Caravan all year round - direction Legoland Germany and Zoo

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Caravan to Legoland - a "little" surprise for children. Little, 9-year-old architect of the lego-world and still a little playful, 12-year-old young man, responded with unbridled joy!

4. May 18: 30 CET - lightly packed we leave for a few days Prešov and after cross-section of Slovakia and Moravia we fall asleep near Olomouc on a rest area while sleeping trucks and other cars.

5. May - Beautiful Friday morning will not let us sleep, so we move about 35 km to Bouzov castle. In the courtyard we are among the first (the first tour of 9.h) and the drawbridge to enter the area of ​​beautiful, period, magnificent castle overflowing with a guided tour.

Castle of the Czech Republic

After the tour, we choose a walk through a large park and in the "Lavender Garden" we have coffee, juice and cakes. A pleasant conclusion to the first real experience in the Czech Republic.

We slowly make our way through the picturesque "Villages" along the paths of the second class and admire a few deer and flowering fields in the meadows. The next stop is Litomyšl with a beautiful lock. We pass the parking lot, but in the adjacent streets we are lucky to have a free place where the home guides us. From here, take a 8 one minute walk through the tangle of alleys that also have their charm to the side gate of the historic complex. smiley

Let's stay a little in the courtyard by the fountain, take pictures in the garden and ... in front of our nose we leave the lunch group to explore the interior. By calculating waiting for the next tour, its duration and subsequent transfer to the expected destination ... we prefer to admire the exteriors of the chateau in Litomyšl and its surroundings. wink

The well-kept chateau garden lined with statues offers a peaceful stroll .. heart

We board the caravan - direction ZOO Dvůr Králové and Safari. On the way it rains and does not stop at the gate of the zoo. Stocks of drops will run out around 16 that hour, so we set out without hesitation. cool

With an overview, we are pursuing Africa Truck Stop with commented escorts and open air spaces full of game. The guide is pleasant, funny, chatty and well-founded. surprise It gives us enough time to observe herds and individual exotic animals in the immediate vicinity. wink

Some pieces look very peaceful despite their massive predispositions. What to say, just vegetarians are pacifists ...laugh


In the beast zone, the guide closes the vehicle with a grille. Another walk through the pavilions of different game species will take nearly another 2 hour, but it's worth it. Between rhinos you can even get through an underground tunnel (designed especially for children and thin flexible adults) into a modeled termite pit with small openings, from where the view almost up to the rhino's nostril. angel

After the tour, children have the opportunity to try their dexterity and fitness on a more challenging playground. It is raining again at half past eight, so we will speed up our departure. Around 21: 30 we get to Prague on the peninsula, to camp - Císařská louka. There is no one at the reception anymore, but a good person will recommend us to fold and register in the morning. Evening views of the illuminated Vyšehrad on the other side of the Vltava river fascinate us and look forward to tomorrow. yes

6. May - In the morning we log in and test the washrooms. They are simple but clean and equipped with basic necessities. A few meters from the sidewalk we admire the swan's nest in the immediate vicinity of people, basically in the mini-harbor with a bus stop sign where we wait for the ferryman.

We board in 9.hours, buy a ticket as for public transport. The voyage to the other bank takes a few minutes and Prague is ready to engulf us.

As our children are here for the first time, we decide on the basic historical pillars and cut it down the aisles to Wenceslas Square. Almost the whole is under reconstruction, so we just fly it. The promised experience is only at the Old Town Square, where we can comfortably wait for cakes and coffee for the performance of the Astronomical Clock. It is beauty, but the surroundings are also gems worthy of admiration. For example, this is part of the look that the astronomical figures have in front of them every day. wink

Everywhere it is teeming with people of different nationalities, and just a moment of inattention to disorientation from an unfamiliar environment and the panic of losing contact with his group will undermine well-being. We chose Prague a bit as a trainer for our 12-year-old son, 2 weeks before his first big trip to London to simulate the pitfalls :). But he did it brilliantly. Rather, the daughter is slightly uncomfortable from the crowd of people. That is also the reason why we will fly across the Charles Bridge and just at the end opposite the Hotel U tří oststrů (At the Three Ostriches) we have a soothing lunch and supplement the drinking regime. Through our historical walk through the streets, our steps lead to Prague Castle, where the castle guard is being changed and the beautiful sunny weather will also take you to the Golden Lane. yes

