Where to go for culture

Caravan to France - sights and attractions

Getting started early in the Abbaye Saint Hilaire Abbey. If the cars are not in front of the gate, we believe it is abandoned here. The entrance is free again and the whole area can be scared until it freezes. Lacoste - the residence of the Markýza de Sade, an inaccessible castle and a nice little town with beautiful views of the countryside, the same tourist. Bonnieux - the absolute French countryside. We climb up to the church where there is a parc.

Croatia holidays and film tourism

It can be said that the very authentically elaborated Medieval series The Game of the Throne is a full-fledged successor of passionate fanfare for Indiana Chief Vinnetou. Seeing the places where your heroes fought and suffered, and experiencing the atmosphere yourself, is really a challenge that can not be resisted.

Gott astonishes, Mandrage flee to Hell and Kryštof captivates Prostějov

The most wonderful songs of Karel Gott

What surprised Karel Gott to his fans, why did Mandrage flee to Hell and how Kryštof captured Moravia? What is interesting that is happening in domestic popular music? .For example, the launch of a new group of Albert Black, which last autumn closed a chapter called Charlie Straight. Now he introduced Always June, the first video of his new project Lake Malawi.

Vimperk - the city where it lives

This year is full of cultural events, because the city has been celebrating 750 years since its founding. The city's cultural center and other Vimperk organizations prepare interesting programs every week. The celebrations started on 15.6 June, continue on 3.8. Battle of Wintemberk and ends 25.8. city ​​castle festival. In the meantime, for example, a meeting of wood carpenters is taking place at the chateau, celebration of 120