Camping in or out of the camp - tips and tips


Greetings to all, lovers of camping, caravans and fans of camping in the wild. Recently, a trend has been spreading, where more and more guests are speculating that camping is not the right thing for them. On the other hand, setting up a tent or parking a caravan outside the campsite or area is not that simple. You need various permits for everything, but you still can't "put your heads where you want. We will now clarify this issue with a campsite or without a campsite ..;) Let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wild camping. First of all, we will determine for whom it is advantageous to use camping facilities.


The Benefits of Camping VS Camping on the Wild

Beginning Caravaners

During various discussions, many caravans have been heard searching the Internet for a lot of information about the equipment and information for their caravan / motorhome. He spends hectoliters of hours on it, which is undoubtedly beneficial, but it's at the expense of time spent with the family, and everything seems important. Here I would advise, try a couple of parking spaces in the camp, where you can use the facilities, including electricity, water, food and the like. The best way to find out in the field is what you forgot. If it happened in the middle of nowhere, it could be a problem. In a camp with sufficient facilities, it is possible to improvise and solve all troubles. Then gradually plan longer trips. After gaining experience, you can already plan camping in the wild and even outside the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Shining travelers

This category of caravan and traveler already have experience and are ready for long journeys. Build a tent, or park your housewife, they can practically anywhere. Next, it's just considering the priorities and needs of the entire group or the crew

Families with young children

This is quite a tricky issue. Carpenters and caravans often consult in various forums, but as usual, each well-meaning board has its own "buts". For example, one camper advises where to go to the campsite, or where to camp in the wild, how to arrange a permit and the like. But the mentor needs a camper at the age of 48 with children around the age of 20, and he doesn't even know about it and gives good advice to another camper, who is 27 years old, has never camped in the wild and has one toddler and a new 6-month gain. To set up a tent - to park a caravan in the middle of nowhere, 500 km from a home with such small children may not be exactly terno. In case of accidents or other problems, the caravan has an advantage over the carpenters, because his house on wheels can contain a "small field hospital" with all the equipment and is also mobile. people with health problems

My opinion is that elderly people, who often suffer from any health problems, should prefer campsites for a tent or caravan vacation. Still, standard camps contain a service that is not found in the middle of a forest in the country.






Camping safety is a relative term. Lots of grounds have fenced-in land and CCTV systems, but they are more likely to be stoned. Opening a tent is much easier than getting into a locked caravan. Camps are generally safe, though. In addition, there is no unexpected visit to a bear or a wild boar. I recommend you to find out the security background provided by the campsite you want to visit.

Wildlife camping has a lot more variables. It really depends on whether you want to build a tent or caravan in a private yard, in a village, or plan to camp in a forest, abroad. This is the taste of each of us.

Crew / family members needs

This is a summary of all the previous points. Do you have small children ?, Are you in good health? Do you have enough experience for camping in the wild or not? Do you prefer the ideal ratio between independence and comfort? In the case of camping in the wild, have all the shortcomings solved, such as permission, where to go to the toilet, where to take the water? If you successfully answer all the questions, you will be one step closer to your dream type of vacation.


Without camp - paradox

The magic of wild camping takes its place, because the most common argument of supporters is price. God knows where this misinformation comes from, because landowners also charge fees for building a tent or parking a caravan. Fees even often exceed the cost of the campsites themselves .. Moreover, the landowner is always in your eyes, or otherwise controls you, what does not seem to me independence, rather vice versa. cheeky

The magic of nature

We know at least the TOP 50 Czech or Slovak campsites (with a capacity of up to 100-150 beds and camping places), which lie next to or directly in the woods. There is nothing stopping visitors from taking a bike or walking "a few meters" and they are already in the woods. wink

The irony of peace without a camp

So in the end we think a little .. If any quiet place is quiet and is further propagated in all places, so where you have a guarantee that it will remain calm if everyone starts to ride there ??? smileycryingangel

I think standard campsites with their facilities and services are the clear winner of this shootout. On the other hand, wild camping on its charm, which, however, does not affect the general public, and it is an act against the regulations .. So when you risk it, so do not forget to take an extra duck for a possible fine .. yes If I forgot something, write it in the comments directly under the article. The rest of the readers will surely appreciate it. wink






Honza's picture
Jack (unregistered) 20. October 2020 - 12: 58

I love camping, both in the wild and in the camp, the camp has clear advantages in the form of facilities, toilets, showers, pub, etc., but a few times I went to the land from payment takes 3 minutes, I get the coordinates, I ask for GPS to get to the place, I open a beer, unpack the awning and enjoy myself in peace, I practically don't meet a person, nobody controls me, I enjoy a beautiful sunset and sunrise and perfect silence, at night I watch the game walking around the car, I pick up whenever I want and go, the main thing is perfectly clean and leave the land in at least the same condition as when I arrived, the owner will check after my departure, or It gives a positive evaluation

Pan kemper's picture
Mr. kemper (unregistered) 6. October 2019 - 21: 54

I have read a lot of articles about the benefits of camping with a caravan on the wild. And I still do not understand the advantage. Everywhere settlements are arranged, payments to private persons for parking on their land and other things as well as the price. When I count all the problems and payments etc, the price is not the difference. Only a lot more worry about it. I'm definitely parking and camping in reserved places or in camps designated for it.

Mr.'s picture Caravan
Mr. Caravan (unregistered) 6. October 2019 - 21: 42

Interesting article. We have solved the dilemma recently. My mom and baby were also part of our crew. I wanted to go for a longer trip (450 km), but the woman talked to me about the baby. So we went for a test drive to a camp that was from home away from 120 km. Finally we did well because the little one got along the fever path, so we had to go back. Maybe we wait until the little ones grow up and then we go on longer trips.

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