Back across the bridge and take tram No. XNXX to get to Výtoň. In the park, we will be able to give the kids time off on the interactive playground until the ferry from Prague Venice reaches us on our peninsula. We managed the center of Prague on foot, only for the last transport we used the 17 minute ticket, which also applies to the boat. smiley

Dinner in the caravan tastes great and in the evening a glass of wine. Deservedly. According to the mobile application, which "takes care of our health", we have almost 13 steps in our feet. cool

7 May - The last unexplored planned area is Vysehrad, where our eyes rested upon arrival. The victorious May run through Prague will delay us for a while while crossing the road, but climbing up Vyšehrad will please the flowering alleys. Since it is Sunday, the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul on top, families with children are free. cheeky

In the garden, a few artists paint the Vysehrad scenery, we have a coffee in the Cafe Citadel and children are enjoying the park. We will go through the surroundings, the cemetery with famous names and worse again on the interactive playground ... :)

Hunger found us near the famous restaurant "U Fleků", where it goes like on a belt. You just look around where you sit, you already have a Becherovka on the table, and when you thank, another waiter understands it as an order for beer. The food is typical of Czech rich bulk, but tasty. We prefer not to look for the tram on the way home, but to walk along the waterfront and spend time. The sun shines tirelessly and gives hope that this trip will endure smiling just for us.

We will raise the anchors from the camp in the afternoon and on the way we plan to "throw the eye" to Karlštejn and approach Legoland. We found the village of Karlštejn, but I can't see or hear the castle. We came across a catchment central parking lot, from where the navigation sent us, that it will be about half an hour on foot uphill and we are there. After this information, the caravan staff announces that it is enough for us so far and we will see Karlštejn in a fairy tale.

Unravel the winding paths and merge with the main road to Günzburg - Legoland. Goodbye either, the brilliant sun and nice weather. It starts raining and from now on it won't stop until we get back home.

After 21.h we arrive at the reception, where dear gentleman patiently informs us about everything, navigates, directs. For example, it will adjust the age of our children so that we can fit into the action they now have in the camp (2 children under 11 free years :)) and even if it does not give us hope to adjust the weather, it is nice to us.

We park near the washrooms, which are tip-top equipped, cleaned, decorated in Lego style and hygiene turns into an experience. We save ourselves with the assurance that "it can't rain in taste"! But it can.

8 May - We wake up at 6 in the morning and look for a piece of blue sky with the kids standing up. In vain. At 10.h we enter the Legoland area (tickets were bought online in advance), where we buy yellow raincoats in the first store and flock in.

Children are running around lego miniatures, parts of which even move. Castles, castles, Eifelovka, Venice, Switzerland, the tallest buildings in the world ... Then a jungle full of animals where children ride safari cars and admire the lego-world. A corner of lego scenes from Star Wars; rotating tower; duplo space for the smallest; lego fabrika; lego construction site - only there we realized that one day may be too little, because the children plunge into building lego-creations, which could then directly and try on the track. Nintendo Zone, Pirate Ship, Expedition Temple, and Pharaoh's Weaponry Attached to the Vehicle. Jungle Oasis, Duplo Sector, Knight Games, Gold Panning, Police Station, Pirate School, Scooter Ride, Breaking Jungle Expedition, Overhead Railroads at Great Speed ​​... We Didn't Know Where to Jump !!! devil

Our advantage is Monday - May 8, when there is a working and school day in Germany, but we have holiday holidays! And in the end, the rain is in our favor, which discouraged the flood of people, which would cause some "tweaks", where it allegedly stands in line for up to 2 hours and the surcharge for the Express Pass is recommended, were almost empty and ready to serve our adrenaline and hunting for memories.

Atlantis - the underwater world is one of the fascinating and quiet stops in the area, where through the windows of the submarine we watch the fragments of the underwater world with descriptions in German and English. Necessary parts are lego figures and sceneries everywhere. Grazing for adult eyes.cheeky

Before the final, we quickly buy lego in memory and leave the fun and inspirational area with a perennial cloud, full of rain drops. wink

Before midnight closing wipers nervous eyes somewhere v Austria at Inn a 9.May us again welcomes home Sweet Home. His beauty si we will confirm walk center Banská Bystrice a refreshing at the source Hron. heartwink

The reliable and meticulously maintained Base-Camp vehicle did not disappoint us again! Together we conquered Legoland, a piece of Bohemia and a hundred-towered Prague! The term "out of season" loses its justification, as it is great all year round in the caravan!







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