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How to put a baby bed in Kempervan

Our family has grown in the last year by one little princess who is sleeping in a stroller or between us. Leonard is five years old and needs his own sleep. In the past, I did sleep in the back of the car at the place where the trunk tray that can be moved across the front seats. The condition, however, was that there is a self-folding cot. Otherwise he would fall from here.

How to internalize campervan

I have had a fruitful weekend. On Friday we were in Vienna for the sixth Solar Circus. Amaluna was fantastic and I'd say it was the best circus ever I've seen. I love the circus and it certainly wasn't the last one we looked at. Leonard was on Sunshine for the first time, and he wasn't breathing in amazement at times. Perhaps she will have this passion for her father, although Veronica also likes the circus very much.

TOP 5 - 2018 camping kits

Camping chairs and furniture in general are an integral part of the equipment of every caravan. The criteria for choosing a camping chair are several. Particular emphasis is placed on the maximum load capacity, weight, material, dimensions and positioning capabilities. Another factor can be especially the accessories in the form of headrests and skirts.

Chemical toilets - basic advice before purchasing

Are you trying to buy a chemical toilet in a caravan, a camper, a boat, or a cottage? We have prepared some tips for you to use before buying it. Most chemical labs on our market are made up of two separable trays. The upper one is for water and for flushing and the bottom serves for waste. The chemical toilet has a handle or handrail on the sides.