A trip to Cuba - paradise on earth?

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The Czech summer was coming to an end, and we were wondering where to go with almost the same warmth and sunshine. The Caribbean has attacked us, even though September is a time when at least one hurricane will almost certainly pass through this area. We got out and set off. Considering that we wanted to save, we bought a tour through a German travel agency, so we flew at the end of September from Munich. It is a few hours' drive to the airport, but great savings. A long and somewhat tedious flight ended after more than ten hours and it was clear to us during the landing that we were hit by the weather we were afraid of. At the international airport in Varadero, where every day there are so many planes that you would count them on the fingers of two hands, we were greeted with a super storm with a great cloud of clouds. A photograph taken from a taxi that brought us to the hotel shows the streams of water flowing through the street.

A bit, well, it scared us a lot, but the weather was pleasantly surprising. Before we could rest for a long time, it was sunny and beautiful. The gorgeous, long, white and almost deserted beach has compensated us for a long and inconvenient journey. That's exactly how we imagined paradise on earth.

So beach, ocean and bathing were not a mistake. Worse it was with accommodation, it was a lot to say, and it was not uncommon for the rooms to claim and change. Another shock was awaiting us in the city where we went for exploration and shopping.

The first fleet of cars was the local fleet, which evoked the American streets of the 1960s and 1970s. It's as if time has stopped. Also, when looking at the open windows and the doors of the homes of the locals, we were quite shocked. Household equipment, bare floors and walls, a bed, a chair, a table, and at most a wardrobe, flats sometimes without doors. Poverty stood for us from every corner.

We stared disbelieving when we were at local street souvenir sellers, wanted to buy some brides for relatives and acquaintances. When we asked about the prize, we learned that the Cuban peso, the official currency, could be paid, but it was much more desirable to have other payables.

And so we first got rid of two disposable lighters that we dug out of the guts of our handbags, pens, a pack of chewing gum and paper handkerchiefs. The course also included shampoos, shower gels, nail polish and other drugstore. We did not know about it before, so we unfortunately did not have any of it. We had to pay money that was not so much interest. Well, if we were to come here once more, we'll know what to put in the trunk with more than a small one.

On a trip in Havana, there was an unbeatable contrast to luxury hotels and shiny chevrolettes with people's poverty on the street, where it looked like a settlement in Chanov.

We made a boat trip to the island of Cayo Blanco, where we had everything all inclusive, we could snorkel, enjoy the snow-white sand on the beach and the turquoise clear water in the ocean and enjoy a good meal. And back on the way, we went to the dolphinarium to swim with the dolphins, of course, at an extra cost.

The range of other possible excursions is great, so one should have something to do even if he spent much longer on vacation.

So to summarize everything, the holiday was very nice, fortunately we did not hit the hurricane, and if I dismiss the deficiencies in the accommodation, so for the tourists maybe paradise on the ground, for the local but hard reality ...



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