Camping to the wild

Dwelling in the wild - across Poland to the Baltic Sea

I have been toying with the idea of ​​heading north to the Baltic Sea for several years, and that is what happened that year. We have visited Poland in the past and we have always had a pleasant time. The temperatures at the Baltic Sea are very pleasant for us. During the day 25 degrees and at night about 17 degrees. Tourists except domestic, almost none, prices lower than in Slovakia and services better than in Slovakia. But let's be fine ..

By caravan in Slovakia - Across the Tatras to the Danube

The Covid madness continues successfully for the second year, and in my opinion, even those who invent it do not know the measures. Probably the goal :)). After the experience from last year, when we toured the whole Balkans without any problems, I know that we would be at peace by the sea, but the circus after returning to Slovakia is not worth it.

Kempervanem to Liptov - a pack in the wild

Four days off have come and no one will keep us at home anymore. We went where the senseless Covid measures allow us to. Our pack, which last year passed through the whole of Slovakia and grew to include a French Renault Trafic polish with a lifting roof. The circle has closed and the number of children has been added, so they are happier again.

Interview with Caravan Girl, or how it was

After a long time, here we have another part on the topic of "interviews with campers". Today we connected with a blogger who calls herself Caravan Girl. This traveler camps mainly in the wild and has been visiting various European destinations for several years. In addition, he has his own work in the form of E-books and travel guides. Enough talk, let's talk.

Voucher competition with Top-armyshop

We have an autumn here and we are starting with the competition and it is competing in cooperation with the popular Outdoor store This company has been operating on the market for 10 years. In 2016, they also launched the Eshop, which is popular with both outdoor fans and fishermen, lovers of tourism and, last but not least, campers.

Camping in the Balkans - a dwelling through Serbia and Bulgaria

I was preparing for our trip for a year and because of Covid I thought it would not happen again. Since I took advantage of the maternity option for my father, I ran out of time. The world has gone mad and I see what is happening as an attempt to control by spreading fear. In any case, they will come at us with fear unnecessarily, so despite the senseless measures, we set out as soon as possible.

Nové Hamry - a tip for a relaxing holiday in the Ore Mountains

There is no doubt that we should give more support to domestic tourism. Especially when he suffered an almost fatal pandemic slap this year. I decided to write to you about a place in the Ore Mountains, which is not one of the "proven" centers of the Krkonoše type. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer and is close to my heart in the Ore Mountains. The secret tip is Nové Hamry.

Camping on the Wild by the Sea - Greece

440 km - I just love Greece and never fail. Our first road with a lifting roof had to inevitably head right here. In addition, we chose, as I always dreamed of at least two crews, how much a friend bought older California. We had already started our journey together, which ended up in Slovenia, but it was only three days together.

Italy with minicaravan - wild camping

Getting started. Do you like to travel wildly? We do, we don't suffer too much at campsites and until we had children we slept in the car in places we liked. With the children there were minor complications, although we folded into the car, but the organization of things for the night is quite difficult and so it was decided how to solve it.

Romanian mountains from the dog's point of view - Crossing the Rodna mountain range

Part 3 .: The Rotunda saddle is surprisingly civilized. I blow my nose into the air so that I don't miss any smell of information about this place. We'll sleep here tonight. For me this information was rather disappointing, I was looking forward to a long hike. On the other hand, my bipeds will have enough time to retrieve them properly. Right now they are unpacking their backpacks under a small shelter to eat.

What to bring to the "chundr" under the tent

It is not possible to write a complete list of everything a person should have with them during a several-day stay in the countryside - it always depends on the type of terrain, weather and many other specific conditions that determine the current list of equipment needed. Therefore, take the list of all the necessary items here as a guideline, so that you do not forget the essentials of the equipment.

Caravan to sunny Tuscany

We were going to Tuscany last year, but our duties shifted our departure to the end of September, which is a great chance that you will just enjoy your holiday under the umbrella. So we moved it to this year and we did well because another car joined us for the first time, so it was more cheerful and even Leonard had friends who finally understood him.