By bike or on foot - altitude meters VS elevated meters

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On a trip with a friend I ran up the hill about a height of about 2 meters. A friend joked and said, "You see, you have already climbed meters". At that time I was already clear. However, I also find that many bikers who have driven 10x more than I do confuse impressions and concepts, so I decided to describe the differences between climbed and altitude meters. yes

Height meters

Height meters can also be referred to as altitude or elevation point. This is the highest point on your route. This is the highest point you have reached, but according to the altitude. wink

Incremented meters

Ascended meters is a term for a figure that says how many meters / kilometers he has stepped on or climbed on his route, that is, it is the sum of all the hills and elevation that he had to overcome ... wink

Demonstration of the difference between the altitude point and the meters

As an example, I will use my bike trip in the Bohemian Forest with a hike to the Poledník lookout tower, Laka lake, etc. On the map, you can see two figures:

- 1 314 mnm (mnm - meters above sea level)
This figure shows the highest point I have reached by altitude.
- 1 683 meters
This figure indicates how many meters I have walked uphill in total.

Why don't the data match? The answer is simple. If you start your trip like me in Železná Ruda, your starting altitude is 820 above sea level, that means that even if you reach the Poledník lookout tower, you did not step up the hill 1315 meters, but just the difference between Železná Ruda and Poledník what is 495 height meters .. wink According to various discussions on forums and social networks, it is clear that at least half of the cyclists, when presenting their performance, either confuse the risen meters for altitude, or simply lie to "inflate" their performance. In both cases, it is often a very exaggerated performance ... I believe that after this analysis we will all clear and we will not be deceived by others and especially we will watch each of our own ..coolwink

!!! Cycle prayer at the end !!!

"Father, sanctify my wheel, both in the woods and on the road, and do not give my cloaks tempted to prick, for yours is both the road and the forests forever ... AMEN coolcheeky"



Majer's picture
Majer 29. May 2020 - 14: 37

Listen, thanks for the analysis. I understand what are altitude and what are climbed meters. But what I don't understand, I guess I'm a holt toucan, is the data in for the altitude profile. Specifically, your example says that you had a route of 58km while 1,6k (1 meters) you went uphill and the same downhill. In total, about 683 km up / down. But that means that the rest - ie 3,4 km you walked on the plain. But when I see your route profile, I don't see any plane there ... :-(
When the info info, dikas :-)

Tomvern's picture
tomvern (unregistered) 11. July 2020 - 15: 01

You can climb (descend) the altitude meter at different distances according to the slope of the terrain, and that will match the imaginary plane :-)

Panther's picture
Panther 29. May 2020 - 17: 54

Cawko, no doubt there are planes, you just can't see it in that profile. Another thing to keep in mind is that no application shows everything 100% accurate. Do you understand that yes? .. On the way back there was another terrain, where there were also ascents and also roads down the hill. It is important for me that I know approximately how many meters I walked uphill. Exactly as I wrote at the beginning of the article with exaggeration. When I cross a bump, it already reads me up the meters ... imagine that the route is going, which is initially at the same altitude. but in the meantime the various hills are up-down, but not too high. so at the end of the route, the maps still show me that I climbed some meters ..: D

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