Competition for tent for 2 person with

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In cooperation with our marketing partner we have prepared another fun competition for an interesting price. There will be a "Tent for 2 people with basic SKYROC equipment, including a sleeping bag and pad". cool

You can view the tent here: Tent for 2 people

A gift to the competition was provided by the marketing partner KARAVAN.CZ

How to join the competition?

It's easy. Write a humorous commentary on the video below and join the contest automatically. The competition runs on 20.05.2019. After completing the competition, we inform you random winner email.

ATTENTION !!! Only registered users can participate in the competition. We have nowhere to send a prize to an unregistered user;). You can register here: Registration

The video is here


Admin's picture
admin 21. May 2019 - 11: 49

THE WINNERS OF THE Tent Becomes: "Kristytill's" Congratulations :-)

Josef Brychcín's picture
Josef Brychcín 20. May 2019 - 17: 27

The little effort for promising a weekly holiday in the camp is worth it.

Picture of lockupik
lockupik 20. May 2019 - 16: 19

It's never too late to become a dense princess :)

Braveman's picture
Braveman 20. May 2019 - 15: 03

It's hard to go up the hill, but for the hill, the (additional) wheels will leave me ...

Sarsar's picture
sarsar 19. May 2019 - 22: 21

I didn't even have to harness that piece, I'd push it.

Josef Ozogán's picture
Josef Ozogán 19. May 2019 - 19: 45

So it turns out when you let a woman tank. "Honey, I bought gasoline ..."

Mikes's picture
mikes 18. May 2019 - 20: 11

And nobody even notices that Zekon is helping me in the back.

Kocik's picture
kocik 18. May 2019 - 20: 06

The advantage is that we can also use the bike paths :-)

Moni's picture
Moni 17. May 2019 - 12: 04

Instructions on how to kill 2 with one blow: We save on fuel and I do my muscles as Chuck Norris.

Very.N's picture
Very.N 17. May 2019 - 7: 00

Someone still doubts that women are growing up earlier?

Monika Dymáčková's picture
Monika Dymáčková 15. May 2019 - 12: 29

Slow and with a scone? It still wants antennae and would be a mega snail king: D.

Kristytillova's picture
Kristytillova 13. May 2019 - 8: 50

When students don't spend their money on gasoline, they really want to go on holiday ...

FoxQueen's picture
FoxQueen 12. May 2019 - 11: 07

Daddy pushes the caravan out of the rock and the son asks him, "Dad, why are you doing this?"
And Daddy: "Silent, or you wake up your mother!"

Michal23's picture
Michal23 (unregistered) 11. May 2019 - 21: 50

I think he has a stabbed front wheel

Dohamaja's picture
dohamaja 7. May 2019 - 15: 54

Ecology comes first. And no bullshit to watch girls. I can look behind them.
And for the money saved next year, we will go on vacation twice.
I'm a genius ......

Štefan Bálik's picture
Štefan Bálik (unregistered) 6. May 2019 - 23: 11

So, let's do it, gasoline has risen, and my old firefighter won't help me, just to be packed like a backpack.

Kristulka's picture
Kristulka 28. April 2019 - 6: 39

I'm treading, I don't know how, just a little pressure is rising ...

M & amp; K image forever
M&K FOREVER (unregistered) 26. April 2019 - 23: 41

I failed my car, I couldn't find anything else

Brabulka's picture
Brabulka 26. April 2019 - 23: 33

I have to handle it myself, I have the power to do it.

Bekycek's picture
bekycek 26. April 2019 - 20: 29

Dad you said that miracles happen only in fairy tales, you know that lying must not

Adaada's picture
adaada 26. April 2019 - 9: 04

No bet is crazy enough.

TURBOVASIK's picture
TURBOVASIK 24. April 2019 - 12: 19

Somebody finally release the handbrake !!!

Picture of the header
header 23. April 2019 - 20: 45

I have a vacation, but I have not spared the car ... so I have to manage it myself :-)

Market user picture
market 23. April 2019 - 19: 53

This is how I see my mom picking up her driver's license and leaving her caravan: Of course, I will buy this pink bike, it knows: D and then we will go camping under the new tent: P

Jiří Petrák's picture
Jiří Petrák 23. April 2019 - 14: 50

This is how modern traveling looks like slow traveling. ;)

Ja69's picture
ja69 18. April 2019 - 22: 41

- and all around the world !!!

Jitka M.'s picture
Jitka M. 18. April 2019 - 20: 53

This is how it turns out, when my dad loses his driver's license just before leaving for a vacation, but his daughter is so happy to borrow him his bike ... just to go :-D :-D :-D

Dankag's picture
dankag 17. April 2019 - 19: 54

I will go on that vacation no matter what happens

Skywalker's picture
Skywalker 17. April 2019 - 11: 36

a) Hey buddy I need to help move the caravan
b) Clear, give me a moment, I have to find a helmet
a) Helmet? Behind the wheel? Why for God?
b) * arrives on a pink bike *
a) So I have to do this

Alex649's picture
Alex649 17. April 2019 - 7: 06

I'm a snail, I have my house

Marci55's picture
Marci55 16. April 2019 - 18: 23

And apparently, no car is going anywhere

Jajda69's picture
jajda69 16. April 2019 - 18: 15

I immediately said that my mother-in-law smiled strangely when she gave me a double breakfast and an energy drink

Peta.peta's picture
peta.peta 16. April 2019 - 16: 09

Along the way, with no wheel, I'm going for you, with my caravan-house :)

Nosir's picture
Nosir 16. April 2019 - 10: 39

Do you still want to tell the girl I bought a stupid bike ?!

Aksuram's picture
aksuram 16. April 2019 - 9: 29

so still 2 km, I can do it, especially no detours, now is the summer season, it is repaired everywhere roads ...

Fishwiman's picture
fishwiman 16. April 2019 - 7: 30

It does not matter that I do not have a car, mainly that I have a caravan joooooo :-D

Zdenka Podrouzkova's picture
Zdenka Podrouzkova (unregistered) 15. April 2019 - 20: 30

And now we're going to drive it to the full rock with a ring wheel

Vladka.n's picture
vladka.n 15. April 2019 - 8: 21

This is my bike, you will break me up, Dad.

Naula's picture
naula 15. April 2019 - 5: 04

Then the wheels don't have a future I don't have to pay gasoline

Věra Špalková's picture
Věra Špalková 14. April 2019 - 19: 21

So it is useless luxury-caravan for a bike .., that we two seniors 70tníci we set out on our electric bikes, to sleep overnight we would appreciate winning a tent for two and bypassing the surrounding campsites and explore the surroundings, what more could you want

ELIZABETHKA 14. April 2019 - 16: 43

Well, it's finished by Bořek Stehovák. Poor little girl who took the bike.

User peterup image
peterup 14. April 2019 - 11: 01

Super ecological travel, nor MOT does not need it. :))

Milena Čermáková's picture
Milena Čermáková (unregistered) 13. April 2019 - 21: 32

He goes home and has a lot of wheels.

Mamoch's picture
mamoch 13. April 2019 - 16: 43

I ride flat, I like to ride, I'm not a friend with hills.

Image of docka user
docka 13. April 2019 - 16: 10

Who of you can carry a baseball with you?


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