Reviews Camping Belvedere - Izola, Slovenia

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Are you thinking of going to the sea with a tent or caravan? Does Italy seem too expensive to you and its sea dirty, or were you discouraged by the crowded Croatia? I have an interesting tip for you. And that is to spend a holiday in a camp in Slovenia. Several factors speak for this variant. It is relatively close, you practically do not get off the highway all the way to the sea, you can pay in Euros and there is beautiful nature. In the Slovenian hinterland, in the mountains and in major natural attractions such as Lake Bled  you will find enough camps. There are also several of them near the sea. But we are looking for one that has a good rating, access to the beach and the children will not get bored there. After a long exploration of the Slovenian campsites on the short shore we chose Camping Belvedere near a picturesque town Izola.

As I have already outlined, the journey from Bohemia is quite simple here, and those who travel to Croatia could know it. In Slovenia, however, you are driving along the highway to the end of the Koper port and the direction of Izola. The resort is located on the spot in a magnificent view of about 2 km above the city, a short drive from the main road to Croatia. It is located in the pine forest, on the 100 of a cliff overlooking the sea in Strunjan Nature Park. The camp is not only a campground, but also a popular Hotel Belvedere, which offers other accommodation options as well bungalows and apartments.


On arrival we parked in front of the hotel, where a place in the camp is also booked in the lobby at the reception. Here you fill in the accommodation form, have their passport numbers and other details written down and you will receive a tent number and a residence card. And that's all, we could choose the place ourselves, at your discretion and you can park your car in front of him. In fact, one more important remark. We could not connect to "monuments" with electrical sockets, because the connections are protected by a reduction that will prevent their misuse by campers who do not have a paid 220V supply. For this purpose, the reception will lend you a terminal for a refundable deposit, with which you can already connect to the power supply. However, I recommend taking a sufficiently long disc with a cable and el. sockets, because some badges may have a connection to even 10 m. The camp is located about 200 m behind the hotel resort. The closer part is on the left side on two terraces under the pine trees. We unpacked ours here family tent we too. I would rather recommend this part for families with children. There are more connections to the 220 V and is also closer to the washrooms and toilets and also closer to the pool complex I will mention.

Belvedere Camping PoolThe second, larger part for camping starts about 100 m further on the right side of a small road. It is also terraced and located in a beautiful olive grove. The washrooms located just at the exit from the first part of the camp are clean, modern, you can do your laundry here or buy ice in a vending machine for your drinks or cooling boxes. Although Camping Belvedere advertises free Wi-Fi, it is no longer available in the far corners and the strongest signal is at the showers. This is the reason why there are groups of children and adults who check emails, weather, or social networks. As for the possibilities of buying food on the premises, the possibilities here are a bit limited. There is one stall where you can buy pastries, beer, milk, vegetables and other staple foods. But most of the guests have a car, so they can still buy in a supermarket down in Izola. And at prices almost the same as in the Czech Republic. If you want to eat well, then in the Belvedere complex there is a nice Mediterranean restaurant with a breathtaking view of the city. But our secret tip is a small Grill just across the road, where you can get fresh homemade burgers and salads for a reasonable price.

But what is the biggest advantage compared to other Slovenian camps in the area is the pool You will find a short walk from the entrance to the complex. The fenced plot features an outdoor pool and several smaller paddling pools and caparty tanks. In the large pool, there is enough depth to jump, and even though the onions strictly forbid it, jumping is often a fun pastime. Here is exactly what we liked in Slovenia. Austrian-German care for order and rules and classic Balkan comfort. Lifeguards look at their cell phones rather than shouting at someone. Here it is fair to say that entry to the pool is charged, so it pays to pay extra for the entire stay. At the reception, they will simply write you + a POOL with a marker on the card with the number of the camping place, and you can spend whole days in the water or on a lounger.


That would be a shame, for a bit below Belvedere Camping is located about one of the best beaches in Slovenia. It's called Bele Skale, something like White Rock, and you can get there on a footpath that descends quite steeply not far from the washrooms. A winding path in the shade of the bushes will take you after about 15 minutes to the longed-for sea, which we terrestrials like to ride. Because you can only get to this beach on this footpath, there is usually no head to head. In addition, it is part of the Strunjan nature reserve, which protects marine fauna and flora, so that even ships and boats cannot be closer than 200 m from the coast. The water is clear and the beach is made of medium-sized pebbles. You can also find a gradual entry into the water here, but due to the sharp cliffs, I also recommend rubber boots in the water. Don't forget to bring plenty of food and drink here, because Bele Skale is really a purely natural beach without any infrastructure. Instead, you can feel like Robinsons here, and children can build shelters made of driftwood and reeds. In another part I will write you some tips on other Slovenian beaches and attractions.






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Anonym (unregistered) 9. June 2019 - 20: 58

Hello, this year in mid-July we also want to visit this campsite. I would like to ask at what time you visited him, how full he was, how much noise and whether there are electricity connections in the olive grove. How much does a swimming pool surcharge cost? Did you use the local mini bus to the beach closer to Izola and whether it goes from the parking lot where the bus unloads you to walk along the beach towards the place (stairs) where you came to the sea? Thank you very much for your answer. I will also be glad for other comments that are not in the article. Have a nice day, John

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