By bike to the Senec pond, or how to start a fire with a flint

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A weekend ahead of us, we're thinking about what we're going to do. My plan was to go somewhere by bike, my daughter wanted to go to the water and the woman wanted to grill. When I got the power to negotiate (I just lost), we agreed on a compromise. It's going to Senečák. You can swim there, the fireplace is also available and we go on Of course we could also go to Bolevák, or to Třemošenský pond, but during the summer it's like in a funfair .. Head on the head and thank you .. :)

On the wheels we were there oak. If nothing else, I drove us through the woods with a slight detour to enjoy the journey. I went on a retro fable and girls on mountain bikes. From the house it was just 6 km ..

The place is ideal because we were covered under trees in the steam room and a gentle breeze blew us from the water. Daughter fits in swimwear and water. There was a barbecue on us, I was hungry. I've been looking forward to seeing my new ones for the first time magnesia chair cheeky. Until now, I needed half a matchbox and a whole Kaufland flyer to set up a fire. crying . So let's see how it goes ... When I unpacked my bag, I found out that nobody took pastries. After a short argument, the woman explained to me that it was my fault, so it was up to me to get some rolls :)). I didn't want to step on that heat anymore. So I was glad to reach the pond on e-fable, now it fits. I'm going to go hunting. Specifically to Billy (4km) devil. One foot there and the other back .. yes I have to save my energy because I plan to ride nearby forests to change mountain biking later in the afternoon.


My first attempt - setting up a fire with a throttle

Yes, it was fail. Little leaves: / .. The second attempt did not wait long. We were hungry, here it was survival. blush. On the second try it looked like this (kuk video) .. :)

And then my favorite improvised grilling sausages on sticks.wink

Misha stood over the fire with her hands on her hips. That was a clear sign that he was hungry and I should move. devil

A miracle that saved us from starving: Jatagan armchair cheekycoolwink. From now on, I take him to camping with me all the time. It happened to me that I ran out of gasoline in my lighter. This is a certainty, and moreover, it is more about camping and barbecue. cool

Finally food .. :)

And then moving to nearby Senec pond ..;)

In the water, where I don't see the bottom I can never last long. After bathing, I give Birell, I take "Focus" and go for a ride through the woods. Finally, I just got "time trial" about 2,5 km above Senečák. Back I came worn out like Lego Cheva .. cheeky

The picture may be: 1 person riding a bicycle, bicycle, outdoors and natureRoute around Senečák

So ladies and maidens, if you are out of the neighborhood and want to go to the forest by bike, do something to roast and still bathe, I highly recommend Senecký pond. Located off the main roads. If you want to hear the birds barking in the forest (forget about Bolevak), this is the right place to relax and have fun.wink

And not to forget. Here's a "nine for cyclists" smileycheekycool



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