Camping to the wild

Fun camping and camping - video

Spring is already in full swing and everybody starts again to attract camping - camping and holidays. Here's a video on "Camping" funny ads from around the world just for fun. Fun has to be .. cheeky


Delivery through the magical Greece

Greece is my favorite country. In the past, I visited Corfu, Crete and passed the car from Patras to Athens, so I was looking forward to this trip. There was little concern, because we also took Leonard. It was not his first trip, he was already in Croatia for two months, but we lived there in the apartment. Now we had 10 months and we were going to sleep in the car for three weeks and we had about 3500km ahead of us.

Camping to the wild - Greece

I decided to write this article about camping in the wild in Greece based on many years of experience with a stay in this beautiful country. It is such a small guide for those of you who want to go to the Balkans by caravan or car on their own axis. But especially for backpackers who go for the first time with a backpack on their back and do not know what to expect from the occasional sleep in the wild.