Reviews of Camping Equipment

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Compressor car refrigerator Indel B TB51A - review

So, before this year's trip to the Balkans, I slapped a little over my pocket and finally bought a good car day out of my saved money. On previous trips we used classic cooling boxes from Campingaz and Ezetil. However, when standing in a column or warmer weather could not manage to cool the stored things and some of the food that we took to travel to Greece deserve more cold.

Best Family Tents for 2020

Because we travel every summer with a family and a big tent for camps in the Czech Republic and Europe, I look quite around and wonder what tents are used by other guests in the camp. Sometimes it is a variety of bizarre supermarket models, sometimes on the road, you can meet old Technolena cloth hangars.

TOP 5 - 2018 camping kits

Camping chairs and furniture in general are an integral part of the equipment of every caravan. The criteria for choosing a camping chair are several. Particular emphasis is placed on the maximum load capacity, weight, material, dimensions and positioning capabilities. Another factor can be especially the accessories in the form of headrests and skirts.

Reviews - Husky Bolen family tent

I would like to share your positive experiences with the Husky Bolen family tent. I believe you will appreciate the description from the user who really uses the tent, and it's not just an artificial PR article that is clouds on the Internet. This one family tent we decided to buy before our trip to Slovenia.

Camping folding deck - Review

Are you also looking for a comfortable travel bed for camping? If you want to replace the fancy mattress or the inflatable mattress for something more robust - try some of the folding chairs. This is of course not an option for everyone, for several reasons. Thanks to its weight (approx.

Reviews of outdoor bottles Pinguin Tritan

Pinguin Tritan Bottle

Every tourist and traveler knows that keeping a drinking regime is important. And because many of us do not care, but also what we drink, we decided to test one outdoor bottle. It comes from the Pinguin company. At first glance it is similar to bottles from Nalgene or GSI outdoors, but it takes a very pleasant price and quality processing.

Reviews of Tents Husky - Tent

Although the Husky tents have not as long a tradition as Ferrino or Coleman, they have gained a relatively strong position in the Czech market over time. As with any manufacturer, their products rank among several product categories.

The EXTREME series

How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag for Camping

how to choose a sleeping bag - camping, camping

Certainly, we all think of what kind of sleeping bag or backpack is best suited for our camping or camping. Feathers or Synthetics? Inflatable boot or foam? When choosing the right sleeping bag or cover, a whole range of questions arise. How do you choose to stay out of the cold at night, and do not get upside down in the morning? Read on! "Few things can really make a trip out somewhere.

How to choose the right tent

Home on the go. My house is my castle. Hotel with millions of stars. These are all synonyms for tents. And the right choice of a tent can mean comfortable accommodation in nature. It's part of the equipment, whose choice is not underestimated. Right from the start, it's a good idea to make a little bit of an overview of the tent, no matter what you can choose from.