Caravan to sunny Tuscany


We were going to Tuscany last year, but our duties shifted our departure to the end of September, which is a great chance that you will just enjoy your holiday under the umbrella. So we moved it to this year and we did well because another car joined us for the first time, so it was more cheerful and even Leonard had friends who finally understood him.


Full Route (3000km - 10days)

The distances and time are from the first start after the last engine shutdown that day. It includes hiking trails, skates and ferries.

First day (704km - 7hod)

Our journey started as usual by moving on the highway to Vienna - Udine. We have tried out the previous ways that we can do it at the end of Austria, we just leave the highway just before the border and after a few km there is a Shell gas station where 0,2eur is cheaper as on a motorway or in Italy. Specifically, there was diesel for 1,14eur / liter. Compared to a gas station, there is a large parking area where we slept. It was the first night in the rented Citroen Jumper for the residential crew. For us a routine. :-)

Second the material moisture meter shows you the (460km - 11hrs)

Morning We have dopankovali do plna a chose se direction na Udine. But not po highway, but after concurrent way which is empty, krásně se winding mezi Valley a are from it amazing views. Not to mention o tome that both our cars less they eat at 90km / h a ZE you save za highway fees. This side way We have they went when do Udine, where we are watered na highway which because of constipation it showed like chyba, so we are again returned na side paths a they continued so when do Lignano Sabbiadoro. They had We have tu scheduled stop because of children. They parked we are u Guliverlandii, where je enormous Free parking i pro campers / caravans how much a friend with Citroen he had cca.7m, which already anywhere does not park. Kilometres dirty sand, hundreds umbrellas a buzerace ze sides home, that na the beach si we can not build own parasol, ba ani penthouse for children. Pools vše meant quick exit.

So in the evening we went one more long way down the highway, which was quite full even at night, but at least it was no longer in the columns. Late at night we arrived at Florence where I was looking for one parking space with a view of night Florence. What was our surprise when this place was busy like Wenceslas Square when tourists come from Japan. There was a big festival and it was impossible to park our Mercedes here and I am not talking about a caravan. So there was a backup plan and we slept in front of car shops, which of course are closed at the weekend, so no one will deal with you there. That evening we looked at the bottom of the bottles and in the morning it was hard to get up, but no more demanding moves were waiting for us.

Third the material moisture meter shows you the (75km - 11: 30hrs)

They came back we are at parking, where We have they had originally sleep a parked nearby aut for the poor. We looked si luxury hotel of Bishops, which je beautiful and on foot We have se chose Dolu staircase do center Florence. They looked We have si all, what he should tourist see. our Route look na map. By the way back We have si still they looked bridge Bridge Old, where a request Leonard he fell asleep. Florence je beautiful, but v 30 degree heat with sleeping child on hands a little tiring.

We set out direction Saint Gimignano. View led around vineyards, on which already matured grapes a vše nádherně it smelled. My We have po way na Benzin added i water na washing. BESS friends with a camper to it was bigger problem, in addition needi launch tank s waste water. When we arrived do Saint Gimignano, so We have since stuck residential man na parking place, z who is nedalo draw back a ancestor it was nightmare. Parking are <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">here</a> built pro male Fiat a no for 7m delivery. The decision was clearly, let's go to nearby campsite where we will add a we release i water from a residential man. Camping site Il Grove Di Piemma was very nice a good equipped. They have been shut down We have <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">here</a> chose se do Evening town. It was breathtaking a at night lighting, s cup wine on the square where she played music si it wasn't more what launder. Like this I am si featured Tuscany.


Day Four (89km - 8hod)
The next day's journey continued Volterra. A small town where the scene from The Twilight Saga. The road winds through the landscape, and eyes look through those amazing views. After the previous parking experience, we headed straight for Steelpatz from the database I downloaded on my phone. Large parking lot, possibility of draining and filling water and standing on 24hod for 10eur. Moreover, Květnový fortunately said that one German was leaving, so he moved the paid ticket for the whole day for half. Of course, we parked next door for free, because we are not a resident. We ate and headed for the city, where a steep but beautiful staircase led from the parking lot. Where is the parking lot on the map. The town is magical. There is an old prison, beautiful squares and ruins of Etruscan civilization that lived here. A large number of shops selling and directly working alabaster. Definitely to be seen. In addition, the boys bought wooden swords, without which the rest of the vacation did not move. For the evening we headed out towards the sea on the opposite side of the Italian boots, the next day. Along the way, we still bought water and some food at LIDL and arrived at the city at night Go. A typical seaside town was not very welcoming for a camper when we wanted to avoid paying for a campsite. We walked several parking lots out of the database until we found something quiet in the shade plus free. At night we went for a walk to the sea and in the parking lot we met with travelers from Slovakia who were on a similar route, but for three weeks. I envied them blindly. They gave us a recommendation for a great place, but later on.

