Camping in winter and summer

Competition for vouchers for tents and caravans in a camp with a swimming pool

After a long time, we are again applying for a competition for camping places. I don't think it is necessary to mention that it is almost impossible to get to any campsite in the Czech Republic or Slovakia with a free Voucher. Nevertheless, we managed to conclude cooperation with the Karolina campsite, which provided three Vouchers for camping places for tents or caravans for three nights.

TOP 20: Best campsites - user reviews

Despite the adversity of Covid and other circumstances, people were looking forward to the holidays, both in 2021 and in 2022, and another wave of evaluation of camps and recreation centers across the Czech Republic and Slovakia occurred. Nevertheless, we must mention that many campsites had a wild season, some were crowded and others recorded the least crowded camp in recent years.

List of campsites - more expensive accommodation in 2022

Surely you all noticed last year that electricity, gas and other services will become more expensive, which will probably have a direct impact on the prices of Czech campsites. Despite the sharp rise in prices, especially for electricity, the camps do not increase in any dizzying way. Sporadically, this is an increase in prices between 5% and 10%. Some campsites don't even increase at all.

Camping holiday in Carinthia on the sunny side of the Alps

Carinthia is set in a beautiful landscape with mountains and lakes. You are guaranteed to appreciate the wide range of sports activities and relaxation options. Hot lake paddleboarding, cycling, mountain biking and hiking are just a few of the many activities in Carinthia. When you go camping in Carinthia, you will be captivated by the beauty of the local nature and the mild climate on the southern side of the Alps.


Where to camp with a caravan for the weekend

According to our statistics, caravans and guests with their own tent most often request accommodation only on weekends or from Friday to Sunday during the year. So we decided to bring some tips for Czech camps / caravan sites, which caravans and carpenters will be happy to welcome for the weekend and also outside the high season. Year-round campsites will also appear among our tips.


TOP 10 - The most visited campsites on the French Riviera - France

After six months, we have listened to your wishes, so we bring you tips on lucrative and proven campsites from all over Europe, especially from preferred tourist destinations. We will start the first part of tips on European campsites in style on the French Riviera in France. It is just crowded with visitors from all over the world.

Reviews of the German campsite Bella Augusta - Bavaria

Another German camp I visited during my bike tours in Bavaria was the Bella Augusta camp, located near the city of Augsburg. Let's try to imagine it so that you have an idea whether you would visit this camp or not. The name of the camp suggests that Augspurk was in the past a Roman colony called Augusta Vindelicorum and was founded by the Roman emperor Augustus himself.

Win a gift - Vouchers for camping places to the Rozkoš campsite

We have the first Christmas competition here. In cooperation with the representatives of the Rozkoš camp, we have created a competition for camping places (for tents or caravans) for the Rozkoš camp, which you can find in the district of Skalice, in the recreational area of ​​the Krkonoše and Adršpach regions. Vouchers are valid for the entire 2022 season.

My experience with camping in Sázava

This year we managed to visit another Czech camp - a car camp by the river Sázava. Camp Sázava can be found in the village of the same name on Sázava Island, which is situated by the river Sázava. The camp is located in the picturesque surroundings of Central Posázaví and is an ideal place especially for paddlers who go down the river Sázava.

Experience with Husky Baul 4 tent

Some time ago I rented a Husky Baul 4 tent, which we used during this year's camping in Austria and the Vysočina region. Here are my observations from the use of this tent from the proven company Husky, which has been operating on the market since 1997. The tent is designed for four people, but in fact it is more for people three. Four people can fit in the tent, but the sleeping comfort is greatly reduced.