the hustle and bustle at home, though it's time to go to sleep. I accompany my mistress honestly, all of whom call Dita, every step of the way. What if they forgot about me here? True, it hasn't happened yet, but security is certainty. So I stick to her heels and I do not mind that she has already hit my paw three times in an effort to keep my feet. Well, something has to happen when he's so clumsy today.

But what about it? They go to sleep ??? Not possible! After all, they've set things up, so what's it doing? I want out!

I crawl to them underneath the bed. They didn't even come to an evening walk with me, these are morals. Of course no one sleeps. Nervousness breathes a tiny flat, and I am becoming more and more curious. Ha! It's finally here! They get up.

"Did you at least rest?" A male voice came from the bed. This is my owner Ivan.

"Like you," the blonde says dryly.

"That'll be the way," they both walk wearily into the bathroom as I step in front of the door. It will come to me like an eternity before she gets out of the apartment. It is dark outside. There is peace everywhere. Only in the parking lot under the yellow lamp does the engine of a familiar car growl. Yeah! Grandma goes too! I rejoice. Not for a long time. Immediately after I properly greet her, he collapses on me with a pile of swearing. So that's upbringing! I'd rather snuggle under the passenger seat so I don't have to listen to the nonsense about the muddy footsteps. Well, just try to miss those beautiful puddles when they ask you to warm the water! We stop after half an hour. My family is pulling out backpacks and saying goodbye, Grandma isn't going? Does not matter. I will lick her face with perfectly shown despair, at least she will miss me.

I don't like the big building we walked into. On the one hand, it smells strangely here, a loud slash is heard everywhere and I have a leash on it. Well, dare you pull that basket! What did I do to you?

"Well, don't worry, I won't give it to you until I have to," the mistress reassures me. Even so!

Stairs down, stairs up. We find ourselves on what island. Huge straight snakes surround him, but he smells different than I would expect. And the noise! Wait, this smell I know. Grandpa with grandmother! I plunge to meet them with the lady flaring at the end of my thong.

From the conversation of the bipeds I am starting to experience what is happening. Apparently we are waiting for a train to arrive at about half past one. I do not know how long it will be, but I certainly have to find a stick at the time so they have something to throw on the train. They say we're going a long time. The lady is afraid of where to walk me. On the contrary, the stick is bothering me, I can't find any here.

I'll set my ears. A rumbling sound is coming from a distance. Ha! It's going to be the train. I'm not completely unknown, we live near the station and go there for a while; Whistling is appalling. The lady is trying to cover my ears, but I don't have time for that. I'm too curious about what's coming. And I still need to get a tan stick, which is wrong on a short leash. Finally I give up and throw myself with the others on the uncomfortable stairs of that strange vehicle.

"Here's our coupe!" Cried Grandpa. Hmm, it smells interesting here too. I run around the tiny room for a while and then I prefer to clean up under the seat. Bipeds make themselves comfortable and discuss our journey. We have a trip through Slovakia, Hungary to Romania. We have to change several times and sometimes even wait for six hours for the next train. Well, that's great! I'll run there really well!

The man comes in a suit, all showing tickets they have bought a week in advance. I just don't have one. In each state, the dog is different and have to deal with it individually. I don't care. Especially when I'm with the owners. It will definitely be an adventure, I think a moment before the regular rhythm of the tracks succeeds me.







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