Cycling trail - Kokotské rybníky


If you like cycling through the forest and discovering its secrets, you will surely be pleased that a new nature trail (NS) Kokotské rybníky has been created just a short distance from Pilsen. On the nine-kilometer circuit you will find 11 stops with boards and rest areas. It was this Saturday that it was opened with the participation of representatives of Pilsen and the municipalities that participated in its implementation. The information boards represent not only the attractions of the woods around Kokotské rybníky, but also the surrounding villages. You can ride your NS on a bicycle, as we did with the new Rokycansko cycle tour, which premiered on Saturday, July 10. Just a few hours later, the new NS was inaugurated ...

Cycle map - Kokotské rybníky

Few citizens of Pilsen know that the city owns forests and fields even outside its cadastre. The largest forest area beyond the city limits is the area around Kokotské ponds. Of the total 4100 hectares of forests owned by the city, there are just about one sixth in Kokotsko 740. They take care of them the Department of City Forests of the Public Estate Administration of the City of Pilsen, led by engineer Richard Havelka. "I think local forests are in good hands. Mr. Havelka's grandfather was a top forest council, "Petr Náhlík, deputy mayor of the city of Plzeň, said that together with the Bušovice Mayor Pavel Čechuro and then Václavka Kuklíková, the mayor of Pilsen, they initiated the creation of the NS. It happened on the occasion of the 650 anniversary of the foundation of the Kokota community. "Our ancestors have done well to buy forests," said Náhlík, responsible for the environment in Plzen.

Bicycle trail - Kokotské rybníky

New NS Coconut Ponds have stops with infotabbles on the nine-kilometer 11 circuit, on two of them - near the Lower Coconut Pond and under the Kokotsko Hill - you can also find a nice resting place where you can hide from the rain or the wind. Just some of the backrests for a bicycle is not here yet ... Parents with children might be interested in the fact that there is something for children on each board. A playful form with little puppets, the lovely characters explain the life in the forest or the legends that connect to the places. Sheikh Puzzle at the seventh stop was hard for most participants of the Saturday Cycling Tour Rokycanskem. The last two cones just guessed ...



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Panther 29. January 2017 - 1: 40

I have to visit this place just because of that name :). Then I can tell that I was swimming in a coconut pond, and I will not be grotesky :)

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