Compressor car refrigerator Indel B TB51A - review

So, before this year's trip to the Balkans, I slapped a little over my pocket and finally bought a good car day out of my saved money. On previous trips we used classic cooling boxes from Campingaz and Ezetil. However, when standing in a column or in warmer weather, they did not manage to cool the stored things and some of the food we took on the trip to Greece would deserve more cold. So I ordered a change in the planning of this year's trip, I went through the offers of online retailers for a long time, their prices and discussions below them, until I decided on a compressor Indel B TB51A refrigerator. The advantage over the classic thermoelectric cooling box is obvious at first glance at the parameters. The compressor refrigerator simply functions as such a miniature domestic refrigerator. A substance with the mysterious name R134a is used as a cooling medium, which is nothing but tetrafluoroethane. With its help, the device is able to maintain the temperature from -22 ° C to 12 ° C, which is absolutely great for our purposes.

Table B TB51A
The first test, which I did about a month after purchase, convinced me that it will work. The PET bottle with the rest of the water, which I just tentatively put in the switched on refrigerator on the 120 km road to Prague, regularly froze! I can vividly imagine that I will put popsicles or ice cream in it, for example, and we will eat them along the way. What I "enjoy" about it is also that it works on 12V / 24V and 220V. The connector for the car's cigarette lighter is a matter of course with similar devices, but the fact that you can operate it without an adapter even at 220V is no longer. You can connect it to the regular electrical network at any time, which we campers really like. In the camp, I basically choose plots with a 220 V connection, precisely because of the cooling. Last year we had our Ezetil cooling box, laptop or fan connected in this way. However, classic cooling boxes only work on the principle of cooling the intake air with a fan. And for example in Greece, where the temperature does not often drop below 25 degrees even at night, it is insufficient. Maybe to cool down beer or melon, but butter and dairy products suffer. And when I remember last year in Chalkidiki, where in Camping Melissi fishermen sold fresh fish directly from the car, so I look forward to the barbecue. U nové Indel B TB51A  I did not notice any higher noise in the car refrigerator. Otherwise, the flow in the classic cooling box is provided by a fan and it is also not the quietest. The advantage of our Indel is, in addition to the volume of 50 liters, also a fairly well-arranged interior space, which is divided into two parts. In the larger one, there is a wire basket in which you can put various foods, arrange them, or transfer them in it, for example, to a shared kitchen. The box has an internal arrangement situated vertically, which suits me because even two-liter PET can be placed upright. The lid looks robust enough to have such a softened surface and metal hinges. In addition, it is equipped with a metal split pin against breaking. On the side of the refrigerator are quite massive plastic handles for carrying. You will find it in front digital display where you can monitor the indoor temperature and regulate it as needed. It also selects functions Max for maximum freezing or Eco-saving function. 
Compressor car refrigerator Indel BThe refrigerator has three levels according to the manual car battery protection system, so it should not happen that the flashlight runs out when you stand in a column during cooling or forget to turn it off in the parking lot. The power cable for the car lighter is about 1,5 m long, which is sufficient for a normal car if you have a refrigerator on the rear seats, for example. But I think it could be longer if you use it in a longer MPV or a large station wagon. But it is definitely not a problem to buy an adapter. As for the 220 V power cable, it is paradoxically longer, about two meters long. Somewhere on the internet, I even saw that rails are made for these car refrigerators in the luggage compartment, so you just pull the refrigerator out of the trunk during the road trips. But in my opinion, this is more of an expeditionary matter. For those of us who only have a trip in the fridge and then take it to the tent in the camp or somewhere in the guesthouse, it is a useless and expensive affair. So shun - so far I'm excited, even though the temperatures aren't exactly tropical now and I don't have the opportunity to try it in the field. I'm looking forward to the trip to the Balkans and in the camp I will test its cooling capabilities and maybe I'll write you a more extensive article about it. So good travel!






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