Reviews of Camping Equipment

Rating of the retro electric bike Greaser - Ekolo for trips to the city

I bought an e-bike more than a year ago. But I didn't want them to point a finger at me, and he was driving. It didn't happen to me with this Ekol because it's special. Everyone looks back at him, or when I stand somewhere, someone often stops and asks questions, both men and women. Lest not, I would do the same. The first year I was glad that such an Ebike no one has far and wide.

I bought a new Ergon SMC MTB saddle - evaluation and comparison

I have been actively riding a mountain bike since 2019. From the very beginning, I quickly discovered that cycling asphalts would not be my hunting ground. It drew me to the woods and to various more technical sections or hills. I just wanted to see nice places. Unfortunately, getting to such locations costs something. In this case, a lot of energy and decent cycling equipment.

Experience with Forclaz 1 A200 trekking poles

This spring I bought trekking poles for my wife. These are trekking poles from the Forclaz 200 brand. Here is a review of this product, which may come in handy for all undemanding and occasional tourists who want to buy trekking poles this year. The Forclaz 200 trekking poles are all in an attractive black color, and the numbers and stripes are in white.

Experience with Husky Baul 4 tent

Some time ago I rented a Husky Baul 4 tent, which we used during this year's camping in Austria and the Vysočina region. Here are my observations from the use of this tent from the proven company Husky, which has been operating on the market since 1997. The tent is designed for four people, but in fact it is more for people three. Four people can fit in the tent, but the sleeping comfort is greatly reduced.

Experience camping with a cheap party tent

We have been thinking for some time that it would not be out of the question to buy a party tent for camping, under which we could hide from the sun, or with smaller rain showers, for example during a barbecue. Of course, we carry a classic tent with us, but we all have a hard time sitting in chairs, so that's why the choice fell on some folding tent or gazebo.

Rating of the Bear Grylls knife from the cyclist's point of view

Finally, the weather came out for the weekend and we decided to ride our bikes and go roast our sandwiches. By the term "weather came out" I understand that we only got wet once :). On that occasion, I decided to finally evaluate my darling, namely the Bear Grylls knife, full name "Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife SE" ...

How do I rate the light tent Vango Helix 200?

On my cycling trips, in addition to a light sleeping bag, I also need a very light tent. In this article, I will share with you the experience with the light tent Vango Helix 200, which is designed for two people. This is a very light and compact tent, so it is ideal for cyclists who count every extra gram on their bike. The tent is not only light, but also quite durable.

Review of the Husky Mini sleeping bag

When traveling by bike, I need to have the lightest things possible. At the same time, however, I pay attention to quality and functionality. So some time ago I bought a Husky Mini sleeping bag, which is one of the lightest sleeping bags on the market today. Here are my observations about this product, including the main technical parameters and a general description of the sleeping bag.

Light as a feather

Cycling to the Ejpovice dam and testing nano impregnation

For a long time I wondered where to go for a bike, because nowadays everyone suddenly needs to go for walks in the woods. Here in Pilsen, Krkavec and its surroundings are "infamously" known, but it is currently absolutely unsuitable for cycling. So, if you don't want to do a slalom between trees, pensioners and prams, but that's another discipline that I'd rather keep in town.