Fifth Day (56km - 8hod)

In the morning we moved to a nearby beach. It was beautiful and the only thing that spoiled it was the panorama of the factory in the distance. We parked a short distance from the sea, despite a ban on parking. My experience from previous trips is that police only deal with these bans when you sleep there at night. What a surprise it was when we found the leaves behind the wipers. Minus 60eur from the budget and it doesn't even bother you because he doesn't know anything but Italian. During the rest of the holiday we saw a million cars stand on bans, but we preferred to avoid them. We moved in the afternoon to Piombino harborwhere we headed for Elba. We bought ferry tickets at the port, which goes every minute and 60eur came out. Maya about. 15EUR more. The children enjoyed the boat, the children's corner on it and after 45 minutes we landed in the city Portoferraio. We didn't stay here very much because the children were already hungry, adults too, and we wanted to find a place to stay and stay. The car park, where the navigation led us, was useless for a resident, so we went on the coast and after several attempts to park in the towns, we stuck it in the most beautiful camp we slept in. Unfortunately, I didn't remember the name. It was right on the beach, all the connections available, palms and shade everywhere you look. In the evening we went to a nearby town where we had sea creatures and wine.

Day Six (70km - 8hod)

In the morning the next day we spent relaxing on the beach and the kids had fun in the fine sand. There was a small problem with logging out of the camp, because if he had an Italian siesta, he had a tribute to the siesta.

In the afternoon, we intend to leave Elba the next day, bypassing the west coast, where we saw the sound of sirens the night before. Burnt vineyards looked terrible. On the other hand, the coast and the towns high in the hills looked stunning and our cars got pretty busy mainly in the town knoll. The southern part of Elba was excited by the beaches, so we decided to stay overnight for another night.

Elba is specific for narrow and winding paths, which is not optimal for a resident, so we split up in a beautiful place on the next unsuccessful parking attempt. We stayed at the amazing beach Cavoli Beachthat reminded us last year Madallen. It was not possible to park here for May, so they continued along the coast towards Cavo. We agreed that if they found a place to stay and stay overnight, they would send us coordinates and come to them. That's how it happened. They found nice and free parking in the town Porto Azzurro, where we met other campers in the evening and toured the evening town with the port, where yachts of the "poorer" population were parked. The town is very nice and definitely worth seeing. We slept a short distance from the center. You already know where to look and a place to park :).

Seventh the material moisture meter shows you the (128km - 9: 30hrs)

Morning we are Mercedes chose all to nearby very nice beach Beach Di Barbarossawhere it was i diving centrum. Unfortunately I came po leaving ships and other Ponor took place already pro us late. Around lunch we are chose do town na hills. Z Capoliveri je amazing view on surrounding landscape a alone town a his staircase a aisle they are magical. A little I am tu scuffed bumper, but by otherwise to really cost for views. They came back We have se k a residential man, they had lunch a they started off direction port Cable. Po way We have they passed another wonderful beaches Cala Seregola a regretted, that we don't more timeto be here still abstain. Na Elbu se still about we will return.

Z Cable do Piombino It was smooth ferry za same money. Z Piombino basket she continued direction Siena. Before Siena I had sighted most people. Pitch, where we would They could launch a impregnate residential man. That's it We have they had no idea co us on it parking place waiting. Parking je enormous a nad Him se on the hill exempts Eremo di Montesiepiwhere to find v rock stuck "excalibur" knight galgan a a bit from here je monumental building Abbey di Saint galgan. All around are vineyard full grapes, so We have se chose i night expedition. You just Beautiful place na overnight stay a bit od Siena.

