Win a functional shirt for bike and hiking - Sensor

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The summer is over, but we still want to go hiking or cycling. Warmer clothing is a matter of course. That's why we agreed with partner to create a competition where you can win men's and women's functional T-shirts, which the company produces under the well-known brand Sensor .. wink

About Sensor: The company was founded in 1992, already at that time created high-quality clothing for cyclists, campers and recreational tourists. ZOOKEE sro is the exclusive distributor of cycling brands ERGON, TOPEAK, MET, YETI, NINER, AXA and RACE FACE to the Czech Republic. ZOOKEE sro is also behind the Czech brand of functional underwear SENSOR and purely natural food CHIMPANZEE.

Functional T-shirts can be viewed here:

>> Men shirt Sensor <<

>> Women's Sensor T-shirt <<

A gift to the competition was provided by the marketing partner ZOOKEE.CZ

Winnings and promotion

  • 3x functional t-shirt from "Sensor" brand
  • Each winner will be contacted by e-mail which he stated during registration at
  • Each winner can choose color and size based on stock availability

How to join the competition?

It is easy. Post a humorous comment below the contest photo below and you will automatically join the contest. The competition runs on 30.10.2019. After completing the competition, we inform you randomly selected winners email.

ATTENTION !!! Only registered users can participate in the competition. We have nowhere to send a prize to an unregistered user;). You can register here: Registration

Competition photo here


Admin's picture
admin 1. November 2019 - 11: 34

The winners are: "Jan Kravka", "Pavel Bilik", "jijina" :)

Scarlie's picture
Scarlie 29. October 2019 - 17: 08

"Mami, pomooooc !!! I just saw a mouse !!!"

Pája J's picture
Pája J (unregistered) 29. October 2019 - 16: 56

Do not trust navigation when it leads you to the crown trail.

IvanaM's picture
IvanaM (unregistered) 29. October 2019 - 16: 42

And now I'm going to try down the tree :)

Mulzik's picture
mulzik 28. October 2019 - 13: 10

I always wanted to climb trees like monkeys, but I didn't count on that.

Blackburn2's picture
Blackburn2 27. October 2019 - 8: 52

"Dad, get down. You're embarrassing me in front of the whole class."

1Hanka's picture
1Hanka 21. October 2019 - 11: 26

Yeah yeah, I'm coming down. No, no wild boar, my mother-in-law and my wife went after me, so we acted. And now I can have a rest at the badger's beer.

Jindřich Sůva's picture
Jindřich Sůva (unregistered) 20. October 2019 - 12: 46

Hola hey I want a shirt

Zdeni20's picture
zdeni20 20. October 2019 - 11: 26

Better a wheel on a tree than a wheel under a boar. : D

Dagmar Ficková's picture
Dagmar Ficková 16. October 2019 - 19: 34

Ahoooj lidičky! I greet you all, I did not expect it to be like this, but you have to try everything!

Mamiii's picture
mamiii 14. October 2019 - 18: 54

Hi, I have a question if women can choose men's shirt in the case of winning and vice versa. Thank you :)

Admin's picture
admin 14. October 2019 - 19: 17

Hello, sure, the winner determines the size and sex of the shirt :) and the last word has Sensor ..;) (stock)

Mamiii's picture
mamiii 14. October 2019 - 15: 59

I like playing with you sometimes never mind ... :))

Ifcasf's picture
ifcasf 12. October 2019 - 8: 52

Come on, hurry to the tree so I don't get dirty about that bike

Josef Brychcín's picture
Josef Brychcín 11. October 2019 - 15: 15

It is not like sitting, but I will not cut the branch below.

Marie Štieberová's picture
Marie Štieberová (unregistered) 10. October 2019 - 17: 54

This way probably does not lead !!

Mesem's picture
mesem 9. October 2019 - 10: 22

Where is the gingerbread house, Marenko?

Kahomar's picture
Kahomar 8. October 2019 - 19: 02

Damn, I didn't expect such a single-track conclusion :-)

1Hanka's picture
1Hanka 8. October 2019 - 18: 37

So you believe me I was a spider in my last life?

Naula's picture
naula 8. October 2019 - 16: 16

New Discipline: Flights with a tree crown

Bekycek's picture
bekycek 8. October 2019 - 16: 00

Where are you all, I have the best place to park

Moni's picture
Moni 8. October 2019 - 9: 24

Treetop cycle path.

Alka1979's picture
Alka1979 8. October 2019 - 7: 09

So my wife won't look for me here.

1Hanka's picture
1Hanka 7. October 2019 - 9: 40

Perhaps it was not a good idea to buy navigation at the marketplace ....

Vladka.n's picture
vladka.n 7. October 2019 - 9: 30

Nobody will look for that bike here.

Sarsar's picture
sarsar 6. October 2019 - 20: 47

I kept the bike well here, no one found it. But with the wheel up it was harder than now down.

Bergomi's picture
bergomi 5. October 2019 - 13: 01

You v..e- total decent stuff !!!!

Farmer's picture
farmhouse 3. October 2019 - 19: 51

How to decide? Cycling or jumping trees?

Denisa Nováková's picture
Denisa Nováková (unregistered) 3. October 2019 - 15: 05

Fuck the bike paths, I'll take it through the trees.

1Hanka's picture
1Hanka 2. October 2019 - 14: 47

Was the trail marked this way ???

Jan Kravka's picture
Jan Kravka 1. October 2019 - 23: 41

Come on, let's go through the "Tree Top Trail"

Jijina's picture
jijina 1. October 2019 - 23: 05

I am a spider-man on a bike, a sloth on a tree.

User peterup image
peterup 1. October 2019 - 18: 39

Bach, the bear on the horizon, but need not be afraid. Sensor shirt will protect me from every natural bait.

1Rypusak4's picture
1Ruser4 1. October 2019 - 17: 16

And ain't that the end of the bike path?

Václav Živný's picture
Václav Živný 1. October 2019 - 16: 09

Gretel, I still did not believe you. If I did not climb the tree, the Baba was ridden on my bike!

Mlsna's picture
mlsna 1. October 2019 - 12: 14

I'm going to spend the night here, wearing a Sencor shirt.

Mirek24's picture
mirek24 1. October 2019 - 12: 06

What if the boar could ride a bike, certainty is certainty.

Vivi's picture
Live 1. October 2019 - 9: 33

It can't turn out well!

Miluška Kadlčíková's picture
Miluška Kadlčíková (unregistered) 1. October 2019 - 8: 18

Well I guess I turned it wrong, great prospect,
I'll look around.

Lorja's picture
lord 1. October 2019 - 6: 26

"" You cost me all the money and no more stay at the hotel. "

Milku's picture
milku 1. October 2019 - 5: 57

Why am I in a tree when I'm supposed to be in the saddle?

Krista's picture
Krista (unregistered) 30. September 2019 - 22: 35

Spider-man is about to spend the night on the tree and is afraid that some animal did not leave on his bike.

Akna's picture
akna 30. September 2019 - 17: 51

Even the wild boar won't get me !!!

Věra Špalková's picture
Věra Špalková 30. September 2019 - 17: 47

You can see that man has monkeys as ancestors, just that there is somewhat extra, attaching my photo, as I cycle around senior-69r- in the 3XL t-shirt I just do not have

Bohumil Lichna's picture
Bohumil Lichna (unregistered) 30. September 2019 - 16: 45

Apparently he's a bike climber


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