Camping holiday in Carinthia on the sunny side of the Alps


Carinthia is set in a beautiful landscape with mountains and lakes. You are guaranteed to appreciate the wide range of sports activities and relaxation options. Hot lake paddleboarding, cycling, mountain biking and hiking are just a few of the many activities in Carinthia. When you go camping in Carinthia, you will be captivated by the beauty of the local nature and the mild climate on the southern side of the Alps.


Majestic mountain peaks and lush green pastures invite you to hike at all altitudes. Warm lakes encourage swimming, sailing and kayaking, while mystical gorges and peat bogs are just waiting to be explored. It doesn't matter if you go here with children, friends, in pairs or alone - Carinthia has suitable activities for everyone. wink


Take the Carinthian Lake District, for example. The route measures a total of 340 kilometers, is well marked and leads through a beautiful landscape with beautiful viewpoints. In addition, the shape of the circuit allows for any combination of individual sections and always leads around the lakes. You will experience a guaranteed supply of adrenaline on a mountain bike flow country trail in Bad Kleinkirchheim cool. The 15-kilometer trail is the longest in Europe. In addition, mountain biking enthusiasts can explore another 3 kilometers of trails in Carinthia.


Campers who are also fans of hiking will also enjoy themselves in Carinthia. Alpe-Adria-The trail leads in 43 daily stages with a total length of 750 kilometers from the Großglockner glacier through Carinthia and Slovenia to the Upper Adriatic in Italy. Alpe-Adria-Trail but you can also explore it in stages. For example, head to the picturesque countryside with lakes and mountains on "Via Paradiso" at Lake Millstätter See. You have the opportunity to discover the Carinthian mountains on many secluded trails in unspoiled nature, or on one of the countless climbing routes of various levels of difficulty. wink


Start planning your camping holiday in Carinthia!



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