Competition for vouchers for caravans and stans - Slovak camps

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Another of the 2017 competitions will be the promised prize competition for the best quality Slovak Camping. Compete for vouchers for caravans and for guests with their own tents. Gift vouchers to the competition were provided by Senec Slnečné Jazerá (West Slovakia) and Camping Belá - Nižné Kamence (Mala Fatra). You can pay vouchers for accommodation with own caravan or tent ...

How to join a photo competition

Upload photo from your holiday. The photos should be descriptive of the categories: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Europe, accommodation, holidays, mountains, sports activities and everything about leisure on your travels. The best or the funniest photo wins. Once again, we remind you that the photos should refer to Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Europe in general. Everyone who puts a photo from their paths automatically joins the competition. place: gift voucher for accommodation in the camp of Slnečné jazerá

- gift voucher for caravan or tents

- discount 50% to max 7 days of accommodation

- Drawing: year-round in 2017 place: gift voucher for accommodation - Camping Belá

- gift voucher for caravan or tents

- discount 50% on max. 4 days of accommodation

- Drawing: year-round in 2017

Club card Kempy-chaty.cz3. to 5. place: Club card

- Discounts for accommodation in camps from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic

- Discounts from 5% to 15% (reuse)

- more club card

Terms of Competition

  • insert photo with a label and share the contest / give "like" on Facebook
  • theme: holiday, accommodation, recreation, hiking, leisure, Czechia, Slovakia, Europe
  • each user can enter even more posts
  • posts that are not related to the topics will be deleted
  • the competition will run on 25. April 2017

WINNERS: 1. place - "Tinuška11" (Sunset), 2 place - Jardas444 (Strbske Pleso), 3. to 5. place "Kenas" (fisherman), "Havran" (tent), cabin (Croatia)

To email your winnings, please email them Enter your email address and name. In addition, for the club cards, enter the OP number on which the club card will be issued.

Copyright: Providers of are not responsible for uploaded user photos and associated copyright rights. If operators find that a user-entered photo is owned by a third party, the content will be deleted immediately and the user will be excluded from the competition.


Kenas's picture
kenas 23. April 2017 - 19: 24

My catch is raging

Tinuška11's picture
Tinyška11 30. March 2017 - 19: 12

Sunset taken on the Croatian island of Silba.

Renta10's picture
Renta10 20. March 2017 - 17: 56

our supr holiday in Lipno. Where my husband exchanged me for a lega guy :-)

Jardas444's picture
Jardas444 13. March 2017 - 20: 06

Moto holiday in Slovakia.Foto is from Štrbské pleso.

Štrbské pleso - Slovakia
Jardas444's picture
Jardas444 13. March 2017 - 19: 58

Moto holiday Spain.Foto is from Gibraltar.

Spain - Gibraltar
Jardas444's picture
Jardas444 13. March 2017 - 19: 51

Moto holiday in Romania.Foto is taken along the Fagaras Mountains and the road across the mountain is called Transfagaras.

Romania - Transfagaras Mountains
Romania - Transfagaras Mountains
Havran's picture
Raven 12. March 2017 - 18: 38

Even though it did not rain.

Havran's picture
Raven 14. March 2017 - 6: 05

On the River Oslava.

Admin's picture
admin 12. March 2017 - 20: 42

Yet you forgot to write the locality where it was shot;)

Picture of cabin
cabin 12. March 2017 - 17: 07

So like every year we went to Croatia because we had three children so our biggest bag was a first aid kit. I had everything from cold to diarrhea, but I did not expect my beloved husband to dive and put my sleeping pads in my ear. How do you think it happened after pulling out of the studs ran for the doctors to not hear. After four hours of waiting with his doctor, his ears cleaned his ears, so he could dive again and devote himself to the children.

Holiday in Croatia by the sea
Panther's picture
Panther 12. March 2017 - 16: 49

Cottages from Camping Karolina, in the village Planá;)

Camps in camp Karolina
Travelman's picture
Travelman 11. March 2017 - 13: 58

The photo of the flooded Pavlovice quarry. There is a "bathing option" on the map, but I would not get there :). But the view was nice :)

Lom Pavlovice - Planá village

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