Holidays in Europe

How was the camp in Leipzig - KNAUS Camping Leipzig

If you move near Leipzig in Saxony this year, you may find it useful to review this fairly large German campsite. The Leipzig Auensee campsite is about seven kilometers from the center of the Saxon cultural capital. The added value is that next to the camp is a large natural lake, which is called Auensee.


The whole area is surrounded by trees


Camping Strehla - camping at the swimming pool

Another campsite on my bike tour around the river Elbe was the Saxon campsite at the Nixenbad Strehla public swimming pool. This campsite provides accommodation in the form of campsites for your own tents, caravans and mobile homes, ideal for spring and summer. Camping Strehla is located in Saxony, Germany, directly on the River Elbe. A big bonus of this camp is its own pool and other water attractions associated with the pool - swimming pool.

Reviews of Greek camp in Chalkidiki - camping Armenistis

If you go to Greece with a tent or caravan and your destination is Chalkidiki, be sure not to miss its middle "finger". The Sithonia peninsula has captivated us with its beautiful greenery and crystal clear sea, which is why we often return here. We stayed on one such adventurous trip in the Armenistis campsite near Sarti and we bring our experiences and tips in a detailed review.

A dwelling across a Slovenian camp - Vintgar Gorge

For us who are heading for the sea, Slovenia is just a kind of transit in the sun to Croatia. But we must realize that Slovenia is a beautiful country full of beautiful lakes, caves, mountains and just about anything one could want for your vacation. Of course, it has a bit of the sea, but it is not yet used for recreation as in Croatia.

TOP 10 - The most visited campsites on the French Riviera - France

After six months, we have listened to your wishes, so we bring you tips on lucrative and proven campsites from all over Europe, especially from preferred tourist destinations. We will start the first part of tips on European campsites in style on the French Riviera in France. It is just crowded with visitors from all over the world.

Caravan in Spain - reviews of the campsite Bonterra

Greetings to all caravans. On the way we visited a Spanish camp. We are slowly heading back, so we decided to anchor ourselves in a luxurious 5 * Bonterra Resort campsite, let's try something else and know what to expect from it next time and if it will pay off at all. The 20-minute video gives an exhaustive statement of how it was and was not ...

Reviews of the German campsite Bella Augusta - Bavaria

Another German camp I visited during my bike tours in Bavaria was the Bella Augusta camp, located near the city of Augsburg. Let's try to imagine it so that you have an idea whether you would visit this camp or not. The name of the camp suggests that Augspurk was in the past a Roman colony called Augusta Vindelicorum and was founded by the Roman emperor Augustus himself.

Return to the campsite La Rocca, or tips for trips around

And here it is !! The weather in September wishes us, so we are planning a trip to the La Rocca campsite in Konstantinovy ​​Lázně again. This time already in full formation, even with his daughter. The last time we got there with bicycles was by train. This time we put it in full fire on bikes from Pilsen to the camp - 45 km. We are waiting for our daughter to get out of school, things packed and around 16.00 we leave.

Dwelling in the wild - across Poland to the Baltic Sea

I have been toying with the idea of ​​heading north to the Baltic Sea for several years, and that is what happened that year. We have visited Poland in the past and we have always had a pleasant time. The temperatures at the Baltic Sea are very pleasant for us. During the day 25 degrees and at night about 17 degrees. Tourists except domestic, almost none, prices lower than in Slovakia and services better than in Slovakia. But let's be fine ..

Rating of the Hungarian thermal camp Sá-Ra

I visited Camping Sá-Ra in the Hungarian small village of Hegykő about four times and I was always extremely satisfied. Here I wrote the reasons why this is so. The village of Hegykő is one of the smaller ones in Hungary, but thanks to the nearby Fertő-Hanság National Park and the popular thermal baths, it is already well known not only by visitors from Austria and Slovakia, but also from the Czech Republic.

With the family by bike to the Karolina campsite

For the past month, I've been covering the girls in all the places where there were some hills. Everything was heading towards this year's main goal, namely: Take a bike trip from Pilsen to the Karolina camp (Planá village) - 66 km. The girls asked how many meters we will climb. I read that around 750m they took quite a bit. But the ladies forgot that sometimes I lie ....