Competition not only for caravans - camp Dolce, Giant Mountains

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We created the first competition this year (and certainly not the last one) in cooperation with the Dolce camping in Krkonoše, which you can find in the district of Trutnov. This camp is repeatedly declared as a caravan site of the year. wink

What can you win?

  • 4 Vouchers that include a campsite for a week
  • The voucher can be used anytime in the 2020 season from 1.04 to 30.10.
  • The camp site includes:

- space for your small or large tent (for max. 3 persons) + pers. car, or

- space for motor home, or

- space for caravan + pers. car

Camping Dolce - Giant Mountains

How to participate in the competition?

It's easy. Enough Write a comment to the funny picture below and automatically join the competition. The competition runs on 30.04.2020. After completing the competition, we inform you four randomly selected winners by e-mail, which will then send the Voucher itself .. ATTENTION !!! Only registered users can participate in the competition. We have nowhere to send a Voucher to an unregistered user;). You can register here: Registration

Competition photo here


Jiří Peňáz's picture
Jiří Peňáz (unregistered) 26. April 2020 - 13: 45

You stare at me, staring at me and rolling. (to make it happen)

Petr's picture
Petr (unregistered) 22. April 2020 - 18: 12

I'm taking you, Mr. Babis

Jajda69's picture
jajda69 22. April 2020 - 16: 06

I don't mind quarantine at all, I'm just everywhere at home with a caravan

Libor2010's picture
Libor2010 22. April 2020 - 10: 51

So where they have the veils and a few more cans and molds for the Dolce computer, the air is still clean. I already have accommodation, so where are the cans !!!!

Hana Musilová's picture
Hana Musilová (unregistered) 21. April 2020 - 19: 50

"Marie, the kids can go camping !!! I've already found everything."

Hajekjiri18's picture
hajekjiri18 30. March 2020 - 21: 12

That's hot ..... Damn where it's the pool department ..... ???

Sandokan46's picture
Sandokan46 30. March 2020 - 15: 26

In the US people go shopping in a wheelchair, the gentleman has chosen a higher level and he is camping in the shop. :)

Simona897's picture
Simona897 29. March 2020 - 16: 14

... but the caravan salesman said that with the caravan you can camp anywhere ...

Zurekpetr's picture
zurekpetr 28. March 2020 - 14: 25

I could get there that little purchase.

Jahudka's picture
jahudka 20. March 2020 - 9: 51

On the way do not travel to camp DOLCE.

LucinkaH18's picture
LucinkaH18 14. March 2020 - 16: 27

There, at least a lot of children can fit in, or all the worshipers are invited to stay free from the shop

Josef Brychcín's picture
Josef Brychcín 13. March 2020 - 16: 56

I will definitely come to the Dolce camp with a larger dwelling.

Haha43389's picture
Haha43389 11. March 2020 - 10: 03

Such a cute caravan for children xD

Sarsar's picture
sarsar 8. March 2020 - 21: 24

Sightseeing tour with shopping.

Jensik's picture
jensik (unregistered) 6. March 2020 - 15: 47

Small shopping bag .-)

Chasník's picture
chasník 4. March 2020 - 19: 15

I hear you have caravans in action

Ondřej's picture
Ondrej (unregistered) 4. March 2020 - 19: 04

raging coronavirus, so I'm going to buy supplies

Iviusja's picture
Iviusja 4. March 2020 - 17: 48

Don't mind me, I'm just passing through!

Jiří Trejbal's picture
Jiří Trejbal (unregistered) 4. March 2020 - 13: 12

In the camp by the water was already full and so they sent me here that they have it too.

Wyfiko's picture
wyfiko 5. March 2020 - 14: 23

I'm already signed in. Thank you for the warning.

Admin's picture
admin 4. March 2020 - 14: 27

Hello, please note once again that we approve your comment, but you are not logged in, ie you are not included in the competition ... Contact emails we have ONLY registered users. Admin

Lucie Mertová's picture
Lucie Mertová (unregistered) 4. March 2020 - 9: 37

I'm going to your keeeemmmp ...

Honza113's picture
honza113 3. March 2020 - 19: 46

Everyone is crazy about flour now and we want to camp Dolce. We get a caravan and we can boldly come to you.

Karel Haladyna's picture
Karel Haladyna 3. March 2020 - 14: 23

Good thing that I have a place to sleep, I am here like an old lady in the turnstile ..

Panther's picture
Panther 3. March 2020 - 12: 42

Yeah .. people have small caravans ... so they fit into big shops :-D

Pogo45 user profile
Pogo45 3. March 2020 - 12: 10

So with our apartment we would not cram into the shop..But such idea was already there :))

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