Eighth Day (234km - 10hod)
After breakfast we went to the symbol of Tuscany - Siena. Thanks to the database we found free parking close to the car park where 20EUR was paid per day. We put down the dormitory and walked with Mercedes to the ancient Hall. We found the car park paid, but not far from the center. The city and its temples and squares are indescribable. To be seen. A little ice cream is worth 5EUR, but you need to count on the added value. We looked at what we were most interested in, Leonard made a tour of Piazza del Campo himself, and he didn't mind that he had no idea where his parents were. After lunch in the parking lot, we headed for the best winemaking for the 2005 Castello di Ama.

The vineyards were beautiful. The wine for the 40eur bottle didn't make us feel any better. We are a bit of a barbarian, and when something is bitter like Merlot, we just don't like it, even though it has the unique Chianti Classico label, which only has wines from that region and a particular grape variety.

Time was running out, so we decided to move to San Marino on that day. The vineyard road was very nice, but the corners we were already fed up and after my mistake in the navigation, when we made the way to the car park a bit longer, we arrived at San Leo Castle at night and beaten like dogs. We slept with a view of the castle on the hill.

Day 9 (366km - 13hod)

It was just a jump in the morning to San Marino, and we'd rather park the caravan before entering the city and continuing on the Mercedes. In the parking lot by the cable car that takes you up to the old town was not the only place to park, so we parked for free a bit below, where there is perfect parking for the residents in the shade and social. Look at the map if you are going to San Marino. San Marino was full of people and later we found the reason for a full parking lot. There was a party in which about San Marino, including the top leaders of the city, took part in front of the church. We looked at the town and the ceremony and headed home along the coast.

We had one more stop on the spot that the Slovaks recommended us to meet at the Vado parking lot. The nearest sea beach is in Grado. I've never heard of it, probably because only natives come here. Along the way we still stopped to bathe on Lido degli Estensi beach. Rimini loyal piles and other beaches on the east coast of boots. All wrong, but the kids have fun, for as long as the water goes up to the knees at least a hundred meters towards the dirty sea.

Already po darkness We have arrived do town Degree. They found We have perfect parking na Pitch a bit od beach. As We have they came po 20: 00hrs so do wound 9: 00hrs za 0,5eur. Otherwise 4eur za the material moisture meter shows you the . Happened tu countless dwellers and the only one co to tu kazilo, were mosquitoes. Obuli We have skate, children sat down for bikes a they started off po cyklo drawn do town. It was v night lighting amazing. Shops, historical buildings and overall life v him he had unreal magic. Because je to about 800km z Ružomberok, so si to umím introduce run out PULL na extended Weekend. Parking za slap a other it looked nádherně.

Tenth Day (848km - 10hod)

In the morning we got up on the fifth and later moved back to our famous Austrian Shellka. Here we refueled and the rest was already the routine with cruise control home.

This journey has brought us some interesting insights and directions for our future journeys. Our earlier thoughts on buying a camper vanished based on our friends' experiences. It is incredibly restrictive to go to some places, have to look for a special car park for residents, pay for campsites. I'm not talking about permanent problems with wastewater discharge.

We sleep anywhere where a normal car parks. There is no car park where we cannot park, so the center of the smallest town is not a problem either. We are inconspicuous, so no one resolves us as a resident. She usually doesn't even think anyone can sleep in that car. The dwelling house has only two advantages. It has an internal shower that we don't need because we can always take a shower in a secluded place by the car. It has an internal toilet, which we can also buy in the car, but we love nature, so we do not need it. There is actually one more advantage. You will stand in the dwelling house, but Veronika has become so used to cooking while sitting down that she has no problem to cook the risotto while driving on the highway.

It all brought us one more thought. Certainly there are more people who would like to travel like us, and the above mentioned things can be lost in exchange for mobility and inconspicuousness. I'm not even talking about the price of the fuel and the price of the ferry or the price of parking at the campsite. Here everywhere we pay much less than a resident.

We would like to do a research to see if there would be interest in renting a car like we do with a complete roadside device and a complete itinerary of the routes we've gone through. Basically, we offer a sightseeing tour that you can enjoy yourself and enjoy the freedom of movement we experience on our travels. If you are interested, please contact us at or write in the comments and arrange the details. wink






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