Bohemian Switzerland - boat across the Edmund Gorge

After leaving the crowded Eagle's Nest and the Pravčická Gate, we continued towards Hřensko. Even though the road led mostly downhill and was less demanding than the one we already had behind it, it still gave us a little work. But the surrounding nature was still worth it. We managed the last part of the trip in peace, along the road, and after a short snack at the stall at the beginning of Hřensko, we set off to the dock on the river Kamenice near Edmund's (sometimes also Tichá) gorge. It was officially opened in 1890, the Wild Gorge, which follows it, eight years later. At the dock, we had to wait a good fifteen minutes for the boat to leave, and a few dozen more impatient people stepped impatiently with us. We really didn't choose the best time for this trip.

When we settled comfortably in a boat, we could fully enjoy the beauty of the rock canyon, whose walls are, according to the interpretation of the guide and ferryman, in one person, sometimes up to 150 meters high. Perhaps such a trip might seem a bit kitschy to some, but with a distinctive and humorous interpretation, which was bilingual due to the presence of German tourists, it was actually quite interesting.

The wave of laughter in most of those present was caused by an artificial waterfall, which is triggered by pulling a steel cable. It was also interesting to look for the form of reliefs and various figures and animals where the ferryman recommended them to look for them. Sometimes it gave a chore and it took a lot of imagination to imagine them in a given place. The cruise through Edmund's gorge took about 20 minutes, we did not complete the journey through the Wild Gorge, but we went up a steep hill to Mezná, where we had a snack in the Na Vyhlídce restaurant. I have to say that the dewy pint of beer really came in handy. And then we had the last piece of the trip to Mezní Louka, where we had another night under the tent before we could go on the way home.






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